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The Bakewell Soap Company Soapatoes

Hi guys,

I’ve had a bit of a rough week as there was a sudden loss in the family. You never expect it to happen but when it happens in these circumstances you can’t help but feel shocked and helpless. As well as coming to terms with that, I have had to finish some work for my college report and I honestly could have done without it this week but I am glad it’s done and now I can get to work on the actually body of the report. I hate planning my work, I would rather just get it done. I don’t mind planning every other aspect of my life but to tell someone how I plan to do a report seems like a waste of time. It’s been tough but you know what, life goes on. I won’t bore you all with my worries so let’s move on shall we?

I gave you a rundown of The Bakewell Soap Company a few weeks ago and I thought I would give you my final thoughts on the Soapatoes. As I said, I was using my Lemongrass and Ginger Soap (£3.95) as it is supposed to help with blemish prone skin as I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. The smell is very intense with ginger so it’s great for using in the morning as it helps to wake me up. I can’t say i haven’t had any breakouts since using it as I am just a blemish prone kind of a girl. Like most girls I get hormonal acne, especially along my jawline and chin and although this soap hasn’t taken that away completely, it has calmed it down ever so slightly so it isn’t as red as it usually is. This is now a firm staple in my bathroom and I haven’t gone a day without using it.

At night I have been using Champa Flower and Honeysuckle (£3.95) as it is supposed to moisturise and hydrate. As you know by now, I do suffer from dry skin every now and then and after wearing makeup all day, you want nothing more than to add moisture back into your face and this does just that. This is such a beautiful scented soap, the only problem is the fact that it doesn’t remove the last traces of mascara so I have to go over my lashes with eye makeup remover but it does help to hydrate my skin and I’m not left with that tight feeling after I have dried my face.

I have really enjoyed using these soaps. As I was sent soaps for various skin types, I had to give them to others as I don’t suffer from bad acne or really dry skin. One person who reported back was my sisters boyfriend who has acne, he is only 18 so he is getting the brunt of teenage acne just now and wanted something to help so I gave him the May Chang and Calendula soap. He said that his face felt really clean, more so with this than with any other soap he has used before. He also stated that it helped sooth his skin which was nice to hear. The only thing he wasn’t so keen on was the smell, it is very strong with lemon though so it may not suit everyone’s tastes.

TBSC have a long list of ingredients on their website along with the benefits of using them so that may be a place to start if you wanted to try some of their products. If I could change anything about Soapatoes, it would be the shape. They are just a little annoying especially when you want to get a good lather and they keep falling out of your hands. Their other soaps are rectangular shaped so I would continue buying them in the future but I don’t like the rounded edges as they fall about my soap dish and I hate that I can’t get a firm grip of them.  I dont want to leave it on a negative note because these soaps are great, they do what they say on the tin. They have really helped to calm down my blemishes and my forehead hasn't felt as oily as it normally does, also the dry patches around my nose and cheeks are slowly fading which is amazing. 
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  1. Oh these sound (and look) pretty cool. :) I'm really sorry for your loss x

    1. Thank you hunny :)
      They are really nice i have been loving them since i got them xx

  2. The packaging on these is so so cool! They look amazing :-)
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. They are really cute aren't they? xx


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