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Christmas Gift Guide: Post #3

Christmas Gift Guide: Post #3

Hi guys, 

This is my Christmas Gift Guide Post #3. Now I didn’t really want to focus on beauty this year as there are so many amazing gifts out there that really need some of the limelight. Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing but beauty under my Christmas tree this year but let’s be real, we need something else don’t we? Now, I know from talking to every woman in my life and from talking to some of my favourite bloggers that we all love the usual gifts like Candles, Stationary, Pyjamas and Cute Mugs so this is gearing towards those types of gifts. If you really want something beauty or a unique gift then check out Post #1 and #2.

Every year I buy my other half a boxset and I usually get one too, but this year I didn’t bother as I bought him a really big gift this year as it’s his first year home for Christmas in 3 years!!! so I didn’t want to do the same thing I do every year, I almost feel as though I am being bad but hopefully he likes everything I have bought him. You could literally buy me any cookbook in the world and I would be super super happy but I am a massive book reader anyway so regardless of cooking or reading for enjoyment I think a Kindle is one of the best things to buy anyone. This was the best gift I ever received so if you are stuck and you know someone who likes books but don’t know what to buy them, GET THIS BOUGHT! Now that I have given you a few basics let’s move on.

Christmas Gift Guide: Post #3
Under £20
Heart 8 Cup Cafeteria (£19.50)

Christmas Gift Guide: Post #3
Over £20
Check Pyjamas (from £22)
This is for someone who loves entertaining and shots, obviously. Please drink safely, this is a gift only, not a promotion to drink excessively.

Okay guys, hopefully there is something there for everyone and a few gifts that get you excited. If in doubt, get some vouchers for the all-time favourite Boots, Lush, Selfridges or any company you know the person will like. If they like sport then think about a gift from their favourite team. I always buy a top from Liam’s favourite sports team. My next guide will be focussed on men, so boys, don’t feel left out, I love you the same as the girls.

What are you really hoping for this year?
Do you expect something extra special like an engagement? A puppy? A kitten? Or something else? Let me know in the comments.

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