Monday, 3 November 2014

Charlotte Tilbury | Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream
Hey guys,

How was your weekend? Halloween was at the weekend and I have to say, I had an absolute ball. If you checked my Instagram out, then you will know that I dressed up as a scary ass nun! Seriously, all of my friends were scared shitless ha-ha. I’m not one for skimpy outfits, I’m not slagging off anyone who wears them but they’re not my cup of tea, I would rather be scary. As you can imagine, I didn’t want to move on Sunday so I chilled out with Liam just watching movies and stuffing my face with all kind of bad treats. It was worth it though!

I was contacted by Scot Bloggers to write a post for them, obviously I was gonna talk beauty so i decided to discuss the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. As you know, I bought this in a recent haul and I know a few of my readers really wanted a review so I thought I would write it up and post it over on their blog which you can find here.

I know this is a pricey purchase but as I got my student loan, I thought I would pick up a few bits that I wouldn’t normally buy but now that I have tried this, I’m afraid I will have to start saving each month to buy another when it runs out as it’s beautiful. I won’t ruin my review any further so head over to Scot Bloggers to find out what I had to say.

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