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JustBe | Radiant Gentle Exfoliator and Clear Blemish Control


JustBe Botanicals

JustBe Radiant Gentle Exfoliator


JustBe Clear Blemish Control

Clear Blemish Control

Hi guys,

I hadn't heard of this brand until I seen a blog post by Caroline Hirons and instantly I needed in on the action. Caroline reviewed the JustBe Cleansed Cleansing Balm but I have enough of these and really wanted to try a great exfoliator so I bought the JustBe Radiant Gentle Exfoliator (£18.50 for 100ml) and the Blemish Control Gel (£9.50).

 About the Company
JustBe is a natural range for the face, body and home. They smell incredible and are filled with therapeutic benefits. All products are handmade in Scotland by Aromatherapist Gail Bryden using purely natural ingredients.  The company’s core values are authenticity, passion and purity.

After I ordered online I received an email from Gail over at JustBe who advised she didn't have the correct container for the exfoliator and would I mind if she decanted into a tub along with a spatula, obviously I didn't I just wanted to try these delicious products. I do love when company's email you to let you know of any problems rather than send something they know might be a problem.

My parcel arrived very quickly, I think it took 2 days or something like that. The packaging was absolutely beautiful. I loved the dark pink bow across the box which added a little character. The products themselves were beautiful too, they carried the same colour scheme and looked very fresh and clean.

Just Be Radiant Gentle Exfoliator
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Coconut Solid, Jojoba Oil, Coco Glucoside, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Jojoba Beads, Pink Grapefruit Oil and Mandarin Oil.

Apply and massage all over your face, clean off with a face cloth or muslin cloth.
Dry Skin – Use 2 to 3 times per week
Oily Skin - Use every 7 to 10 days.

My Thoughts
Upon opening, I thought my life had ended and I was being raised up into Heaven! Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration haha but the reason for this is the smell. It smells so luxurious and literally makes me want it in every bath product you could imagine.

Its pretty simple to use, just scoop out a little using the spatula provided and then work into your skin. It actually feels like a cleansing balm as its thick and I have to say, its refreshing to have an exfoliator that doesn’t feel harsh on the skin. The beads in this product are quite large compared to other exofliators I have tried in the past.
I liked how my skin looked and felt after using this balm like product as it looked glowing and felt instantly smoother. I usually have red skin after washing my face, especially with harsher products but I have to say, it looked calm and sooth.  

Clear Blemish Control
Ingredients: Orange Blossom Floral Water, Witch Hazel, Spearmint Oil and Tea Tree Oil.

Apply as often as you wish to the infected areas.

My Thoughts
Again, the scent with this is just beautiful, I found myself using it every couple of hours just so I could have a sniff ha! I did get a little spot or two on my chin just before this arrived so I wanted to try it out straight away. I liked how easy this was to use as its just a little roller. If you are a bit of a hygiene buff then you could use a cotton bud to get some of the product out and put on spots that way.

It did take a couple of days for the blemishes to start disappearing but the instant cooling sensation it gave was incredible. The only thing that put me off was the fact that it gave me white heads round about my blemish area, this is obviously due this the high oil content in the treatment. I haven't ever found a blemish control treatment that actually works but this did relax the infected area and my spots began to fade after a few days.
Top to Bottom: My blemishes when they came to a head and my skin after 4 days of using this blemish gel.

Final Thoughts:
Great products. As you can see from the before and after pictures above, the gel actually works. I have loved using these products and will be repurchasing the exfoliator as soon as it runs out but I dont think I will buy the gel again as I didnt like the trapped oil problem.

Have you tried any products from this brand?
Let me know in the comments below

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  1. These look really interesting. I am always on the hunt for anti blemish products that work and just keep the skin looking good in general. Will go check them out - thank you for your review :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. No problem huni, they are really nice on the skin as they are all natural ingredients :) xx


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