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A Rather Large Haul | Cult Beauty, Lush and Boots

Cult Beauty

Hi guys,

I have a real stationary love so I get super excited when it’s time to head back to college and I get to pick up some cute notebooks, new pens and bags. I think my other half has seen through my "I need to buy college supplies" talk as he now knows it’s just an excuse to go shopping.

The first thing I bought were my notebooks and stationery which I got from Amazon as they had really nice designs rather than the bog standard black ones, I like a bit of colour in my college life and these fit the bill perfectly. I was then inspired by my wish list to go on a hunt for some beauty goodies which I will share below.

Cult Beauty:
I only bought one thing from Cult which was a major achievement for me as I originally had 6 products in my basket! Do you ever do that, add loads and loads of products but look at the total and think, Nah! And delete them all ha-ha. Well I did and I settled on this Alpha H Duo (£34.50) as it was something I wanted for such a long time. I can’t wait to try them out!!

Alpha H
Alpha H Liquid Gold and Balancing Cleanser

I first heard about JustBe from Caroline Hirons when she reviewed their Cleansed Cleansing Balm (£30). I already have enough cleansing balms to last me a lifetime so I decided to try out the Gentle Exfoliator (£18.50) and Blemish Control Roll (£9.50) on instead. I was super excited to find out this was a Scottish brand and the owner had already won awards for her great products. I also received an email from Gail at JustBe to inform me that they never had the correct exfoliator tub and asked if it was ok to send it in the little one pictured below, I love when company's keep on top of their orders and let customers know of any changes, kudos to JustBe.

Justbe Botanicals
Just Be Exfoliator and Blemish Control Gel


Aren’t these just so cute!!! I like bright notebooks so when I seen these for £2 on Amazon I jumped at the chance. I also needed some new pens, highlighters and the normal college/school things like tippex, sharpeners etc. and as Amazon offer a wide range I managed to get everything I needed there. I am really happy with my new collections and can’t wait to start my 2nd year at college now. 




I was a bit naughty and bought some make up goodies. As these were recommendations from fellow bloggers & some of my lovely readers I had to buy them. I bought a lot from Makeup Revolution which included a Lipstick (£1) in Lady and Lipgloss (£1) in Hot, I also bought the Vivid Lacquer Blusher (£3) in Desire, a Volumising Ultra Black Mascara (£2) and the Redemption Palette Hot Smoked (£4) which I am dying to use, I mean just look at those colours! I also bought the new Rimmel Argan Oil Mascara (£7.99) which I have lusted after for a wee while :)

Makeup Revolution

Rimmel Wonderful

Rimmel Mascara

The Body Shop:
I just love The Body Shop so when I seen the new Argan Oil range I knew I had to buy a few bits. As I have too many body butters I decided on the Argan Oil Bubble Bath (£8). I also needed a new hand cream as my Elizabeth Arden and Soap & Glory ones ran out so I bought this Moringa (£4) one to see how it fares to others.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop Moringa

Argan Oil

Good old Lush! I was very good this time and only bought 2 bath bombs as my bathroom is full of bath products. I bought Granny Takes A Dip (£3.65) and Dragons Egg (£3.75) which smell fantastic!

Have you been shopping recently?
Started or starting college?

Have you checked out my latest post featuring My Blusher Collection?
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  1. Fantastic haul :) will be really interested to hear what you thought of the blemish control gel after a few uses x

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. I have been using these for a couple of days now as i bought this over the course of the week so i will let you know my thoughts on them xx

  2. Amazing haul hope you're enjoying all the goodies. I can't wait to see how you get on with the Alpha H products. I recently placed my first order with Makeup Revolution (after seeing it everywhere) and can't wait to receive the package x


    1. So far so good Alina, i will do reviews on these products. Let me know how you get on with the Makeup Rev products, i thought they were fab xx

  3. Alpha gold liquid h is amazing! It's really helped with my acne scarring and has changed my skin dramatically (for the better obv) looking forward to hearing how you get on with it! xx

    1. Well so far so good, it tingles like a b***h but it feels amazing xx

    2. I know you're not really meant to moisturise after using it but deffo do! It still works just as well and then your skin doesn't feel as strange :) xx

    3. Yeah i have been using it every 2nd day but on the 4th day i have been using a moisturiser, it does feel very strange not moisturising but hopefully i see a difference soon xx

  4. Fantastic haul! I love the notebooks, so pretty! x

    1. I know, they are sooo pretty arent they :) they have been put to good use this week in college :) xx


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