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Soap & Glory Shower Jellys | Clean On Me and Sugar Crush

Soap & Glory Shower Jellys

Soap & Glory Shower Jellys

Soap & Glory Clean On Me and Sugar Crush

Hi guys,

I love Soap and Glory as much as the next person but I get uncontrollably excited when I see new releases as I know they are going to be amazing.

If you love the Sugar Crush scent as much as I do then you are going to love this shower jelly in the same scent as it does not disappoint. I actually find myself just sniffing the body wash when I am lying in the bath or having a quick whiff of the body butter that sits beside my bed every time I need a quick fix so having this shower jelly perched up in my shower keeps the addiction going strong ha-ha. Anyway, enough about my extra-curricular activities and more about these products. There are only two scents in the Soap and Glory Shower Jelly Range (£5.50) which is, yes you guessed it, Sugar Crush and the original g, Clean On Me.

These jellys are exactly that when it comes to the texture. They are quite thick and you have to squeeze the tube firmly to get a decent amount out. I lather this into my skin and rub until it becomes creamy which I then wash off. The only issue I have is the product is very slippery and half of it falls off my hands before ive even applied it to my body so you need to work quickly. I have started to rub between my hands first and then apply to body but its still the same tbh.

The scents on both of them are quite strong so your bathroom/shower room fills up quite quickly with the girly aromas. Liam has completely fallen in love with the Sugar Crush one and has almost used an entire tube by himself so if you have a boyfriend/husband who likes to use up your products, I would hide these as they will be gone in a week!

The packaging and coloured gel is fun, cute and nothing short of what we have come to expect from S & G products. They leave my skin smelling amazing, feeling soft and summery, especially Sugar Crush. For £5.50 each, I don’t think it’s a ridiculous price but I suppose you could always buy Original Source which is equally amazing but for a little extra, why not treat yourself to these, especially Sugar Crush as it is a stand-alone scent.

All in all, they are fabulous, I highly recommend.

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