Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Scottish Scran | The Meat Bar

The Meat Bar
Chorizo Margarita
Chicken Liver Pate
Smoked Chicken Liver Pate with House Chutney and Rye Toast
Woodland Pigeon
Woodland Pigeon with Beets and Redcurrant Dressing
Smoker Plate
Smoker Plate w/ Quince & Chilli Ribs, Louisiana Hot Glazed Chicken Wings, Rabbit Meatballs and Pulled Pork

Hey guys,

I don’t normally do restaurant reviews but I recently went along to the Meat Bar in Glasgow again and had to do a little post about how amazing the food was. I have been here numerous occasions in the past and it never disappoints. As the name suggests it is definitely a place for the carnivore and let me tell you, it will leave you wanting more. As well as some amazing food dishes with their home smoked meats they also offers up a selection of specially brewed Scottish & American beers, wines, cocktails and savoury cocktails which have a little twist.

Both Liam and I met up with our good friends for a double date night which seems to be an almost monthly occurrence which normally ends in me being a drunken disaster ha! Both of the boys ordered the amazing Smoker Plate which looked stunning, they both devoured it, so it obviously hit the spot. I ordered the Woodland Pigeon and Chicken Liver Pate as I didn’t want a main and they were both fantastic. The Woodland Pigeon was definitely the highlight of the meal for me but the triple cooked fries were equally amazing. Like most restaurants now, they offer up an amazing cocktail menu but the Meat Bar offer a fun cocktail menu where they have meat infused savoury cocktails, naturally I had to order one. I chose the chorizo margarita which didn’t really taste of chorizo but it did have a slight salty element to it, I loved the little chorizo slice which was hanging on the side of glass. I know this sounds disgusting but it was actually really nice, please give it a try before dismissing it.

If you are looking for tasty food a great selection of cocktails and a great atmosphere then I would recommend heading down this weekend to sample some of their amazing offerings. Don’t head there for a quick bite as the service is quite slow due to it being busy most of the time so head there for a nice night and bring your appetite, you will need it.

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  1. Mmmm this all looks and sounds so yummy. I'm planning on going to Glasgow later on this year and will definitely be going here. Fab post you should definitely do more restaurant/bar reviews. ;)

    Rachael x

    1. Oh, let me know where else you go! and thank you xx

  2. Great review - the food looks fab but much as I love Margaritas, a chorizo cocktail sounds a bit minging to me...

    1. Oh Julie, please go in and try one! They are lovely xx

  3. Great review - the food looks fab but much as I love Margaritas, a chorizo cocktail sounds a bit minging to me...

  4. Oh Julie, please go in and try one, you will love it xx


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