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Mario Badescu Skincare | Aloe Lotion

Mario Badescu Skincare Aloe Lotion

Aloe Lotion

Mario Badescu

Hey guys,

How are we all today? I can’t believe I only have 3 assessments left in college and then I am finished for the summer! I really should be looking for some summer work but it is so hard to find someone to give you a chance when you only have a qualification and no experience! I won’t bore you with the daily real life struggles ha-ha.

I thought I would talk about the amazing Mario Badescu who until recently I hadn’t actually heard about; it was only when I was looking through some of Nicole Guerriero videos on YouTube that I actually took notice. She is one of my favourite beauty gurus on the web and was one of the first, apart from the Pixiwoo girls that I watched religiously so when she says she loves something, I take notice.

I was on the lookout for a new toner and having tried my fair share of the best on the market; I decided to pick up something new so I went with the Aloe Lotion (£12.95) from Beauty Bay which is a mild 2% alcohol based astringent that has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to disinfect and clean normal, combination and oily skin but it also helps to soothe any irritations. This toner contains aloe vera gel and magnolia extract along with some other ingredients which help to unclog pores and leave skin looking its best.

To start, I double cleanse my skin. I have been using the Eve Lom Balm Cleanser (from £40) recently; this is thanks to my gorgeous friend Siobhan who gave me a sample to try out as it wasn’t working out for her. Once all of my makeup has been removed, I then use a cotton pad which has been soaked with this lotion and swipe all over my face. I leave this for a few minutes before moving onto the rest of my skincare products.

As the description states, this is mild on the skin but the smell is a bit of an eye watering solution which sort of reminds me of lice lotion. I know that sounds weird and disgusting but we all remember those letters being sent home from school when there was a lice outbreak and then being doused in this lotion which was so strong before enduring the pain of the metal comb being dragged through our hair and scalps. I used to think my mum hated me when I was younger when she carried out this routine but now I know it was mandatory. Even though the smell is strong, it isn’t enough to put me off using it but if you can have a whiff before purchasing then I would highly recommend this as it may not be for everyone.

As far as a skincare tool, it is phenomenal. It works over my face perfectly and leaves my skin with a slight glow to it and it also helps to reduce the redness from cleaning my face. I adore this product as I haven’t had one breakout since using this as well as Cupcake. It is amazing and if the rest of his products are as good as this one, then Beauty Bay better watch out, cause mama will be spending some cash in there soon.

Please give it a try, don’t let the smell put you off as it really is an amazing product which helps combat skin irritations including blemishes and redness. 

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