Saturday, 21 June 2014

My Top Ten YouTube Channels


Hi guys...

I love a YouTube sesh as much as the next person and I must have about 30 odd subscriptions to people’s channels whether it be beauty, cooking, vegan, baking or fashion channels. I just love em!

So I thought I would put a top 10 together of all the channels I go to first for updates over any other channels. These are in no particular order, I just went down my channel list and picked from there. 

1. The Another Girls Life - Mary is such a brilliant vlogger, I recently heard about her through Beauty Crush. I love her approach to her videos and her honest opinion. She is the funniest girl ever, she says it how it is and I love that she is real. There isnt an online persona to appeal to the masses like most youtubers out there. Her vlogs are definitely my favourite though.
2. Essie Button - Who doesn’t love Essie? She is just so down to earth and her vlogs are always entertaining. She is great at incorporating everything that she loves including books, beauty, non-beauty, fashion and making you want everything she has reviewed. I adore Aslan (bf) and Reggie (dog) too as they add so much to her vlogs.
3. Vivianna Does Make Up - Anna knows her stuff, seriously, she is amazing. I always take her reviews very seriously as she doesn’t just give her reviews on the hyped up products but rather everything including high end and drugstore. Her vlogs are also amazing, her & Mark (bf) are always very funny.
4. Zoella - With 5million subscribers this girl is obviously doing something right! She is just too cute for words and is always on top form. I feel she is very squeeky clean though, something I wish she would shake off sometimes and give us her honest to God feelings. Still love her though.
5. Jaclyn Hill - What an amazing makeup artist. She is well versed on all things beauty and she sells the shit out of all the products she uses! My credit card always takes a battering after watching her favourite’s videos!!!
6. Nicole Guerriero - This girl is just excellent. She was the first American youtuber I watched so I head to her channel straight away. She knows her stuff, I trust her judgement, plus she says exactly what she feels. 
7. Tanya Burr - Tanya is just like Zoella in the sense she is always in a good mood, very bubbly and makes you want more. I love all of her videos but her make up tutorials are always sublime!
8. Lustre Lux - I have only started watching this young lass as she is new to the you tube world but I have to say, there is not one video I don't like. I feel she is getting better & better in each video.
9. Casey Holmes - Absolutely love this girl. Her eye makeup tutorials kick everyone else’s arse! She is too adorable.
10. Hastes Kitchen - This is Nic from pixiwoos husband and he is showing us all how to cook. I just love his approach to cooking really, all simple clean ingredients turned into an amazing dinner which you can do at home in a short period of time! He also taught me how to get my poached eggs perfect every time, love it. 

I obviously love the Pixiwoo girls and also Claire Marshall but I always go to the above first to see any new videos or just to check out previous videos that I know I like. 

Comment below and let me know who are your faves as I love peoples feedback so I can have a wee nosy :)

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