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Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015
Hi guys, 

I thought I would do a favourites post with a twist today. I was reminiscing about my favourite products from my younger years with a friend the other day and decided that it would be fun to see how it compares to now. Back in 2005 I was 20 and of course you know I am 30 now. The way I apply make-up has changed in 10 years, I also use more products now as we didn't contour or highlight back then, well I didn't but now I do. It will be interesting to see if I still love any of the items from then.

Now, I was going to do a true make-up favourite posts including high end products but I didn't think it would make a good comparison as it wasn't fair to use drugstore products for 2005 and the high end for 2015 as I didn't use a lot of high end make-up back then. I will do a high end list next week to see how that has changed.

I was a massive Bourjois and Avon back in the day, I would order loads of Avon makeup, skincare and bath products and think I was the dogs b*****ks because it was a little more expensive that the likes of Miss Sporty, Collection and Rimmel ha-ha, how times have changed. I don’t buy anything from Avon anymore which is a shame because I loved some of their products. Maybe it’s time I picked up some of their products to see if they are still the same.

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015

I loved Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation (£7.69) when I was 20. I thought it was the bomb as it gave me the perfect finish and was easy to apply. I did buy this in the shade Sand Beige which was ridiculous as I am fair skinned but I did layer up on the tan back then so hopefully it didn't look too bad. Nowadays, my absolute favourite foundation of life is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (£9.99) which has the perfect coverage, it leaves my skin looking dewy and healthy which is exactly what I want. I am shade vanilla in this foundation which is a huge change from sand beige ha-ha.
OVERALL VERDICT: Bourjois wins hands down. There isnt a huge difference in price but comparing the products themselves, the healthy mix foundation is lighter and leaves my skin looking gorgeous.

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015

I can’t really remember what blusher I used religiously but I am sure I used this Bourjois Little Round Pot (£7.99) for a while and liked it. Nowadays, my favourite is the Max Factor Crème Puff Blush (£8.99) as the colour payoff is phenomenal. It blends out super easily, leaves my skin with a slight glow and lasts all day.
OVERALL VERDICT: Max Factor without a doubt. The price isn't any different but in my opinion the Max Factor blush is better than the Bourjois one.

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015
Well, 2005 was all about Maybelline mascara and today is no different. Back then the Maybelline Big Great Lash (£4.99) was all the rage. This tube is so iconic for woman over a certain age and I am sure you have probably seen it in shops today but now I am all about Falsies (£7.99) or Lash Sensational (£7.99) as they offer the best mascara for a reasonable price.
OVERALL VERDICT: As I was a Maybelline girl back then and still am today, I would say it was a draw. They offer the best mascaras out there in my opinion and I think I will always have a favourite Maybelline mascara right into my 70s and 80s.

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015

I used to layer up on Rimmel Sun Shimmer tan (£6.99) which has a slightly different design now, and then use the Avon Bronzing Pearls (£10) all over my face! I know, one hot mess!! Now, I like a subtle bronze look which is all about the gorgeous Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Palette (£8). The payoff is unlike anything else I have tried from drugstore brands, it goes on like velvet, blends beautifully and adds a gorgeous warm glow to my skin.
OVERALL VERDICT: I do still love the Rimmel Sun Shimmer and the TB palette so I would say that its another draw! 

Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015
I didn't wear lipsticks back in the day as I was a little scared of them so I only used Vaseline or the Bourjois Effect 3D Lip Gloss (£7.99). Today is a very different story, I am more of a matte girl rather than glossy one and I haven't looked at this lip gloss since then, I don't know why as I really liked it. Now, I am all about the drama and especially love dark lips so my favourite of the moment is Makeup Revolution Iconic Lipstick in Blindfolded (£2.49) as the lipsticks are so pigmented, glide on like butter and are non-drying.
OVERALL VERDICT: 2015 all the way!
Drugstore Beauty Favourites: 2005 vs 2015 - Source

I can’t remember wearing concealer in 2005 but I think I wore Collection back then when I could be bothered. Today, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) is still my favourite drugstore concealer.
OVERALL VERDICT: Collection concealer all the way! I obviously had good taste back then as well as today.

And that's all of my favourites from 2005 and 2015. So what’s changed since then? Well, for one, my foundation matches my skin tone. I wear a lot of highlighter now as I love a glow to my skin. I bronze my skin a little better by focusing on certain areas by contouring the skin rather than slapping it on. I also love a winged liner now and false lashes whereas I only wore mascara back then. I don’t coat my face in Rimmel Sun Shimmer tan and then throw on 2 coats of foundation…WHAT WAS I THINKING? I also own more than one brush, I honestly used the same brush for everything and I applied my makeup with my hands, now its all about Real TechniquesBeauty BlenderZoevaCrown and Sigma for me. As for 2015, it’s all about refinement and making sure the foundation matches my neck. I stepped away from the fake tan and now focus on my eyes with a lot of shadows. I wouldn't even dream of buying eyeshadow back then, I skipped that whole blue eyeshadow phase thank God! I have become a huge dark lip addict, most of my lipsticks are dark reds, purples and blacks now whereas before it was all about a nude lip-gloss.

OVERALL VERDICT: I don't really wear anything from 2005 anymore. I think I will pick up some of the products though to see if they are good as I remember or if I will look like a disaster haha.

What were your beauty favourites when you were younger?
How has your makeup changed?

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  1. Omg Dream Matte Mousse, that stuff was popular when I was in year 8/9 and literally every girl had it, definitely not a good foundation though! I remember when everyone used the Maybelline Big Great Lash as well. Remember the Barry M Glitter Dust as well?! I had a baby pink one haha!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Haha, yes the Barry M glitter dust was amazing! I forgot all about that. I think i had a black one that went everywhere xx


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