Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Healthier Me


Hi guys, hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I thought I would put together a little post of all the things I have been doing to keep fit and healthy. I have been slowly but surely losing some of the weight I gained over the past couple of years and to say it’s given me a massive boost in confidence is an understatement.

The first thing I changed was to find dairy alternatives to incorporate into my diet as I constantly felt bloated and my skin was a bit worse for wear every now and again. While trying alternatives, I found soya milk caused my skin to flare up even more and I had the most horrific pains in my stomach so I changed to unsweetened almond and hazelnut milk instead. For the longest time I was sick maybe once a month with a cold or bug and I noticed my allergies were flaring up more and more so I completely cut out all  dairy products to see if that helped anything as I read up on it and decided it might be for the best. I am in no way qualified to give any advice on this issue as I am not a trained professional but for me, it was an option I was willing to test out. I have felt healthier, less bloated, more awake, had clearer skin and just generally feeling better as a result. I also cut milk chocolate, butter, margarine etc. and found dairy free alternatives.

For snacks I have been eating whole-wheat pittas and some lemon & coriander hummus which I am in love with! I have been reaching for healthier snacks instead of sweets and crisps so once a week I head to my local store and pick up fruit and snacking vegetables such as watermelon, strawberries, red delicious apples, tangerines, peppers, cucumber etc. I have tried to stay away from really sweet fruits as they are full of sugar and I am trying to cut that out. I have noticed I’m getting slight headaches every now and again but I have been assured this is normal as I am having withdrawals from sugar. All I do is drink more water and it seems to fade.

Water is so important to us so every night before I go to bed I fill up a huge 2 litre jug of water and keep it in my fridge, then in the morning I pour myself a nice, cold refreshing glass and fill up as the day goes on. I also have a handy water bottle which I fill up and take out with me if I have errands to run which is great. No alcohol either apart from the one at my birthday dinner.

I have been keeping up with my spirulina tablets and take 6 throughout the day, i normally have 3 in the morning and then another 3 around 11am (I hate taking tablets so I find this is easier for me to do) If you want to know about my spirulina journey I have a post on this.

Walking is the biggest thing I have incorporated into my healthy lifestyle. For anyone who knows me knows I hate walking, I would just rather take the car but I have been good and really enjoyed myself if I’m being honest. I downloaded the Map My Walk app to my iPhone which plays music from my phone and off I go. I love that it records the trail I have taken aswel as minutes and calories so I can compare to previous walks and check if my time is improving or my overall distance. It’s like having a little competition with yourself.

If you have been doing anything to keep healthy please let me know as I am willing to try anything that won’t kill me :)

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  1. Good luck :) sounds like you are doing really great!! I am really interested in your non dairy comment as I also get colds quite often and get really bloated sometimes so this sounds like something I should give a go. Thank you :) x
    Brenda @

    1. Thanks for the comment huni! Yeah i totally cut out all dairy products so i only drink unsweetened hazelnut, almond or coconut milk now. I buy dairy free margarine aswel and if i do feel like a yoghurt i only eat Soya ones even though they break me out but once every while wont hurt too much 💗 u should try it for a month n see how u get on. If u do keep me posted babes! Xx

  2. Good for you for sticking to your health-kick! I've heard Juice plus is really good, do let us know how you get on! :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

    1. Thanks gorgeous! Its been quite good actually. My mum is a rep so she got me sorted out with it. Ive been actively trying to do more healthier things rather than stick to a quick fix like Juice Plus but i have to admit it is working xx

  3. It's great your trying to change your bad habits and sticking to it! I always come up with ideas to be healthier, but really struggle to keep it up. I've been told my so many people that incoropating green tea into your diet is great, so that might be something you may be interesting in trying.
    Ameera xx

    1. I just changed one thing at a time and found it easier to stick to. I do drink herbal teas aswel but i will try green tea, thanks for the recommendation huni xx


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