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Top 10 Lush Bath Products

Lush Products

Hi guys,

I thought I would give you a rundown of my favourite bath time products from Lush. This is only going to involve bath bombs, bubble bars etc. so don’t be expecting any shampoos, conditioners etc. I will put together another Lush post later in the year of other Lush favourites. A few may surprise you and I may be missing a lot of “cult favourites” but we all have our favourite scents don’t we. Here we go.

Lush Frozen, Dragons Egg, Fizzbanger, Rose Jam and Blackberry

1) Frozen (£3.95)
I love this bath bomb. It is infused with grapefruit, neroli and rose oil and leaves your bath filled with silver glitter. I normally hate bath bombs like this as the glitter goes everywhere but this bath bomb is too pretty to fret about the small stuff. This is a great addition to a morning bath when you want to wake yourself up as the grapefruit oil is very uplifting and refreshing. I personally use this at night time as I wouldn’t want to go out with glitter all over me, and boy does this leave glitter on you ha-ha. My bathtub, bathroom, clothes, towel, hair (which I didn’t submerge), pyjamas and toothbrush were covered. I actually don’t know how I managed it ha-ha.

2) Dragons Egg (£3.50)
I don’t know if you know this but Bergamot is my favourite scent ever! I have numerous perfumes, bath products, candles and oils with this heavy scent so it’s no wonder that this made it into my top ten. As well as bergamot, it also has lemon oil and jasmine and as an added extra, some popping candy.

3) Blackberry (£3.35)
Another Bergamot favourite but this also has frankincense too which makes for a very relaxing bath. Both of these oils are used in aromatherapy to help release nervous tension and can be used for depression and anxiety. If I feel a bit stressed, I pop this into my bath and let it soak away my troubles. There is also a little surprise once the bomb fizzes out but I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t used this before.

4) Fizzbanger (£3.50)
This is my number one bath bomb from Lush. I love that it looks so simple with its beautiful yellow glow yet once submerged in the water it’s a different kettle of fish all together. It really reminds me of Christmas, I think it’s because of the apple and cinnamon scent that wafts out of it but it also has Ylang Ylang and popping candy to give it a little edge.

5) Rose Jam (£3.75)
This is my favourite bubble bar/bubbleroon that Lush has to offer. The scent is so strong that a tiny crumble from this bad boy will leave a lingering scent in your bathroom for days. It gives off the most beautiful pink tone in the water and leaves your skin so soft afterwards. I love the double dose of rose that it has to offer too so you can only imagine how pungent it is.

Lush Melting Marshmallow, Dreamtime, Blue Skies, Tipsy and Yuzu

Holy Moly, this is so beautiful. For such a small amount of product, this really packs a punch in the old fragrance department. I just pop this into a freshly run bath and leave to dissolve. The name suits this bath oil as it is super sweet, almost like candy floss. It contains Almond oil, extra virgin coconut oil and marshmallow powder which help to sooth and hydrate your body.

7) Dreamtime (£2)
If you want a product to relax you and send you off to the deepest of sleeps, then this bath oil is for you. This contains Chamomile, Lavender and Shea Butter which will help to sooth, moisturise and calm you before you hit the sack for some much needed z`s.

I adore this bubble bar and I can normally get about 4 baths from it. I don’t like to use a lot so bubble bars last me ages, but trust me, you don’t need a lot when it comes to this one. It contains patchouli which is used as a relaxant as well as frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil which help to calm.

9) Tisty Tosty (£3.50)
This bath bomb has a special place in my heart as it was one of the first products I ever tried. It’s quite small but boy does it pack a punch. Apparently it’s based on a medieval love potion, I’m yet to try that theory out as I just love popping it in my bath, allowing the real rosebuds to disperse in the water and for my bathroom to become a floral scented dream. It contains Rose oil which is supposed to sooth broken hearts, I mean how sweet is that? Again, not tested that out but hey, every little helps when it comes to a broken heart so why not. It also contains Jasmine and Lemon. An all-time favourite.

10) Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (from £4.95)
I love this shower cream, it’s pretty thick, so you don’t need a lot of it, but oh does it smell good. Again, it contains Bergamot oil which we all know by now is very uplifting and also good at easing tension. The cream also contains Tonka and Cocoa absolute which help to make this gel smell like, in my opinion, chocolate oranges. As well as all that, it has uplifting grapefruit oil and cocoa butter.

That’s all of my favourite bath time products from Lush. What are yours?

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Can You Trust Bloggers?

Can You Trust Bloggers

Hi guys

This is in no way a post about hating bloggers, I am a blogger and I enjoy writing posts whenever I get the chance to do so. I am not 100% dedicated or super serious about it but I really enjoy it. For me, it’s supposed to be a hobby. I have nothing against any of the amazing bloggers who have made this a part/full time job, more power to you! I don’t get arsey about analytics, page views, how many followers I have, how many have unfollowed me or media packages but I do care that my readers trust my judgement and like my posts so I decided to write this post about trusting what bloggers have to as well as a few other things that came up while I was typing haha. 

