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Summer Dreamin | My Ultimate Summer Getaway & Beach Essentials


Hi guys,

I always struggle with trying to find somewhere to holiday, its just something that takes both Liam and I hours to do as we want to get certain experiences, have a quiet resort and find some great museums, restaurants etc. so we take it very seriously but Santorini, Greece has always been thee Number 1 destination. We never book it as its too expensive for us at the moment but one day folks, I will be sunning myself on one of those little balconies just loving life. Santorini just looks like heaven doesnt it? Ever since the days of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when Lena (Alexis Bledel) visits Greece, I have been obsessed with going there as the ocean looks clear, the sky is the bluest blue and the caves look so romantic. I know a few people who have holidayed there and said it is out of this world and one of my good friends is getting married there next year so I need to get a move on and book it so I can experience all this Greek greatness.

There is honestly nothing better than going on holiday is there, well that’s my opinion and im sticking to it! You can have as much sun as you want here (maybe not Scotland) but nothing beats the atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the hotels, the pools and lastly the beaches. I love it all. Everyone is so happy on holiday too, another reason I love going abroad as it all starts in the airport when everyone is having their breakfast with the obligatory pint/wine with a huge smile on their face as they know they are going to be spending 7-14 days away from the struggles of life just chilling out poolside with copious amounts of cold drinks, books and more importantly, peace!

For me though it’s all about the beach as I find being by the sea very calming. I hate the sand but I love the beach and I don’t go into the sea as I am terrified of it, but I love lying on my sun lounger just listening to everyone, the sound of the ocean and the smell of sun screen in the air ha-ha. It’s my ultimate chill out experience. Imagine being scared of the sea and hating sand but finding the beach calming haha, I am a weird child arent I? When I do go to the beach, I like to have certain items with me at all times to make it even more enjoyable. The first thing is obviously a cute swimsuit, I prefer a black one piece as I am a bigger lady and don’t want anything falling out. Two that have caught my eye recently is the ASOS Multiway Swimsuit (£35) and the Seafolly Block Party Diamond Splice Swimsuit (£89). I especially love the multiway one as you can switch it up so it looks like different designs rather than a boring black swimsuit. I also need me some sunglasses to protect my eyes and my Rayban Club Masters (£125) are perfect as they are stylish as well as practical.

Beach Essentials

Thirdly, you know we need some protection from the sun and my all-time favourite is the Garnier Ambre Solaire Oil SPF 20 (£7.50). In my opinion, It is the best on the market as it has advanced UVA/UVB protection, is non greasy (don’t put on a lot or it will be), its water resistant and keeps your skin feeling nourished thanks to the Shea Butter. I love using this because of the fragrance but I personally feel as though it gives more of a golden looking tan.

Lastly a bottle of water and a good book. How can you go to the beach without a book?? Water is an absolute must have, I always buy a bottle from one of the nearby shops and then constantly fill up during the day as the sun takes a lot out of you and due to you sweating more, you need to replenish what you have lost. Reading is as natural as breathing for me ha-ha, as you can see from What I Read This Summer post, I tend to read a lot on holiday so I make sure my kindle is fully charged and take a paperback too just in case anything happens. One book that I really want to read is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (from 1p). She is a genius when it comes to writing, she really grabs your attention from the first page and before you know it, you’re hooked. I read Gone Girl and Dark Places last year and they instantly went into my top 10 all-time favourites so no doubt, this will probably be the same.

Fingers crossed I get a holiday this year but if not there is always next year :) What about you, have you any holidays planned? If you are like me and cant decide then check out Home Away as they are great inspiration. They have sections for couples, families, outdoor space for all the fun loving types out there as well as pet friendly resorts.

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