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St Kitts Herbery | Rosemary & Bergamot

St Kitts Herbery Rosemary & Bergamot Range

Rosemary & Bergamot

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St Kitts

Hi guys,

Well it`s the day after my birthday and I am not hungover! What a relief. I had such an amazing day with my family as I had a chilled day just catching up with blogposts, checking social media and then I got myself all dolled up and went to dinner with my family. The meal itself was gorgeous; I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Today I am just going to chill out and write some posts and then pick up Liam up from the City Centre at midnight, to say I am going to be tired is an understatement!

I was kindly sent this lovely Rosemary & Bergamot Small Gift Pouch* (£6.95) from St Kitts Herbery who are a company which are based in Cornwall, UK. The little pack consisted of a Hair & Body wash, Body Lotion and the cutest little Soap.  I hadn’t heard of this brand before being gifted with this package so I immediately went online and had a little look at what they were all about and what they offered.

St Kitts was founded by Susan and Paul Johnson in 2001 which was started by growing all of their own natural ingredients for their products. They have a great variety of scent combinations including Spiced Lime, Summer Rose, Patchouli, Lavender, Geranium and their bestselling Rosemary & Bergamot. They also offer an extensive range of products including Hand Washes, Shampoos, Moisturisers, Bath Salts, Diffusers and Perfumes. They have also launched a food hall where they have chocolate slabs, fudge, lollies, chocolate stirrers and jams! My mouth literally filled up with saliva as I typed this up ha-ha. I really need to try some of these in the future.

The scent of the Body & Hair Wash was so intoxicating and quickly filled my small shower room. It was very natural and very strong. Once I dried my body I applied the lotion all over, this was very fragrant and lingered on my body for a few hours before disappearing. I loved how my skin felt after using the lotion as it felt so soft to the touch and it didn't dry out my skin. The little soap is clear in colour and packs a punch, I just use this as hand soap and I haven’t noticed any sensitivity whilst using this at all. The scent of the products was absolutely gorgeous so I am now keen to try the Spiced Lime and the Summer Rose range.

Have you tried any products from this gorgeous brand yet?

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