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Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

Good Things Manuka Mask

Hi guys,

I recently went to boots for a little nosey around and see all the new summer collections that were available and this Manuka Honey Face Mask (£5.99) caught my eye (I’m not gonna lie, I only picked it up because of the bright colours!) As I normally make my own facemasks (see coffee and chocolate mask here) I don’t have any to hand if I just want a quick fix without all the mixing so this was right up my street as it had some bold claims and some gorgeous ingredients.

According to the company, this mask is supposed to help keep skin clear and hydrated while tackling the problems that can lead to skin ageing. It is also free from parabens, mineral oils & sodium laureth sulphate - BONUS!

When I came home I instantly wanted to try it out, so I washed all my make up off with my Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (twice due to me wearing makeup) patted my face dry with a clean towel and then spread a thick layer of the face mask all over my face (avoiding my eyes, obviously)

Good Things Manuka Honey

The mask itself is very smooth, it has a greyish tint to it and is quite thick in consistency. The first thing I noticed was the smell which was delicious, it has a really strong honey scent to it which is amazing! It feels really luxurious on my skin due to the thickness of the product, it glides on easily and works into the skin perfectly. On application I didn't feel any tingling or burning sensations even though my skin can be quite sensitive at times.

After 10 minutes of pottering about on YouTube and playing Candy Crush I removed the mask with a clean face cloth and was happy that my skin didn't feel tight nor did I have any irritated patches on my skin. I followed this up with my normal skin care routine. I was very surprised at how smooth my face felt. It felt like a babies bum and my skin looked very healthy.

Good things also have a few other items available in their range and I will most definitely be buying the Deep Clean Blackhead Exfoliator (£4.99) the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion (£4.99) and the Stay Clear Anti Blemish Cleanser (£4.99) as these are specifically made for oily skin and all have different scents!! I am excited to try them out and I will report back if they are love it`s or leave it`s. 

Me with my mask on (Ignore the pigtails ha!)

Psssst.... My sister who has dry and sensitive skin used this product and noticed it tingled her skin quite a bit. She said it was a bit hard to take but after she washed it off she had the same results as me so i dont know if it just irritated her because her skin may be more sensitive than mine or if she was being a wuss! ha!

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  1. Manuka honey really does wonders for the skin. It is hydrating and anti-inflammatory and really helps one's complexion. I usually make my own manuka honey masks using different ingredients depending on my mood or what my skin needs that week, but I'll definitely check out the Good Things line. Thanks!

    1. Yeah its great for all kinds of things but this line is great xx


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