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Summer Series | Bag Essentials


Hi guys,

Its my birthday today! The big 28! Its bloody scary to think I will be 30 soon. Anyway, you know in the summer, there are always certain things you carry round with you to keep you comfortable well, this is my list of things I carry round with me. If you are out and about or always on the hunt for things then load up your bag before you go out. This will really help you out. It will be a life saver, trust me!

1. Water – First things first. If I am out and about then I want to stay hydrated as I can’t be bothered with a banging headache due to lack of fluids, so I tend to fill up a water bottle and drink this throughout the day. I know you can buy water when you are walking around but sometimes queues could be big, you are out of the way from shops or it’s an absolute scorcher and the shelves are empty so it’s always good to be prepared. Try and drink 2 litres of water a day, if you can drink more then go for it but this is a nice round figure. If you are going to be drinking later on, like we most often do on nice days, then your body and head will thank you in the morning.

2. Urban Decay Setting Spray (£9) – Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plaster a full face on in the summer months, but if I want to look fresh and made up then I will apply a small amount of makeup, focusing more on my eyes and lips. That’s where a setting spray will benefit you. If I know I am going out all day and night and don’t want my makeup to melt off, then I apply my foundation with a setting spray to give extra longevity and then I spray all over once my makeup is complete. This is just something I have done for a while now and I really notice a difference with it. I also like to take it with me as it acts as a cooling agent if you are burning up. This is not a miracle worker, meaning it will not keep all makeup on, it will just help with the length of time it stays.

3. Hydrating Spray - I always have some kind of water/hydrating spray in my bag and recently it has been the Avene Water Spray (£7). Although the setting sprays are just as good, sometimes I want a spritz of hydration and only these will do. If you overheat quite a bit or just want to feel refreshed, I would seriously buy one of these. There are loads on the market, but this is the one I go for as it doesn’t have a scent and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky. Mac Fix + (£13.50) is also another good one if you already have that in your collection.

4. SPF – In the summer months, I like to use skincare and foundations that have SPF in them to protect my face but I also like to carry round a little spray for any body parts that are on show such as my shoulders and feet as they burn the most on me. I like to use Garnier Ambre Solaire Protective Oil SPF30 (£7.50) as it reminds me of holiday and sinks into the skin nicely.

5. Powder – I have oily skin so I like to make sure my tzone area is shiny free. I reach for the Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder (£3.99) as its doesn’t add any colour to my skin but keeps my skin shine free.

6. Deodorant - It’s a hot day, so get the deodorant with you!

7. Lip Balm - Keeping my lips hydrated is high on my list of priorities. I always have the Nivea`s Raspberry Rose Lip Butter (£2) with me as its nourishing, not sticky and smells amazing. I find lip butters work best on my lips and prevents them from drying out. When I come home from a long day I normally scrub them with a homemade sugar scrub or a Lush Lip Scrub and then layer on this lip butter to hydrate throughout the night.

8. Hair Clips (£1) - Gurrrl, you know hair clips are high on my priorities. I hate my hair flying about in my face and I can only have my hair down for about 2 hours tops so in hot days, I need it away from my face but also cute looking. Clips, bobby pins or hair ties are always in my bag regardless of weather if truth be told.

9. Sunglasses - My eyes are very sensitive so I always have a spare set of sunglasses in my bag but I am currently loving my Ray Ban Clubmasters (£125), they keep enough light out and look pretty as well.

10. Cover up - I live in Scotland so I never know what the weather is going to be like. It can be 30C one minute and then pissing down with rain the next so I always have a little cardigan or light rain coat in my bag just in case!

What are your summer bag must haves?

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