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Limecrime Lipstick Collection

Limecrime Lipstick Collection
My Collection of these delicious purple delights. Limecrime Lipsticks.
Hi guys 

I have decided to show you my gorgeous Limecrime collection. If you dont know anything about Limecrime, they are a very popular make up brand in the US but have now branched out to stores in the UK, Australia and Thailand. They have a list of authentic merchandise sold in particular shops on their website which you can find here so please dont get caught up in the fake makeup industry as there are so many bad ingredients in those guys that could really harm you.

I first heard of Limecrime through Nicole Guerriero as she has an immense collection, one that I am very jealous of. They are a vegan and natural brand who do not test on animals.

In 2008 the brand was created by Doe Deere where they only stocked primers, eye shadows, brushes, and glitters but now they have branched out into nail polishes, eyeliners, Velvetines and lipsticks.

According to their website - "Say goodbye to sliding, fading and sheer-ness with Lime Crimes best-selling opaque lipsticks. Recklessly loaded with pigment for maximum impact, these beauties offer unparalleled coverage in a rainbow of statement-making shades. Crème formula is smooth, non-drying and lasts for hours. Each lipstick comes encased in the signature purple tube adorned with a sparkling unicorn"

The first thing that intrigued me was the packaging of the lipsticks, they are very unique with their bright purple and silver unicorn design...Who doesnt love unicorns? So after reading numerous reviews I decided to order one from the Love Make-Up website which stocks for the UK and was surprised at the £12.50 price tag! I actually thought they would be a lot more. 

I went through each shade available on the website and finally I ordered Babette which is a pale orange/pink shade and also Glamour 101 which a beautiful rich red which oozes of old glamorous Hollywood. I knew I would get a lot of use out of these particular shades for day and night so was very happy with my purchase. The delivery charge was £3.50 which again, I thought was quite reasonable.

Limecrime Lipstick
This is the packaging that the Lipsticks arrive in.... Look at how pretty these are!

They were delivered between 2-3 days which was great! I was so excited to rip into the box and check out my new goodies (I have since binned the packaging so I will insert a pic below for you to see what they look like) that I think I was like a maniac clawing my way through the box. I wasn’t let down at all, they were beautiful sparkling purple capsules of deliciousness and the colours were absolutely beautiful, I knew I would get a lot of use out of these.

The lipsticks are beautiful. I wouldnt say they are my favourite as they are quite drying on the lips and feel quite stiff when applying if you know what I mean, the way Mac Ruby Woo sort of sticks to the lips when you apply it. After sampling the lipsticks, I was surprised as there was no bleeding or smearing. Babette is such a gorgeous shade but I felt it came off after one drink which was a little disappointing. 

Limecrime Swatches
Colours from L-R:- Geradium, Glamour 101,
Great Pink Plane, Poisonberry, Retrofuturist and Babette.

Bottom Left to Bottom Right - Glamour 101, Geradium, Babette, Poisonberry, Retrofuturist and Great Pink Plane

Geradium, Great Pink Plane & Glamour 101 (ive used up a lot of this one!)

Babette, Retrofuturist and Poisonberry

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  1. I absolutely love limecrime lipsticks (also their lip stains are fab)! I think my favourites have to be coquette and poisonberry :) xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. They have totally hit the nail on the head with these lipsticks. I havent tried their lip stains yet, everytime i try to buy them they are out of stock but i have heard great things.

  2. Nooooo - the last thing I need is another brand of lippies to lust after - you are an enabler xx


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