Thursday, 4 February 2016

Valentine Day | Gifts For Him

Valentine Gifts For Him

Hi guys, 

I thought I would change it up today and do a Valentines post for men instead of the ladies. I think men are quite easy to buy for as there aren’t many in my family and they all have their own favourite products that they like so it’s nice to add to a collection or pick up something you know they will like but sometimes it can be really hard, especially if the man in your life is a closed book and says things like "just get me whatever" or "don’t worry about me, I like anything" these are the most frustrating things to hear when it comes to buying for someone who has everything or doesn’t talk about what they like.

I would suggest picking up a game for their favourite console, a box set that they have their eye on, a new tie for work, pyjamas or robe and slippers as these are quite nice gifts but I found some of these gifts to be a little more luxurious and wanted to include them in my gift guide. I`m not suggesting you buy more than one gift, it’s not their birthday or Christmas so don’t go mad! I personally don’t buy Liam anything and he doesn’t buy me as we tend to go for a nice meal and leave it at that but I know some couples like to go all out on Valentine’s Day so this guide is for you lovely people. 

Tom Ford Noir (from £64)

So, these are my top picks for all those lovely men in your life. Obviously if you know a makeup obsessed guy then branch out and get them some foundation, concealer, contour kit or some guyliner as they will probably thank you for it, remember makeup is gender neutral and should be worn by all who desire it. 

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