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Books I Am Currently Reading

What Books Am I Reading?

Hi guys,

I thought I would fill you in on what I am reading at the moment. While studying, I don’t often get the chance to sit down and read a book (unless it’s a tax book!) but as soon as the final exam hits and I get over the copious amounts of alcohol I have consumed on the final day then I love nothing better than looking out some good books and then chilling out either in the bath, lying on the couch or in my bed with some snacks and plenty of water....there's nothing better, well maybe some Reese’s peanut butter cups & some Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds or Grey’s Anatomy.

My favourite books are crime based and page turning thrillers. Remember I did do a forensic science course at uni before going into accountancy so I love things like this. I`m not one for sweet beach reads or people overcoming a terrible life, it just doesn’t excite me but everyone is different. Saying that, I did cry my eyes out at PS I Love You when I read that so maybe I just have to give them a chance eh?

One series I have been loving is the Darby McCormick Series by Chris Mooney which is about a crime scene investigator for the Boston Police Department who helps solve crimes. This has everything I look for in a book, a great setting, a menace to society, a strong lead and an overall good story. I first heard of Chris Mooney when my Great Aunt Jean recommended I read his book Deviant Ways which was about a killer called The Sandman who kills families and then sets up surveillance to spy on the police who are trying to find him before he kills them! So i was really excited when i heard of this new series and ordered all 4 books straight away (I think they were about £3 or £4 each on the kindle)

The Missing
The Missing
"Darby McCormick was in high school when she first encountered the killer: someone murdered a woman in the woods where Darby and her two best friends were partying. His race to silence the witnesses was sure-footed and violent—but somehow Darby survived. 
Twenty-five years later, Darby is a crime-scene investigator for the Boston Police Department, and a chilling case—a woman's late-night abduction—has her uncovering strange leads to missing women, past and present. As forensic clues lead her closer to a psychopath called the Traveller, Darby must finally resolve the nightmare of her past and come face-to-face with a killer who is determined to keep the missing—and the horrors they endured at his hands—from ever coming to light"

I really loved this book, I found myself staying up later to get closer to the end. I loved the characters in this book and felt as though the author really understood what it would feel like to lose a child in the case of Darby’s best friends mum. This book was so full of suspense and I would definitely recommend to anyone who loves crime books. A must read for me :)

The Secret Friend
The Secret Friend
"When Harvard student Emma Hale disappears, her father—one of Boston's most powerful men—believes she has been kidnapped. Months pass and the trail goes cold but then her body is found floating in the Charles River . . . A year later, Judith Chen, another student, disappears. Like Emma, she is soon found in the river. Dead. 
CSI Darby McCormick is assigned to the case and uncovers a key piece of overlooked evidence, one that brings her into contact with Malcolm Fletcher . . . a former profiler with strange black eyes who is now on the FBI's Most Wanted list. 
Is Fletcher working for Emma's father? And what connects the two dead girls? Fletcher, it seems, not only knows the answers but also the identity of the killer. When a third student goes missing, Darby is led into a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with the former profiler and stumbles across deadly secrets that need to stay buried . . . forever"

I wasn't that keen on this book if I am honest. I didn't really connect with any characters, and I felt kinda sorry for the killer in it due to reasons (you will find out if you read it). It kinda dragged on a little bit and it was definitely not as good as the first one! A bit of a bland read.

The Dead Room
The Dead Room
"A mother and her son have been executed in their home and fingerprint matches show their attacker died twenty years ago. But how can dead serial killers return to haunt the present? The answers lie in the darkest shadows of The Dead Room.
When CSI Darby McCormick is called to the crime scene, it's one of the most gruesome she's ever seen. But the forensic evidence is even more disturbing: someone watched the murder unfold from woodland behind the house—and the killer died in a shoot-out two decades earlier.
The deeper Darby digs, the more horrors come to light. Her prime suspect is revealed as a serial killer on an enormous scale, with a past that's even more shocking than his crimes, thanks to a long-held secret that could rock Boston's law enforcement to its core.

Is it possible to steal an identity? Or are dead men walking in Darby's footsteps? The line between the living and the dead has never been finer"

I loved this, I was on the edge of my bed for so long that I gave myself a sore back! I felt this book was on par with The Missing as it was much more involved, the characters were fantastic and the overall story was superb. A must read!

The Soul Collectors
The Soul Collectors
 "By the time you read this, chances are I'll be either missing or dead. Whatever you do, don't come looking for me. Making people disappear is what they do best. They're experts at hiding things: the living and the dead. The truth.
This is what I know for sure. They’re known to strike in daylight but more often they wait for darkness, like vampires. They work in pairs. If they come for me—no, not if, it's a matter of when—when they come for me, I'm sure they'll bring a small army. They won't kill me. They want to bring me back to that place they call home. It's where I belong, they say, to atone for my sins.

You need to know everything that happened. I want you to know the truth about what I saw"

Well! This was by far the best of the series so far. Jack Casey from Deviant Ways came back to help Darby and the overall story was bizarre and amazing. If you don’t read any other book in the series I would recommend just reading this as it is an absolute blinder (excellent read, sorry) 

Overall I really enjoyed the Darby McCormick series and would recommend it to anyone who loves any police based, crime books as much as I do. If you do read them let me know what you think of them, especially book 2! There will be a 5th book in the series but it’s not finished yet, fingers crossed it’s soon so I can get my hands on it!!

I get all of my books from Amazon for my kindle as it’s an Amazon device but if you don't have a kindle you can always buy them from other sellers on Amazon, they usually start of at 1p and include a delivery charge which is normally £2-£3 so you will find a bargain. If you would rather go to a book shop or the library then that is another alternative. 

I am now moving onto Guillermo del Toro`s series starting off with The Strain! I will give you all a run-down when I finish the 3 books in the series :)

Leave me a comment letting me know what you are reading at the moment, I could always use some good recommendations. I am open to anything, apart from romance, well ok maybe if my arm was twisted and it was a really great book then I would have to try it out.

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