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Peter Thomas Roth | Glycolic Acid 10% Toning Complex

Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid

Glycolic Acid

Hi my loves, 

I bought the PeterThomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10% Toning Complex (£25) a few months ago and I was using it every night as a toner as instructed. I was trying this out as I wanted to find a cheaper alternative to the Alpha H Liquid Gold (£33.50) which was one of the best finds for completely changing the skin on my face as it helped combat blemishes, even out my skin tone and just rejuvenated my skin.

As you can see from the pictures above, there is a long list of ingredients packed into this toner including the amazing Glycolic Acid which is an exfoliator that helps to scrub away the dirt and debris on the skin. It safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin which brings fresh new skin to the surface. This is beneficial for those of you who are looking for ingredients that help with anti-aging. As well as all of this, it also helps to even out you’re your skin tone and with acne prone skin.

As you know, I do love my Alpha H Liquid Gold and found it to be very helpful for clearing my skin and leaving it looking fresh and healthy but I found the PTR toner to be quite drying and I was left with horrible dry marks on my laughter lines so I stopped using it for a while until my skin cleared. I`m not going to lie, after my face looked a little worse for wear, I didn't really want to continue using it but I decided to give it another go. I adopted a new routine by applying twice per week and found it worked a lot better for my sensitive skin. The solution is heavy-duty and does make the eyes water a bit once it’s first applied so be wary of that.

It does say that it is for all skin types but I don’t know if I fully believe that statement because I have oily/sensitive skin and it was ok once I adjusted my usage but I don’t see it helping dry/dehydrated/normal skin to be honest as it is quite rough on the skin. I do agree that it would work as an anti-aging product as it left my skin feeling and looking tighter and really helped to minimise my pores.

I like to use this before I apply a mask as it helps to draw out impurities which makes my mask work a little better. I like the fact that my skin looked luminous after each use and after changing up the routine, my skin actually looked clearer.

Have you tried any Peter Thomas Roth products?
Have you tried this or any other Glycolic Acid products?

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  1. I really like the sound of this, will keep it in mind for the future!


    1. Its such a great product. I also swipe a bit across my face before i use a facemask as it helps to draw out the impurities xx

  2. This looks like a great product! Loved the post x

    1. Once i started using it twice a week, it worked a lot better for my skin so be careful with it xx

  3. OOOh this looks really interesting - I am a little scared of it because of the drying effects but I do love my liquid gold so I might look for a sample size to test.

    1. I was using it every day and it gave me horrible marks all down my face but after i changed to twice a week, it worked perfectly :) xx

  4. Alpha Hydrox has great AHA's and they're a lot cheaper. I use the 10% percent oil free treatment and it really does its job. Derma e overnight peel is also very good, but it's a bit lighter on acids. Something easier to get hold of is Sebium Serum from Bioderma, but it has 14% glycolic acid, which could be a bit to much for some. And, of course, there's Paulas Choice that has an exfoliant for every type of skin.
    From PTR I like the retinols, probably some of the best on the market.

    1. Thank you so much for your recommendations Cristina! I will keep my eye out for the Sebium Serum as im looking for a serum to use xx


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