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Forever Living | Aloe Vera Gelly & Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion

Forever Living Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion

Forever Living

Forever Living Moisturizing Lotion

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe Vera Skincare

Hello guys,

This is my first post since returning from Greece, I am totally thinking of moving there next year! (Says everyone ha-ha) Anyway, it was a great trip, actually my favourite trip abroad with Liam. I faced a few fears including heights and boats but I really couldn't conquer my fear of the open water, I was a nervous wreck trying to jump in (took me an hour to pluck up the courage) that I panicked once I jumped and then burst out crying when I finally got back on the boat, I will never do that again. The water was beautiful don't get me wrong but I really hate the sea! I would recommend anyone go to Corfu as there is so much to do and the Old Town was such a sight.

As you know, Alex from Forever Living kindly sent me over some samples of her Forever Living products to try out and I totally fell in love with the MSM Gel* (£16.60) as it soothed my aching joints like no other but I was keen to try out the Aloe Vera Gelly* (£12.23) and the Aloe Vera Moisturising Lotion* (£12.23) as these were beauty based products.

My skin was playing up before I went on holiday, probably because I have been wearing my summer skincare products in what is quite clearly not summer weather here in Glasgow and then going away on holiday and having slight sun damage even though I was a sun cream fanatic so I thought I would try out this range to see if it calmed down the redness on my skin and help out with the little dry patches I’ve had.

The gelly is great, it is the same texture as a serum, fragrance free and clear in colour. Once I cleansed my face and popped on my Peter Thomas Roth Toner (£25), I added a little bit of this and worked into my skin to cool it down as the glycolic acid in the toner can sometimes sting. This is great as a cooling agent, it completely calmed down the redness on my skin and especially round my nostrils. It absorbed into my skin very well but I felt it became a little sticky so I had to leave it for a few minutes before applying moisturiser.

The moisturising lotion was amazing. It contains collagen and elastin which helps with the skins elasticity and softness. I applied on top of the gelly and let it settle into my skin before heading to bed. When I woke up in the morning I had the softest skin ever, it was a true delight to use. There was no real strong scent to this, I did detect Aloe Vera but it wasn’t strong at all.

I would be quite happy to use these products in both the day and night time as they are not heavy nor rich. They absorb into the skin very well and done a fantastic job at calming down the redness on my skin after using the PTR acid. I found my skin looked plumper and healthier. It also felt really soft to the touch. If you want to get your hands on these then speak to Alex or head straight over to the shop and purchase, you won’t be disappointed.

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