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Timeless Truth | The Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask

Timeless Truth The Multipeptide Calming Revitalising Mask

Timeless Truth Mask

Sheet Mask

Hi guys,

All of us girls really want to slow down the aging process don’t we? I mean I am happy to grow old gracefully and I don’t see myself reaching for the Botox anytime soon but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to have younger looking skin in my older years so I tend to use anti-aging products that will prevent me from looking like a shoe by the time I am 50. As I am all about the anti-aging products at the moment I decided to try out the Timeless Truth Multipeptide Revitalising Mask* (£4.90) which promised to improve elasticity, moisturise levels, revitalise my skin and help combat wrinkles. As well as this, it is also beneficial to sensitive skin, something I am all about.

I used the mask after I had taken a long soak in my bathtub and cleansed my face so my pores were wide open and ready to receive the goodness from this mask. I did look like something from Silence of the Lambs when I applied it and Liam was on hand to take pictures of me to no doubt show his friends and work mates what he has to "deal with". It was drenched in serum and went on so easily so I didn't really care about all that. One side of the cloth mask was laced with a pink powder, this was the side that I placed on my face as it infused onto my skin and helped to increase circulation and relax facial tension. I left this on for 30 minutes as I was also using my Doll White UK teeth whitening strips (£19.99) too. It felt like it was tingling ever so slightly but that may have been my imagination. It instantly made me feel relaxed as I lay back on the couch with a nice book and let it work its magic.

When I removed the mask the remainder of the serum absorbed into my skin fairly quickly. My skin looked radiant, looked brighter and due to the Vitamin E on the mask, my skin felt baby soft to the touch. I did add a little moisturiser onto my skin just to sandwich in the goodness and let me tell you, my skin was stunning the following day.

Even though I was gifted with this mask, my review is 100% honest and I can safely say that this is one seriously good mask. I recently used the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Masks (£19.99) and this completely blows them out of the water as it has more product, made my skin feel and look better and is more reasonably priced too. I will be loading up on these for my holiday so I can whack them on while I am on the plane and also if the sun dries my skin out. They do have a lot of masks on offer for all different skin types and all different problems but I am happy with these ones as they are easy to use, really work and leave my skin feeling exquisite.

Find Timeless Truth Beauty on Twitter to ask them questions about what product would suit you best.

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