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Slendertoxtea | 14 Day Teatox

Slendertoxtea 14 Day Teatox


Detox Teas

Hi guys,

I was recently sent a 14 day supply of Slendertoxtea* (from £9.99) and as the summer is due upon us soon I decided to give it a go to shift some weight and detox my body. Included in the package was a 14 day supply of Daytox tea to be taken every morning and Sleeptox tea which was to be taken on alternative nights.

The Slendertoxtea Daytox teabags contain hawthorn grain, red bean, sterling bean, radish leaf, camellia flowers & seeds, green tea and fennel seeds to cleanse the colon, increase energy and promote a healthy change. The Sleeptox teabags contain the same ingredients with the addition of valerian root which aids sleep.

I started this on my first day off from college and as I knew I would be off for four days and I thought I would be ok to get the first few days out of the way before heading back on the Monday morning. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The first day went well; I made my brew by pouring freshly boiled water into a cup and left the teabag to infuse for 3 minutes before removing. The taste was very simple, it didn’t really have a flavour to be honest, I could taste a subtle hint of green tea but that’s all. I felt fine all day and had healthy food throughout the day along with water and herbal teas. When night time came around I had my Sleeptox and had a great sleep. The next morning was a different story... WARNING: Gory detail ahead!

I awoke with the worst pains in my stomach and felt as though I was going to burst so I ran to the toilet and sat there for the better part of 40 minutes before I dared move. After washing the sweat off of my face and being thankful that I didn’t turn inside out, I headed to the kitchen and had a glass of water. It literally took me an hour to get over the shock and to talk myself into having another tea but I eventually did and then felt better. The next couple of days involved a few trips to the toilet, as I expected, it is a colon cleanse after all so I would be daft to think that this wouldn’t happen. I didn’t feel any real pain or discomfort again until day 5 at night time when I had my tea a little earlier than usual (big mistake) at 8pm, and ended up spending the night in my bathroom with no sleep whatsoever. I felt as though I had stomach flu and it would never shift but eventually it did at 4am! I finally got a few hours’ sleep until I was back up at 7.30am. This first half of my day was a write off as I felt so weird, and had an awful feeling in my stomach. I stuck to water, tea and herbal tea and didn’t even look at food because I was so scared of sitting on the toilet again to be honest. This was the day that I wanted to give up but I pushed on as I knew I obviously had to get rid of everything in my system and it would benefit me in the long run.

After the 14 days I weighed myself and was happy that I lost 8lbs, considering I had a few nights out with friends and family and I had a cheeky McDonalds, 8lbs was great. I did feel like rubbish on a few days but felt fine for the other eleven so it wasn’t all bad. A huge plus side for me was the energy that the tea gave me, considering I only got three hours sleep on Day 5, I still managed to go out for Liam’s birthday (minus the eating part) and stayed up till late without falling asleep. I can’t complain about how I felt on the tea as the tea actually worked and done what it said it would so it would be bad of me to write a negative review. If I were to buy this tea again, I don’t think I would leave the tea to infuse for the full three minutes, I would leave it for maybe two so it wouldn't be as strong and then maybe have a better experience.

One thing that pissed me off about this product is the fact that so many celebrities endorse it, but if they actually used it, they wouldn’t be promoting it without informing people what it actually does. I feel this is very irresponsible of them as their fans will buy this due to their pretty faces holding up a mug and pouch without knowing what it will do to them.

For anyone who has a nut allergy I would advise you stay away as it may have been packed in a factory that handles nuts so you don’t want to flare up your allergies.

As I say, I am glad I done this as I felt it really cleaned me out, gave me energy and I did sleep really well with the few odd exceptions. If you are thinking of doing it, maybe have a few days were the teabag is left for two minutes and no longer to take away any discomfort. If you want a bit of a detox then this is for you as it works wonders, just beware that you may want to cancel weekend plans or take a couple of days off of work to get the first week out of the way as my body did take a bit of a hit with it.

Have you tried this tea yet?
Have you tried any other brands of a detox tea?
What other products would you recommend?

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  1. I've always been curious about detox teas. I don't know that I could handle all the time spent in the bathroom though. Maybe I'll work up the nerve to give one a go.

    - The MakeupMama

    1. I couldnt handle it but it was a learning curve for me ha! xx

  2. I've always wanted to try one of these teatox tea's myself, but I have such a sensitive tummy I'm afraid to haha (don't think my boss would appreciate a 40 minute loo break either) x

    1. Hahaha, yeah i dont think anyone`s boss would appreciate that xx


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