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Lush | Valentine`s Day Range

Lush Valentine Range

Hi guys,

I have been neglecting my blog for the past couple of weeks due to an obscene amount of college work but I thought I would take some time away from the books and hit you up with a very romantic post featuring the new Lush Valentine's Range. I love Lush when it comes to special holidays as they are always very creative and bring us some amazing offerings in the way of bath products. 

Both Liam and I made a pact when we first met that we wouldn’t bother with the whole gift giving prospect of Valentine’s Day. We decided to go for a meal instead or cook a romantic dinner in the house which is what we have done for the past six years. But I do like to treat myself ha-ha, hence this large Lush haul.

Prince Charming Shower Gel

The first thing I added to my basket was this Prince Charming Shower Gel (from £4.75). This has a whopping 24 ingredients including grapefruit, marshmallow root, pomegranate and vanilla so you can only imagine how wonderful the scent is. It kind of reminds me of candy floss and Turkish delight in a weird way but I absolutely love it. This left my skin feeling soft, very clean and smelling like a total dream. Highly recommended!

Love Locket Bath Bomb

I couldn’t buy this range and miss out the most special bath bomb of all. Love Locket (£6.95) is the bath bomb of all bath bombs. It is mammoth in size, and includes two bath bombs. One is nestled inside and only pops out when the outer shell dissolves in the water. The main scents are Vanilla and Jasmine (floral and seductive) so you can only imagine the relaxation you will feel. Once dissolved this leaves edible red hearts and pink confetti in your tub. How romantic. If you have a large tub, I would suggest throwing this in and having a bath with your other half. It may lead to a very romantic night indeed. 

Heart Throb Bubble Bar

I loved the look of the Heart Throb Bubble Bar (£3.65) as soon as I saw this. It has a staggering 28 ingredients including Ylang Ylang, Vanilla, Frangipani, Sicilian Lemon Oil and Shea Butter to make you feel silky soft. Once it’s crumbled into your bath, it leaves the most gorgeous red shade with some gold glitter going through the water.

Floating Flower Bath Bomb

This is my favourite scented bath product from the range, its called Floating Flower Bath Bomb (£3.50) and looks incredible when it floats on top of the bath water. It is heavily scented and boasts 22 ingredients including Ylang Ylang, Cyprus Oil (very calming) Jasmine and Palmarosa oil.  

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Come on now. Everyone needs something Unicorn in their house so it was only natural that I bought this gorgeous Unicorn Horn (£3.25). This was the second thing added to my basket and I am so glad I bought it as its huge and smells unbelievable. This is very heavy on the Lavender which makes it perfect for a night time bath where it will relax you and help you sleep later in the night. It also contains Ylang Ylang and Neroil Oil so you will probably fall asleep in the tub or pass out in the hall ha-ha.  I love the bubbles it creates and the subtle colour of the bath water but my favourite part is the fact that I had a lot of baths with this one product.  

Lonely Heart Bubble Bar

The last item is the Lonely Heart Bubble Bar (£3.50). I didn’t think I would like this as glitter normally puts me off as it gets everywhere but everything else about this bubble bar made it the perfect bath time product. It contains my absolute favourite Bergamot Oil as well as Lemongrass, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. The glitter wasn’t so bad, it did leave its mark on my skin and it was obviously all over my towel when I dried myself but I wasn’t mad at it.

There are a few other items in the range including soaps, lip scrubs etc. but I chose what I knew I would love and I have to say I have not been disappointed. As you can see from the prices, they are a little more expensive than their regular products but that goes with the territory I’m afraid when it comes to special days of the year. 

Have you bought anything from this range yet?
What are your thoughts on them?

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  1. Ah you can't beat a bit of Lush - these all look so pretty!
    Emma |

    1. They are divine Emma, they smell soooo good! xx

  2. Everything from the valentine's range looks so pretty and pink. Really need to go in store and pick up a few bits for myself x

    Beauty with charm

    1. I know, im not really a pink person but i couldn't resist them! Let me know what you get xx

  3. Oh lush... more products I HAVE to buy now... but hey at least I'll smell good ;)
    Alice xo

    1. Haha, you wont be disappointed babe, they are gorgeous xx

  4. I really loved this post! Heading into Lush tomorrow and now at least I know what I'm after rather than buying the entire shop so thank you!

    Tammi xx

    1. Thanks Tammi, im glad i inspired you, good luck with your purchases xx

  5. I love Lush's products, especially during holidays and such! This year's Valentine's range is such a knockout! They never fail. :)

    1. They are on point this year with the Valentine`s range xx


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