Monday, 7 July 2014

Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To!

Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To!


Dark and Stormy
Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To! The only cocktail i had... a Gosling Dark & Stormy
Michael Kors Watch
Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To! Michael Kors Watch
Soap and Glory
Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To! New Orangeasm range from my sisters
Its My Birthday & I`ll Cry If I Want To!
Hey guys,

As you may or may not know, it was my birthday yesterday. It was such a great day and I have to say I am a very lucky girl to have the family I do as they know how to spoil a girl. I`m kinda lucky that I get to share my birthday meals with my sister who celebrates 3 days before me so every year my mum takes me, my sister Justine and my youngest sister Rhiannon out for a meal and every year we laugh like hyenas, drink far too much and eat like we have been stranded on a desert island but you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Obviously Liam is there too and just shakes his head at our stories and cackle laughs ha-ha. Sadly he was away working this year so he missed all the hilarity.

My sisters birthday was on Thursday 3rd and mine on Sunday 6th so we decided to go out on Friday to our local Mexican for a little feast. I won’t delve into what we all had but just know it was a damn fine dinner.

My makeup was quite normal, well for me anyway, but I have included a little photo of the makeup I used for anyone who wishes to see it.

I did open all but my mum’s presents on Friday as I am too impatient, she wouldn’t allow it so I had to wait until the 6th. I was most surprised by Liam’s gift as he managed to buy and hide a gorgeous new Michael Kors watch, he knew I was upset about breaking my Armani watch so he obviously took it upon himself to buy that which was very sweet. My little sisters bought me the usual Soap & Glory stuff as they know how much I love it, Orangeasm was the obvious choice this year ha-ha. Lastly, I got the usual things from aunts and uncles too so I was very happy.

The night itself was quite nice, my aunt, uncle and 2 year old niece came along with some friends of the family which was nice but it didn’t feel the same without Liam as he was offshore and obviously couldn’t come home for something like a birthday. After our meal we headed back to my mums for a party but me being me, fell asleep at 11pm ha-ha, I’m an absolute party animal aren't I?

On the my actual birthday I went out for some lunch with friends and then back up to my mums for a birthday roast dinner and to finally collect my presents from her ha! She got me some Boots vouchers as well as some makeup bits n bobs that she heard me talking about, slippers and a new water bottle for the gym.

Now that Justine and I`s birthdays are over for one more year I now look forward to buying presents for my mum and my brother who have the same birthday on 20th July, the Liam’s nana is on the 22nd July! This month is never ending, I tell you.

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