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My Beauty Essentials

My Beauty Essentials - Beauty Talk With Lauren

Hi guys

As you all know, it isn’t just great skincare and makeup that helps to create a gorgeous looking face. There are a lot of little bits that go into it such as tweezing, bleaching, derma rolling, derma blading (if you do that, I don’t!) and many more things we need to go through. So this post is all about my beauty essentials. Some I do every day, some a few times a week and others once per week. These aren’t glamourous, but they are pretty essential to keep yourself prepped and preened to perfection.

Essential Beauty Products

1. Tweezers
Tweezers are an absolute must have in your beauty regime guys, they will remove those pesky little hairs and keep your brows looking clean. There are so many different brands out there but I have been loving the Tweezerman Slants (£22.99) as they tug on those pesky little hairs that just won’t budge.

2. Hand Cream
Winter has well and try kicked in and the one thing I reach for is hand cream. This is an absolute necessity as I want to keep my hands hydrated and nourished, plus I don’t want 80 year olds by the time I am 40. I keep Soap and Glory Hand Food (£6) or the Neutrogena Nourishing Hand Cream with Nordic Berry (£4.19) in my college bag as I reapply about 20 times a day so it’s nice to have one when I am out and about. I also keep one beside my bed and one in the bathroom ha-ha. I am obsessed.

3. Eyelash Curlers
I don’t reach for these every day but when I go out with friends, I like to give my lashes a little curl before applying mascara. These don’t have to be expensive. Sure you can buy some expensive ones such as Kevyn Aucoin (£17) ones but I have Superdrug Curlers (£1.99) and they work just as well.

4. Pencil Sharpener
If you are a fan of brow pencils, eyeliners and lip liners then you will definitely need a sharpener to make sure they are sharp and ready to use. I have the Bourjois Pencil Sharpener (£3.49) which has a normal size hole and a larger one for any jumbo pencils you may have in your collection.

5. Nail Polish Remover
If you have as much of a nail polish fetish as me then you will need to have a good remover too. I find the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (£4.99) to be the best as it removes every trace of polish, it’s very gentle and doesn’t strip my nails.

6. Concealer
Come on now, a concealer is a must have beauty essential. Even if you don’t wear makeup, concealer will help to cover any blemishes, redness and dark circles. Once you cover those, your skin will look flawless. If you are lucky enough to not have any of these issues, then skip this paragraph. I have two drugstore favourites and they are Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) and Rimmel Wake Me Up (£5.49)

7. Eyebrow Brush and Spoolie
I need a brush and a spoolie. Its as simple as that. Even on days where I don’t wear makeup, I like to brush through my brows to help them look tidy as they can be a little unruly. These are pretty inexpensive and can be bought pretty much anywhere. I have this Superdrug Brush & Comb (£1.99) and this Morphe Spoolie Brush (£2.95) which I’m sure you can agree, are very cheap.

8. Hair Brush
This is a no brainer really! We want out hair to look presentable so I always keep a brush in my bag to run though my hair throughout the day. I have this Tangle Teezer (£6.90) that I can keep in my bag so I have it to hand if I need it.

These are my top picks guys. I’m sure there are many more but these are the ones I reach for mostly. Is there anything that you have in place of one of my items? If you want to pick up any of these items and they happen to be from Superdrug, then use this £5 money off code for purchases over £40.

What are your beauty essentials?
I hope you all have a nice relaxing week guys!

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  1. I have those eyelash curlers and they are nice but I've been feeling tempted to invest on a high end one just because so many people claim they're better. So I'm curious as I find my lashes don't look as curled as I'd like them to. I recently got a sharpener from Barry M and it's so good. Only £2. :) x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. There are so many good ones out there and i do want to try more high end but i dont think i can justify spending that amount of money on them xx

  2. Got to have a pair of tweezers no matter what! Gotta keep my brow game strong x

    1. Hahaha! Its all about the brows love xx


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