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Haul & First Impressions | Make Up Rumours

Makeup Rumours

Hi guys, how are we all today? All good I hope.

After Makeup Revolution blew up within the beauty world I was keen to try another brand who offered cheaper variations in makeup but promised the same quality as high end products. So when I was sent a £10 money off voucher from Makeup Rumours to buy some products from their website and review them, I decided to have a look and see what they had to offer. This is only my first impressions post, I will try out all products bought and give full reviews on them when I have tried them over a period of time so I can give an honest and informed review.

Makeup Rumours decided to do a blog pop up shop and sell 100 products by Pink Cosmetics London Ltd. The website is very easy to use but as it’s a pop up shop the product selection is quite minimal. I couldn't see any names for the lipsticks which was a bit disappointing, i think the names of items are always fun and I was looking forward to seeing what these were called.

The products are made by Pink Cosmetics London Ltd and promise to be affordable, cruelty free, innovative and on trend.

What i bought: 
I did end up spending more than the £10 voucher but trust me when i say it was hard as everything was priced so low! I bought a gift set and a palette so it soon mounted up. I ended up with 10 items for £8.44 which included a £2.95 shipping fee to the UK.

1. Ultimate Metallics Gift Set - £3.99
Includes 2 x nail polishes, 2 x lip glosses, 1 x eyeshadow palette and 1 x glitter eyeliner.



Glitter Eyeliner


Nail Polish


Lip Swatches

2. Pressed Powder in Nude - £1 

Pressed Powder

Face Powder

3. Bronzing Powder in Blush - £1


Bronzer Swatch

4. 5 x Lipsticks in shades 1, 2, 5, 18 & 19 - £1 each

Shades in order - #2,#18, #19, #5, #1
Lipstick Swatches
Shades in order - #2,#18, #19, #5, #1

5. Glitter Wheel - £3


Face Glitter

Glitter Swatches

6. Eyeliner - £1.50

Eyeliner Pencil


First Impressions:
The packaging is quite basic, it makes the products look. Even though they are cheap, they shouldn’t really look it.  The only suggestion I would make to Makeup Rumours would be to incorporate colours onto the packaging and also get names for the lipsticks as it would be nice to say which colour you were wearing if someone were to ask.

What I’m excited about:
The eyeshadow pigmentation are amazing. The colours swatched beautifully with one swoop and felt velvety soft. The lipsticks are very very creamy and highly pigmented. I just swatched these on the back of my hand and the picture above is only one swipe from the edge of the lipstick. The navy blue nail polish is one of the most beautiful colour I have ever seen and packs a punch from the very first coat, it also dries very fast. The lip-glosses feel very creamy and are so pigmented. I suspect these will be quite drying though as I left this on the back of my hand and it felt as though it was tugging my skin if you know what I mean. The darker shade is my absolute favourite from the duo. The last thing I am excited to try out is the face powders as the colours look beautiful!

Not so keen on: 
The glitter nail polish is very gloopy and didn’t apply to my nails well at all. The first coat didn't apply enough colour and the second one just made my nails look like a disaster. The glitter wheel is also a no no as you can see from the swatches above.

I will be very interested to see how these products last on me so I will be trying these bad boys out and I will give full reviews guys.

If you do want to try any of these products then head to their website (link above) and get 10% off your total by using the code "scotgirl10off" (available until 13th September 2014)

Have you bought anything from this brand?

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  1. I haven't yet but the lipsticks do look really nice! I like the orange, is it number 5? The eyeshadow palette swatches also look lovely :) xx

    1. I have only swatched them on my hand but so far so good, the shade is 19 which is in the brights section, i love this shade, its so pigmented. The eyeshadow was a total surprise as its full of colour and feels buttery smooth xx

  2. I have never heard of this brand before...seem to be similar to MUA. I do love the look of those lipsticks and nail polishes - thank you for sharing :) xx

    Brenda |

    1. Neither did i until i seen them on twitter but im glad i got the chance to sample some goodies. I agree the lipsticks and the nail polish look amazing and your welcome :) xx

  3. I have never heard of them! That palette looks lovely and is a really good price. It's tempting to try the lipsticks if they are only £1 - #1 and #2 look lovely!

    Rachael at

    1. I only heard of them through Twitter or else i would have been none the wiser. The palette is what im most keen to try out, im gonna give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it lasts. I agree with you about the lipsticks :) Use that code if you want to try them and a few other things out which gives 10% off :) xx


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