Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide: Post #2

Christmas Gift Guide: Post #2

Hi guys,

I hope you liked my Christmas Gift Guide for Beauty Lovers which you can find here. There were loads of different gift sets that I have been drooling over and hopefully will find underneath my Christmas tree this year. This post is along the same lines but it doesn’t have a beauty gift in sight! I know, I have offended my fellow beauty obsessed boys and girls but I figured that people get stumped at this time of year and not everyone likes makeup (*shocked emoji*) so I thought this would be good to use as a foundation for extra gifts or if you really have no idea what to buy that special someone. Let’s dive right in shall we...

The Book of Everyone

The one thing that has struck a chord with me recently is The Book of Everyone (from £7.50 to £49.50) which is such an amazing, thoughtful gift for anyone who likes to know facts and figures around the time they were born. They have one for birthdays or one which is personalised for Christmas. I was kindly sent one for my 30th Birthday and it has everything from my star sign, the highest grossing movie of the year, number 1 song the day I was born, the fashion of the day, leaders of the world, top sports performers of the year, who won what in certain leagues and many more. I love things like this especially as it is personalised for you and can be a little keepsake. I got mine in a paper copy but this can easily be turned into a hardback and some pages can be changed to suit the person who will receive this amazing gift. 

They also have an amazing personalised snowflake that can be printed off for £14.95 which is very unique to you and its also for an animal charity which makes it even better in my opinion. This is definitely worth checking out, especially for those people who have everything and are notoriously difficult to buy for.

Is this something you would buy or want? 

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  1. This is a wonderful present idea, thank you! Is it bad to want to make one for myself too?! I'm a massive book geek so this is awesome!
    Love it!

    1. I am glad i have one for myself haha, such a big kid but i love gifts like this, they are very personal and so thoughtful too xx


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