Friday, 3 July 2015

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Hi guys,

It’s my little sisters 25th birthday today so I am rushing around trying to get all my stuff together so I can go to my mums house for some dinner before we head out with my sisters friends and some family. Hopefully she likes the presents I have bought her and she enjoys her birthday night out!

I have been nagging Liam for about a year now to get my teeth whitened as they have become discoloured over the years from all the red wine I have consumed but he practically laughed in my face and refused to listen to me because he thinks my teeth are white enough, they are not! I do brush my teeth twice a day and use mouth wash too but it’s never enough in my opinion. I think you should give your teeth a little treatment every now and again to brighten them up.

I was quite intrigued by the Coco White coconut oil pulling but to be honest, I couldn’t really be bothered with all that faffing about, so when I saw the Doll White Teeth Whitening Strips* (£19.99) I knew I had to give them a go. They come in sets of 14, 28, 42 and 56. Included in my pack were 14 separate sachets of gel strips which had a mint taste to them. The strips themselves are peroxide free and won’t cause any harm to your teeth or gums.

On first application the little strips (one for top and bottom set of teeth) went on with such ease and did not move once applied to my teeth. I lined them up with my gums and pressed firmly before turning the excess strip over my teeth. The mint taste was very subtle and during the 30 minute waiting period I did notice the gel was working its way into the gaps between my teeth and gum, this wasn’t unpleasant at all, it just felt weird. After the 30 minutes I removed by gently pulling them from my teeth, the strips came off easily but as there was gel left over I had to remove with a wet toothbrush. I was pleasantly surprised at how white my teeth looked after only one use so I could only imagine what they were going to look like after 14 days!

After using them for the full two weeks I am happy to report that these gems do work. I am so pleased with how well my teeth felt after each use and with the fact that I did not experience any irritation or sensitivity. The final result was very impressive as I noticed a huge difference in the colour of my teeth. I will definitely be purchasing them in the future when I feel they need a little sprucing up. After showing the results to my family, they are very keen to purchase a few packets of these too. If you want to have gleaming white teeth in 2 weeks then I suggest giving these a shot as they really do work and are so easy to work with.

Have you tried Doll White yet?
Would you recommend any other teeth whitening products?

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  1. I'd love to give these a go as I've been wanting to have my teeth whitened for ages now. Thank you for the recommendation, great post :) :)

    1. Thank you, and your welcome. They are really really good! I cant stop talking about them xx

  2. Professional bleaching is the most usual method of Teeth Whitening Plantation. Your dental team will be able to tell you if you are suitable for the treatment, and will supervise it if you are. First the dental team will put a rubber shield or a gel on your gums to protect them. They will then apply the whitening product to your teeth, using a specially made tray which fits into your mouth like a mouth guard.

    1. Thank you for the comment Carol :) xx


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