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What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?
Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Lindsay Lohan and Dita Von Teese.

Hi guys,

I was thinking about hair colours recently and the typical statements that spring to mind when we see people with certain colours such as "Blondes have more fun" "Blondes are dumb" "Brunettes are smarter" "Brunettes are classy" "Raven heads are vixens" "Raven heads are strong" "Redheads have tempers" "Redheads are great in bed". Oi! oi! A little cheeky one at the end there I know, but it’s true, these are the first things that pop into people’s heads when they see hair colours. This isn't me just rambling, this is a proven scientific fact that people judge a person based on hair colours and these are the most common preconceptions.

I don't think blonde haired folk warrant the idea that they are all dumb or stupid, blondes are actually unique creatures of the world as there is only 10% of them out with naturally blonde hair so why not have an expression such as "Blondes are unique" rather than conform to the idea that all blondes are dumb. Even though Marilyn Monroe may be the most famous blonde to ever live, she wasn't a natural blonde, she simply dyed her hair to look a certain way and to give off a certain personality which to be fair, worked in her favour as she landed the roles she wanted and became the most famous ditzy blonde ever known. All at a cost though eh? Although brunettes are supposed to have the thickest hair of all the hair colours, blondes are supposed to have the most hair on their heads.

Brunettes are the most common haired folk out there with the most coarse and thickest of the bunch. They have been studied and the consensus is they are level headed and great judges of character which I totally agree with, my judgement of a person or situation has never let me down in the past! Look at Audrey Hepburn for example, she is the most famous brunette, in my books anyway, she just oozes class and intelligence but that doesn't mean all brunettes are the same.

The raven haired girls like Dita Von Teese, to me look so mysterious and ooze sex appeal, they look as though they could take on the world without batting an eyelid, which is something I admire. Dita again, isn't a natural black haired girl, she is naturally a blonde but we wouldn't say she was dumb would we?

Like the natural blondes out there, red heads are also a very rare breed with something like 2% of the world having natural red hair (according to the BBC). Lindsay Lohan may be the most famous of the red heads at the moment due to her constantly being in the press. She is a natural red head and has had her fair share of column inches whether it be good or bad. She does strike me as the "typical" red head in the sense that she seems fiery, bad tempered and good in bed (if we are to believe all of those rumours) but it would be wrong of me to judge all red heads on this assumption.

As you all know I am a brunette and I certainly don’t conform to the typical ideas of a brunette as I am not that classy nor am I the smartest in the bunch. Sometimes I have those typical blonde moments we discussed earlier, Liam would probably say more often than not ha-ha! If my hair was to say anything about my personality it would probably be along the lines of “Fiery” “Speaks My Mind” “Funny” “Ditzy” and “Kind”. After speaking with my friends and family they confirmed these. My very good friend, Ross, said I was an open book, meaning what you see is what you get where as my friend Pauline said I had a kind and nurturing personality but most of who I asked said I was gobby, fiery and funny ha-ha! Charming!

Obviously there are other colours and designs out there now as people aren’t afraid to experiment with their looks and even use it as a fashion statement or for a particular way they are feeling. We are lucky to have so many options now rather than the 4 main colours such as gorgeous pastel shades, multi coloured, leopard print, tiger print, and grey. I say, do what you want with your hair, be any colour you want and if you aren’t happy with the colour you are just now, change it!

If you could change your hair colour, what colour would you choose?
What does your hair colour say about you?

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  1. Great post! Certainly something to think about :)

  2. This made me chuckle - I am a natural brunette now bleached and I do seem to be getting more gullible and ditzy as I get older !!!


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