Tuesday, 1 July 2014

50 Random Facts About Me

Beauty Talk With Lauren

Some of these are really random so bare with me!!
1.       I was born on a Saturday afternoon, my favourite day of the week.
2.       My zodiac sign is Cancer.
3.       My middle name is Elizabeth after my gran.
4.       I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland.
5.       I am 5"7
6.       I have 1 tattoo on my wrist which I will be removing soon
7.       I lived in London for 2 years when I was 19.
8.       My favourite type of food is Mexican.
9.       My favourite drink is tequila (obviously)
10.   My favourite colour is green (all shades)
11.   My first kiss was with a boy called Maurice when I was 8 and my mum found me and dragged me home. Talk about embarrassing!!
12.   I am the oldest of 4.
13.   I met my dad when I was 23 years old. He is the best dad a girl could ask for and is the best man in my life.
14.   I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend Liam for 5 1/2 years.
15.   Favourite actresses include Drew Barrymore, Kate Hudson and Sandra Bullock.
16.   Favourite book is Armed Candy by Reg McKay as it is based round about where I grew up and has people in the book who I personally know.
17.   All-time favourite band is Guns & Roses.
18.   I am a major Meatloaf fan, the singer ha-ha, not the loaf. I don’t want you thinking I am over here just caking myself in meatloaf ha-ha. But seriously I am in love! I know, I know!!
19.   I always wanted to be an actress but never bothered pursuing it even though my mum said I was the biggest drama queen she knew ha! Thanks mum.
20.   My first job was in a clothes shop called Bay Trading when I was 16.
21.   I studied Forensic Science but left the course after a year as there wasn’t enough jobs so now I study accounts.
22.   I have worked in retail, hair salons, kitchens, schools and offices.
23.   I had Scarlett Fever when I was 11, and my doctor scared me when he said I could have died if I had it 50 years earlier! 
24.   I am anaemic.
25.   I have a short temper.
26.   I am a Celtic fc supporter.
27.   I am petrified of Spiders and Snakes. Well, if truth be told, I am probably scared of every animal. Don’t ask me why but they terrify me.
28.   I am terrified of boats, the ocean and everything in it. I am not joking, I cry at the thought of it. I think I died on the Titanic in a previous life.
29.   I was on a boat when I was younger which was on the 6pm news stating it could have sank as it wasn’t closed up properly!!! WTF??
30.   I can remember the exact date Titanic came out on video/dvd when I was younger. Monday 19th October. Seriously, why am I so weird?
31.   I used to play the cello in school which lead me onto playing in an orchestra.
32.   I cannot eat, see, smell or feel sweetcorn. It repulses me to the point of vomiting!
33.   I am obsessed with pugs.
34.   I have a scar on my lip and cheek from when I was a sulking teenager. I was in a mood and went off in a strop only to slip on some rocks at the beach and burst my face open. I was in a state ha-ha.
35.   I could lie on the sofa watching you tube videos or box sets for days and be quite happy.
36.   The Vampire Diaries, Celebrity Juice, Grey’s Anatomy, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sex and the City and Criminal Minds are my favourite shows ever.
37.   My first pet was a black cat called Kimmy.
38.   My favourite number is 7.
39.   My favourite word is mountain! Weird I know.
40.   I hate fizzy juice.
41.   Lillies are my favourite flowers.
42.   I have had the song "Dr Beat" by Gloria Estefan stuck in my head since I was 5! I am not even exaggerating. It pops up every couple of days and won’t disappear. I have my boyfriend whistling it every day too and also my friend Sean who now hates me because of it ha-ha.
43.   Philip Schofield was my first crush when I was 5 and I still love him as an adult.
44.   Eva Cassidy is one of my favourite singers.
45.   I used to host sales at the bottom of my garden by selling all of my mum’s belongings. She wasn’t happy! I was 6.
46.   Westlife were my teenage boyband crush of choice.
47.   I once seen Lenny Kravitz in London in the Carphone Warehouse with the weirdest double denim outfit on.
48.   When I was 17, I worked in a hairdressers and Kevin McKidd (Dr Hunt from Grey’s Anatomy) came in.
49.   I almost had an argument with Ewan McGregor until I realised it was him! Ooops.
50.   I have the most adorable niece who is the light of my life.

I hope you enjoy these 50 random facts. Let me know if you have the same ones as me in the comments section below.
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