Friday, 14 August 2015

Keeping Fit with AG Fitness

AG Fitness

Hello guys

I thought I would give you a little fitness post today as I have been working my socks off at the gym and totally changed my food habits (find out how here) but when Andy from AG Fitness contacted me way back in July to offer me a free session for my birthday I jumped at the chance, well not literally as I had a broken foot back then, but I was so keen to have a personal training experience with him as so many people I speak with rave about him. 

After my foot healed, I finally managed to agree on a date with Andy and took along my friend Sara to see what he was all about. Don’t be put off with what I am about to tell you, but Andy will push you as hard as he can as he wants you to see results and to get the best fitness experience possible. He has the most amazing knowledge of fitness and is well versed in nutrition too which is an added bonus. Most people stick to what they know in the gym and will be happy with the results they are seeing but as soon as you change your diet then you really start to notice a difference with not only your appearance but your health, skin and energy levels too. 

When my friend Sara and I arrived, we were a little apprehensive as we didn’t know what to expect but as soon as we met Andy he put our minds at ease as he is so lovely. We both started off with a 5 minute warm up and then straight into deadlifts. This was easy until Andy started adding weights on ha-ha but as soon as I lifted 10kg, I found it easy to lift 20kg. We moved onto the usual squats (I wondered when the twist would appear) and then he added in the dreaded kettle bells *muscles are screaming*. After squats, we moved onto step ups with weights before being whisked upstairs to enjoy the battle ropes. I had seen a lot of videos on Andy`s Facebook and was keen to try them but man alive, they are harder than they look. Fun, but hard!

Battle Ropes
Battle Ropes courtesy of Steady Strength
After our hour was up, I was drenched! I am not being dramatic; I was literally a walking puddle. I also almost fell down the stairs too ha, I would have loved that, waiting for my foot to heal to go try a PT session and then break it again! Anyway, I was fine but my muscles were not. I was aching all over the next day and I had promised my sister I would help erect a triple wardrobe, drawers and a dressing table as well as wallpaper her room!! What was I thinking? I truly felt like I had been given a great workout though and promised myself to attend another class with Andy as soon as I could. This will probably need to wait until I return from my holidays though as I leave on the 24th! All in all, this was not the normal slog at the gym, this was hard work made fun and I will be definitely back again.

Now, as I am a good blogger and Andy is a gentleman, we put together a little something for all of my lovely readers who live in the Glasgow/Surrounding areas. This is a code for 15% off your first time package purchase so just quote "animpatient15" when booking through website (click to see latest prices). Also, if you know you are going to be in Glasgow at a particular time and want to brush up on your fitness, arrange a PT session with Andy in advance.

I really hope you manage to book an hour with him as it will leave you wanting more, I promise you!

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  1. Good on you for going to a PT, it is not easy the first time but like you I felt so good upon leaving, although also like you I nearly fell down the stairs...jelly legs! But I have just had my second session with my trainer and I am so in love with the routine and I can't wait for more. I am afraid that I am in the South so I won't be able to try out Andy but hope you go again soon :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Yeah it wasn't easy, but i pushed myself and had fun with it. Its definitely something i want to keep up, especially with Andy xx


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