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A Lush Rival? | Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics

Butter Blizzard
Butter Blizzard (Bergamot Oil, Ginger and Apple)

The Glitterati
The Glitterati (Ylang Ylang, Rose Oil and Cocoa Butter)

Ginger Bath Blaster
Ginger Bath Blaster (Ginger, Clove, Cardamom, Jasmine and Musk)

Stocking Fizzer
Stocking Fizzer (Strawberries, Champagne, Bergamot and Neroli oils)

Chilly Millie
Chilly Millie (fruity cupcake fragrance, pure geranium and ylang ylang essential oils)

Hi guys,

I heard about Bomb Cosmetics through Twitter and was keen to try some of their products. They have everything from Candles, Home Fragrances, Soaps and Bath Products, what a selection. I stuck to bath products as I wanted to sample something other than Lush. Since I am still in the Christmas mood, I picked up a lot of Christmas products in their sale. The ones I picked up were Chilly Millie Bath Blaster (£1.15) Ginger Bath Blaster (£1.15) Stocking Fizzer Blaster (£1.15) The Glitterati Bath Creamer (£1.05) and the Butter Blizzard Creamer (£1.05)

When the box arrived I could smell the products through all of the packaging and I honestly nearly ripped the box apart to get in there pronto. Once I was in, it was like Santas Grotto. I was keep to run a bath and try them out immediately. I threw in Chilly Millie first. This was like walking into a winter wonderland when it finally dissolved. The smell was very pungent. The only issue I had was the fact the nose, mouth and eyes didn’t dissolve, so I scooped them back out of the bath water. As you can imagine, I had a relaxing time but when I was trying to get myself out I ended up crying with laughter as I kept sliding all over the place ha-ha so be careful if you buy this as the water is very soft and you may fall.

I've also used up the Butter Blizzard Creamer which smells exactly like Christmas due to the bergamot ginger and apple scent. It is spicy but refreshing at the same time. It dissolved very quickly but I felt like a waxy coat on my skin when I dried myself. I didn’t like that at all. I suppose it was meant to leave your skin feeling moisturised but it felt horrible, so much so that I had to have a shower to remove it from my body. The same thing happened with Glitterati. I also hated the fact that I had red glitter all over my bathroom, every product in my bathroom, my whole body, hair, towels and bed! It was not pleasant at all.

Stocking Filler and Ginger Bath Blaster were nice. The scent from each of them were very strong but they fizzled out pretty quickly. My skin felt really soft when I came out of the bath so I can’t complain too much about these ones.

Hated the creamers, liked the blasters and loved Chilly Millie the best.

Have you heard of this brand?
Have you tried any of their products?

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  1. I've never tried any other bath products apart from Lush ones, but these look amazing and I am definitely intrigued. Gonna browse through their website right now x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Let me know if you get anything good :) xx

  2. The all looks so pretty! I love Bergamot in bath products x

  3. Great picks :) I found the scent on the Bomb cosmetics bath bombs wasn't great but it sounds like you had better luck with yours! :) x

    Brenda BusyBee

    1. Aww, thats a shame! I love the scents on these ones but i havent tried anything else from the company, i will pick up a few more bits and pieces and see how i get on with them xx

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