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Losing Weight with Thinking Slimmer

Losing Weight with Thinking Slimmer

Hi guys, 

If you have seen my recent tweets then you will know that I have been talking about Thinking Slimmer*. As you know, I had a bit of a meltdown with regards to my weight recently as I was so unhappy about my appearance so when I was asked to become part of a focus group dealing with people who have an unhealthy diet consisting of sugar and who also wanted to lose weight, I jumped at the chance. 

The slimpods I chose were Beat That Sweet Tooth and Drop Two Dress Sizes which are MP3 recordings, they also offer them in CD format but I was happy with MP3 as I could pop them on my phone, laptop and also kindle. You can also download from the iTunes Store if you would rather them in an app version. The slimpods are clinically proven to help you make changes from the inside out and re-tune your mind so you gain control over food. They promise to help you make healthier food choices, help you to only eat when you’re hungry, help you make smaller portions, cut out the junk food and lose between 10lbs & 10 stone. Each track lasts around ten minutes and is the most relaxing thing I have ever heard, think hypnosis and you are on the right track. 

On each slimpod there are three tracks, an intro, the actual track and a bonus track (limited time only). I listened to the intro track once and then moved straight onto the others. These tracks have to be listened to at least once a day for 21 days. I normally set aside 20 minutes in the morning to listen to the two tracks from one slimpod and then the other slimpod before bed. You don’t have to do that, you can listen to track one from each pod every night for three weeks and then move onto the bonus tracks for a further three weeks but I like to cram them all in on one day as I feel better doing it this way.

I used to believe that this kind of thing was nonsense and wouldn’t work at all but I was proven wrong! During the sessions you have to imagine what you want to look like and give your subconscious a picture of yourself, the clearer the image the better the result, so I tend to look at old pictures of myself to get a good image in my head and then lie down and listen to the slimpods.

After listening to this for 21 days I am shocked at how well it has worked. Please keep in mind that if I didn’t like it or it didn’t work then I would have no problems telling you the reasons why but for me this has been a God send! My brain has been totally retrained. Obviously I have a long way to go with this but, for anyone who knows me will know that I could devour a whole box of chocolates, half a cake, numerous packets of crisps, two or three packs of biscuits and anything else I can get my chunky hands on throughout the course of a week without even blinking and if I had to choose between a McDonald's and a salad I would always choose the McDonald's but after 21 days of listening to my slimpods I have completely cut down my intake of sugar and dropped a dress size!!!!  I actually tried a Tunnocks Teacake a week ago as they are my favourite thing to eat, I used to eat a full pack of six whilst watching a DVD with Liam along with crisps and sweets but after one bite I couldn't believe how sweet it tasted! I usually want more but I stopped myself.

During my mums birthday last month, the family went to a restaurant to celebrate, the first thing I normally do is check the desserts menu to see how I am going to round off my dinner but it wasn’t until the next day that I noticed I didn’t have a dessert but better than that, I didn’t even look at the dessert section *shocked emoji* I also had a large healthy salad that was filled with all kinds of things and I was surprised that I didn't feel hungry afterwards. My overall eating plan has actually changed too as I have cut all snacking without noticing it, it was actually Liam who pointed that out to me. I used to eat three meals a day with four different snacks which probably consisted of a chocolate bar, ryvitas and toppings, yoghurt and maybe a packet of crisps later on in the day but I have been happy enough with three meals a day and haven’t gone to bed hungry or lethargic.

If I can carry on like this and listen to these slimpods at least once a day then I think that it will not only help me lose weight but it will help me change my attitudes to food and help me maintain the weight loss. To say these slimpods have already changed me in such a short space of time is not enough praise! I adore using them and will continue to do so until I feel I have totally changed. 

Each slimpod is £29.99 and if you are adamant to help yourself then I would suggest buying ASAP! They have something for everyone including; Cut down on AlcoholTake the Chocoholic CureLose Your Love Handles and Drop Two Jeans Sizes. They also have a Confidence Booster too for anyone who struggles with this. 

Even though I was sent these Slimpods for review, my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. I would not feature a product like this on my blog if I did not truly believe in it. This is a tremendous product and I hope to see the results I want at the end of the six week trial. Please give them a follow on Twitter too guys.

Total Weight Loss in 3 Weeks
3lbs (a bit shit but I am happy with that)
Dress Size Dropped
One in 3 weeks. I never understand how this works. I only lost 3lbs but dropped a dress size?
Total Inches Lost
9 1/2 from whole body

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  1. Wow Lauren that is fantastic and 3lbs is not shit at all, inches are just as important and you have lost 91/2 of those and a whole dress size that really is fantastic and it would seem that changing the way you think about it, which means that it will stay off. Glad that you have found something that works for you :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. Thanks Pam! Its been a little God send, totally loving it xx

  2. Replies
    1. Its been a massive help to me Gemma. Totally changed my ways with food. I was handed a cheesecake today and quite happily declined it. I honestly dont even think about sweets, sugary treat, crisps or biscuits anymore and i dont feel i am missing out xx

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