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Sudocrem | Skin Care Cream

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream


Skin Care Cream

Hi guys,

I don’t know about you but when I think of Sudocrem* (£2.09), I can hear my mum scream down the hallway “Just put Sudocrem on it” in her big booming Glaswegian accent. This was used for everything in my house from changing a nappy to a healing a cut knee to a reducing a pimple. You name it, my mum passed the cream and expected it to work. As I’ve gotten older, it’s nice to hear other people had similar experiences with their mums and this product ha-ha. It has a very distinctive smell to it, when you think of the name, you can instantly smell it, well I can and it isn’t all pleasant as it reminds me of changing my sisters nappy when she was only a baby and the constant struggle to keep her at peace while I tried (and failed) to get the cream on and fasten the nappy without being covered in the thick white gloop or God knows what else. So when I was asked to sample it, I hesitated at first and then remembered it was actually good for just about everything you threw at it. Mums do know best after all.

I can’t remember if Sudocrem has always been marketed as a skincare product, I don’t mean like a moisturiser or anything but as something that would help with everything, I thought it was for burns to be honest but I may be wrong. This is being marketed as a skincare product which is suitable for all skin types, especially blemish prone skin and is supposed to sooth and protect so we shall see if it lives up to that statement.

Once I popped this sample open I had a flood of memories come back to me and I actually smiled. It’s amazing when something can do that. But I was keen to try this out to see if it made a difference to my skin at all.

As I remembered, this was very thick. Almost unworkable at first but once I warmed it up between my fingers it gave way a little. I really focused this on my dry patches and on the little blemishes that suddenly erupted on my left cheek and used it for about a week before making a decision.

I`m going to put it out there, I don’t like the texture at all. It is far too thick and I felt like it pulled my skin which I don’t want as it causes wrinkles. I am nearing 30 so I can be worried about these things now ha-ha. I did like that it helped to hydrate my skin and my dry patches around my nose and cheeks were pretty much non-existent at the end of the trial. I did see a slight difference with my blemishes as I did when I was a teenager so that was no surprise really.

Would I buy it, yes if the consistency changed. It felt too thick for me and Im sure a few others would agree with me. I loved how it made my skin feel after I warmed the product up a little and I liked that it helped with my spots which is what it promised. After doing a little digging around to see how others fared this product, I was surprised to see some bloggers using this as a spot drying cream so I might give that a go and see how it goes.

Would you use this cream?
Or do you only think of nappy cream when you see it?

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  1. I find that sudocrem is amazing for spots, I tend to use it if I have a breakout and it reduces redness if I leave it on overnight. Try it next time you have a spot even just on that one area it's honestly a miracle worker :)
    Jess x

    1. Thanks Jessica, i do really like it but as i say its just so thick! I will definitely try this out on my spot tonight as i had a little breakout today :( xx

  2. I was just talking about this cream on my Twitter this week! It works wonders for me, love it!

    Catch me on

    1. What a coincidence, i do like it for my dry patches as it works wonders xx

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