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What I Read This Summer

Books to Read
What I Read This Summer
Hi Guys, 

As you know, I was on holiday for two weeks in Greece and I decided to put together a little list of some books I fancied reading. As with anything I do, I deterred a little from the list but I was very proud of the amount of books I actually got through. To find out what I had every intention of reading then click here

I will start off with the books that I wanted to read and actually read on holiday. These were as follows: 

If anyone read Gone Girl then you will be familiar with Gillian’s method of telling a story from everyone`s point of view and this book is no different. This is quite dark as the name would suggest as it involves a brutal murder of three family members and tells their stories from the morning of the murder until the final act itself. It also tells the story from the murderer’s point of view and the only surviving daughters view in the present day. This was an absolute joy to read; it flowed easily and was finished in one day!   

I loved this book in the beginning but then it got a little boring. I loved that his sense of humour shone from the pages but I did get a little bored with the political side of things to be honest.

I was going to read Something Blue too but after reading the first book I thought I would give it a swerve. This was very predictable and honestly not for me! I love crime, horror, biographies etc. but I really wanted to give this a go as I loved the film but it gets a big old thumbs down I’m afraid. 

This book is 700+ pages long and I was contemplating throwing my kindle in the pool by 50% as it took so damn long to get to that point. I persevered and managed to get to 88% on holiday. This is one long ass book but it’s amazing! I have really enjoyed reading it but I will need to finish this when I get a minute or two due to university starting back and then I will then purchase the next two books in the series. Well worth a read for any Twilight fans out there except this is for grown-ups and not teenagers (nothing stopping teenagers reading it though as it’s not 18+).

Now onto the books I decided to read when I was on holiday. It’s amazing how many books you can get through with no TV, great weather and a few cocktails. I am a very fast reader so please don’t think I am bragging about reading so many books but once I am hooked it’s very hard for me to put it down. I did actually do other things on holiday including various excursions but whilst traveling to them I decided to get my kindle out and read as it helped the time go in quicker. These are the books I managed to finish:

Four Chelsea Handlers Books (yes, you read that correct, 4!) including: 
I’ve never been a fan of this Chelsea as I thought she was a little obnoxious but I wanted to read something different so I started off with her first book which was My Horizontal Life. This was laugh out loud funny so I carried onto the second which was Are You There Vodka, then Lies Chelsea Told Me and finished with Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang. I honestly thought I was going to throw my back out from laughing so much. If you are prudish or don’t particularly like vulgar language then I would suggest you give these a miss but I couldn’t put them down. I would go into fits of laughter whilst reading these as they were all hilarious. I got a few looks from my Liam and also some people who were travelling with us but I couldn't stop myself. Her dad is now my hero. Please read if you have a sense of humour! They are amazing.

This was a well written piece of work. Finished in one day. Honestly couldn't put it down. This starts off in present day Brighton with the main characters daughter stepping out in front of a bus and then brings in diary entries from the main characters life from 15 years ago in London. It weaves in the diary entries perfectly and leaves you wanting more and more. Would highly recommend.

This is not something I would have bought had I read the back of the book but the front cover sold it for me (judging books by covers eh?) This is based in 1945 Russia when Stalin was in power (not my cup of tea at all) and has everything in it including love, fear, conspiracy, adultery & murder. I was gripped from the first page as it brought history and fiction together to tell a story that was heart-breaking for so many characters. I couldn't believe it started off with a game being played by teenagers to them all being arrested for trying overturn the government. A firm favourite of mine now. 

This was similar to Gone Girl and Dark Places as it told the story from the main characters point of view but it was so much more. It is based in Dublin and Tangiers and tells the heart-breaking story of a couple who are trying to hold it together after their child dies in an earthquake. There are a lot of twists and turns and by the end of the book, you could tell what the outcome was going to be but it was a superb read. 

This was everything I read on a two week holiday to Greece! Ten full books and very nearly an eleventh! Looking at the list it seems like so much but as I said, I am a very fast reader and these books were so hard to put down. My flight was also 5 1/2 hours each way so it was plenty of time to finish off a book. My top recommendations would be One Night in Winter (Top Pick), The Boy That Never Was, Dark Places and The Accident although I thoroughly enjoyed most of everything I read. I now only have nine books left to read to complete my reading challenge of 25 books for 2015 through Goodreads. Wish me luck.

What have you been reading?
What would be your top picks?
Have you read any of these books mentioned?

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