Friday, 17 July 2015

Alpha H | Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera

Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera

Hi guys,

I am ashamed to admit that I bought this Alpha H Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera (£25) a very long time ago and I have only recently found the pictures I took of the bottle on my phone which has prompted this review. It’s safe to say that I finished my first bottle of this a while ago but I did buy another bottle as it was just so good. As you know I love the Alpha H Liquid Gold (£33.50). I have raved about it on numerous occasions, so much so that I am starting to bore myself but I can’t help it. It really has been made to give the skin the best treatment possible, so when I saw the cleanser as part of a pack, I immediately bought it as I wanted to keep with the same brand.

This is a cream cleanser and it goes on smoothly. I used this pretty much in the same respect as a balm cleanser meaning I just applied to a dry face and worked in until my face resembled that of a wild party goer who had been on a bender for a few days before stumbling home (i.e panda eyes) and then removed using a face cloth and lukewarm water. On first use, it did such a great job at removing makeup including mascara and eyeliner but it didn’t really work well on a dark matte lip so I gave my face a second helping and focused on my lips before removing. To say this cleanser is amazing just isn’t enough praise for my liking, it helps to combat redness, leaves the skin feeling super soft and clean as well as hydrated.

The Aloe Vera in the cleanser really does help to sooth and condition the skin which leaves it looking and feeling lovely. I haven’t noticed any dryness from using this at all, all I’ve noticed is clean and hydrated skin which has felt better since using it. Unlike the Liquid Gold this has a subtle scent so if you do end up buying, don’t expect it to be strongly scented. Is this cleanser really worth the £25 price tag? well if you love your skin then yes! I would recommend everyone use this as it is gentle enough for sensitive skin, it will hydrate dry skin and will help to soothe blemish prone skin as well as nurture mature skin due to its anti-aging properties. 

Have you tried this cleanser yet?

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  1. I have thought about buying this on a number of occasions but wasn't sure it was worth splashing out for a cleanser, you have convinced me.

    1. It really is worth the £25 price tag, i was worried about the price but once i used it i knew i made the right decision. It is so soft and doesn't irritate at all xx


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