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John Gosnells | Original Vitamin E Cream

John Gosnells The Original Vitamin E Cream

Original Vitamin E Cream

John Gosnells

Hello lovely, 

I'm surprised I've never heard of John Gosnell before as it is one of the oldest cosmetics manufacturers in Britain and can trace its roots back to 1677. I honestly never knew this when I saw the company popping up on my twitter feed. Over the first 150 years the company had changed its name quite a few times going from John Price to Price & Gosnell and finally to John Gosnell.

I was kindly gifted with Original Vitamin E Cream* (£10) and as I was on the hunt for a new day cream I decided to give it a go. After looking at the ingredients I was a little nervous as it contained Shea Butter and Olive Oil so my mind immediately went to the “oh no, my skin will break out” stage but thankfully I haven’t noticed any problems with these ingredients. I think if I were to use this as a day and night cream then the problems would start as my skin just cannot handle any kind of butter products.

I have been using this the same as I would any other day cream by applying to a freshly washed face and after applying my serums. The cream itself has a gorgeous pink hue to it and has the most gorgeous scent which isn't intrusive at all. It doesn’t feel too thick as I have come to expect that with most shea butter creams, it actually feels quite luxurious and applies well to the facial and neck area. It is easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. As you can imagine, due to the Vitamin E in the title, this does leave the skin super soft and hydrated. I loved every minute of using this as it did what it said on the tin, it left my skin looking visibly plumper, soft and hydrated.

The only criticism I would give doesn’t even have anything to do with the cream but with the website, it looks quite bland and not very inviting. It should be welcoming, have a better layout with social media icons and a gorgeous modern colour scheme. The cream however is simply divine and is a serious contender for the title of the “best cream I have ever used!”

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  1. Best cream you have ever tried? Wow , I will defos be tring this!!

    1. Its gorgeous, one of the best things ive put on my face xx


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