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Summer Fashionista | Beachwear Essentials With Peter Minkoff

Beachwear Essentials With Peter Minkoff

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Today is going to be a guest post by the lovely Peter Minkoff who is a fashion stylist, graduating from the Australian Institute of Creative Design, and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. He graduated from the Australian Institute of Creative Design. Aside from fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and travelling around tropical destinations. Combining all his skills and experience along with his complete and utter passion for fashion, he is planning to launch his own independent style business but today he is sharing his passion for fashion on Beauty Talk With Lauren. 

Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff
Our long-awaited summer is finally here! Long romantic walks across the beach, soft, white sand under your bare feet, crystal clear water, intoxicating smell of the sea and, most importantly, the utmost relaxation… is there anything more amazing than that? We believe that you spent at least a couple of months preparing your body for the beach season and now, it’s finally the time for you to put all preps to an end and start enjoying! 

Most of us get stuck packing dozens of necessary stuff that we forget to pay attention to something we care about the most- our fashion style. Many girls think that the beach is the only place where they don’t have to mind their look, but that’s terribly wrong. Beach provides us with an amazing opportunity to show off our beach body and unique fashion sense. So, before you hit the road, you should definitely choose and bring your favorite beach essentials with you. If you are pressed with time (as we all are), we listed out a couple of beach must-haves for you. Check them out!


Remember when you bought that fancy bikini and later on, while looking at the photos, you had that “I’ve made a huge mistake” impression on your face. Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone. What you need to understand is that choosing your ideal swimwear is more complex than you think. Moreover, it’s similar to choosing sexy underwear for your special someone. Apart from being super-sexy and trendy, it needs to flatter your silhouette in the best possible way and to make you feel comfortable all the time.

When it comes to the sole choice of the design, the choice is really wide. For example, this season, neon is the hottest trend. Therefore, choosing a radiant neoprene neon bikini would be an amazing idea for you. You could also go for retro floral, polka dot and ethnic print, as well as sexy animal and graphic print.  

Beach dress
Beach Dress

We all have that flawless, lightweight beach dress that makes us feel both comfortable and incredibly sexy. If you don't, street style fashion bloggers have done their job and popularized most amazing summer dresses in every style. Thanks to them, it has become both easy and safe to buy fashionable light dresses online. This season, maxis are the thing and you should rock them in an effortless, yet stylish way. For example, you can pair your favourite floral or tribal maxi dress with some cute gladiators and bold accessories and voila- here is your flawless boho chic outfit!


Playsuits aren’t just for kids! When worn in a stylish way, they can be super-sexy and feminine. Most importantly, there are numerous possible ideas for you to wear them, all depending on your fashion sense and preferences. For achieving feminine, effortless boho chic beach look, you could simply rock a printed playsuit with casual, bold accessories and casual hairstyle. On the other hand, if you want to achieve the utmost sophistication and elegance for a casual beach party or coastal walk, you could simply rock a delicate, white playsuit with some cute colourful wedges and chic accessories and you are ready to go!

All in all, achieving flawless beach outfit isn’t that complicated at all. These are just some of numerous ideas we chose for you, and they will definitely help you achieve casual, yet sophisticated and chic look. Now, all you have to do is to accessorize properly and, believe us, you will have heads turning! 

I hope you have enjoyed Peter's post today guys. If you wanna hear more from him, just let me know and we can work on it.

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  1. Some lovely outfits here. I really like the white, sexy bathing suit. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. Me too and the navy playsuit :) xx


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