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May 2014 Favourites | Skincare

May 2014 Favourites
May 2014 Favourites - Skincare

I am LOVING these skincare & body products and have done for the whole month of May.

1. Radox Shower Gel - Mandarin & Lemongrass (£1) - Any kind of orange scented product is going to a favourite of mine as I just love the freshness of it. This smells so clean and makes me feel more alive in the morning. I’ve even bought a 2nd one as I ran out a week ago I think I went a little OTT with the first one.

2. Arran Aromatics Candle - Sweet orange & Cotton Flower - Again with my orange scents! I’m obsessed I tell you! I love a bath at night time, I just love to relax with a lit candle, my kindle and the steam to let my pores really open up so I get a good deep clean. Liam’s dad purchased this candle for me from Arran aromatics and I have to say it has really hit the brief. It’s sweet and very fragrant.

3. RMS Beauty Coconut Cream (£12) - I bought this at the end of April and was keen to try it out as I read a lot of great reviews. It’s a cleansing balm and smells ah-maz-ing. I use this sparingly as a little goes a long way and then wash off with a face cloth, if I am wearing makeup I will always wash twice to make sure my face is really clean. Afterwards my skin feels like I’ve had a deep clean and doesn’t leave a horrible residue on it.

4. Good Things Manuka Honey Face Mask - I’m loving this mask so much, it really does do the job and I have noticed my little cysts around my chin have started to disappear.

5. Olay Essentials Night Cream (£4.99) - This has got to be one of the silkiest, smoothest creams I have ever used. I only use this at night as the name suggests but I wake up with really smooth skin which feels hydrated and plump.

6. Clearasil Rapid Action Seal to Clear Gel (£3.99) - I have been using this on any little blemishes I’ve had on my face and I am in total awe at how good it is. I literally put this on at night and the redness has disappeared by morning and the spot has reduced in size. Must-have-product.

7. Soap & Glory Girligo Body Mist (£6.50) The Scrub of Your Life (£7) - These are by far the best products I’ve used. They smell amazing, they do their job and let’s face it, they look so pretty! I am just in love with this company. Nothing but praise for them.

Radox Shower Gel - Mandarin & Lemongrass

Arran Aromatics
Arran Aromatics Candle - Sweet Orange & Cotton Flower.
RMS Beauty
RMS Beauty - Raw Coconut Cream
Good Things Manuka Honey
Good Things Manuka Honey Face Mask
Olay Essentails Night Cream for sensitive skin.
Clearasil Rapid Action Seal to Clear Gel
Soap and Glory Body Mist
Soap & Glory Spray on Body Mist
Soap and Glory
Soap & Glory - The Scrub of your Life.

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