After spending the day looking through reviews, I began to ask myself, are these bloggers being honest? I dont let the fact that it says "sponsored post" or "this item was sent to me for review" deter me from reading it or trusting it, but I did question if bloggers were being paid/gifted to give positive reviews rather than give their honest opinion.  I have never questioned it before as I like to think all of the reviews I read are truthful. I have bought numerous items on the back of what a blogger has to say and I almost always agree with them. I hate thinking bad of anyone, and I get that they may not want to risk ruining a business relationship or damage their reputation but surely all companies want positive and negative feedback to ensure their products are the best they can be. I just always remember that if someone is willing to buy a product based on what you are saying then make sure you are giving as much information as possible so your readers can decide if its for them or not. 
I understand everyone has a difference of opinion and a product that may work on me may not necessarily work on you but it is mandatory to be as honest as possible. This is just common courtesy and it gives readers the respect they deserve. I try to be as truthful as possible. If I dont like something, I say that. If I love it, then I say that. Sometimes it isnt as black and white as that as you may like one aspect but hate another. Just be as honest as you can. Sometimes I speak highly of something and then a few weeks/months down the line I have gone off it. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t being honest, it just means I have moved on. I am a beauty blogger after all. Its my hobby and job to an extent to review products. I am also a slut when it comes to products as I want to try everything so I can give you an idea of what’s good on my skin (oily, sometimes dry) as it may also benefit you. That means I may rave about something and then you won’t see me using/talking about it again but does that mean I was lying? No, it means I moved on to something else in the hopes that it’s better or different. If I need something new, mostly skincare, I go back and read old blog posts to find out what worked for me and then buy it again. Thats right, I read my own reviews haha and I am often surprised at what I had to say. I wonder why I never bought certain items again but I now know it’s because I am a skincare slut ha-ha. 

This is now going into rantville. Would you trust a blogger who copies others work? I have a huge problem with bloggers who quite literally copy and paste another bloggers work, change a few lines and then don’t even link back to the original content. Dont get me wrong, sometimes I use other peoples photos, especially when I have gone back to fix links in old posts and my pictures are horrendous but I always, and I mean always link back to the original content by writing "Source" under the photo and linking website. I hope others do the same as it lets your readers view someone elses opinion and see where the original picture came from. 


The amount of time and effort that goes into one blog post is quite astonishing. I didnt realise this back in the good old days when I just read blog posts but think about it. You take the time to set up your camera, tripod, lights, backgrounds & product placement. Then you have to edit your pictures, make sure they are sized correctly, make sure they are clear, bright & eye catching. Then comes the writing. The review is the most precious, well for me anyway, as it should explain what the product is, what the company says it does compared to what it actually does (i.e. your findings) and also what is in it as people may be allergic to certain products. I like to look at reviews to see if other bloggers experienced something different and link it to give my readers a different view. Then you grab links and prices for readers so it’s easy for them to head over to buy or look. Once this is done, then it’s time for scheduling/publishing the post. Scheduling tweets. Posting on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and may more social platforms. I think you will agree it’s already quite a lot at this point so for someone to copy and paste all of this hard work is downright disgusting. I totally understand why some bloggers get upset by this but trust me I have read a few posts in my time which have been carbon copies of others so its more common than you think.

Sponsored posts are a big one to get people talking aren’t they, I usually keep out of all the agg on Twitter but  I have noticed more and more people talking about bloggers being paid to talk about a certain product or to talk about a company. Most recently Zoe London spoke out about this and I totally agree with what she said. I have nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing against bloggers being paid, hell we all got bills to pay but I do have a problem with liars or people deliberately misleading their readers to make a few bucks. Just look at Naomi Campbell and Scott Disick on Instagram recently where they have copied and pasted the PRs message straight into the caption ha-ha, I find that bloody hilarious! This could have been a publicity stunt for both company and celebrity but it really makes you think doesn’t it? 

I carried out a poll on twitter asking people if they believed bloggers who were paid and gave a glowing review. My results were as follows:
No 14%
Yes 14%
Depends 50%
Dont read it if its an ad 22% 

I then asked who they trusted more when it comes to reviews and the results were as follows:
Famous Bloggers 0%
Small Bloggers 83%
Magazine Articles 17%
Celebrities 0%

These results astounded me, I honestly believed that big blogs would have been top of the polls as they have so much more sway with the public. But I do agree with small bloggers being more trustworthy as thats who I look to when I want an honest review. I dont really believe hype when it comes from celebrities, the amount of faces you see promoting brands that you know are shit is quite unbelievable but for now, I am more inclined to believe  smaller blogs. 

The one thing I am noticing more and more of is bloggers/youtubers etc. being sent products weeks/months before the official release date to get their readers/followers intrigued and all hyped up. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it’s a perfectly good marketing strategy but I do have a problem with the majority of bloggers stating these products are amazing and when you order it on their good word, the product is actually a piece of shit. Again, I understand that everyone has different needs and a different experience with products but when you see a larger quantity of "smaller" bloggers who actually buy these products using their own money, stating the products arent good, then surely, you have to trust that. 

I suppose you will always find out if a product is good when you actually buy it but who the hell has money to burn. If you are unsure, then go a wander around the shops and collect samples. Counters always have samples and if they refuse, you don’t really want to be giving these people your money do you? I love doing this in my local Debenhams as the staff are usually friendly and hand out samples like candy.

I feel I have to say again, this post isn’t directed to anyone in particular. I normally stay out of online fights and usually catch the jist at the end of the night so if something has happened more recently and it coincides with this post, then it is purely coincidental. I am all for bloggers, there is more than enough space for everyone but as I said, I do have a problem with people being dishonest to their readers.

Do you believe bloggers?
Do you believe big or small blogs?
Would you buy something purely because a blogger said it was amazing?
Would you be more inclined to believe a celebrity when it comes to products?

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Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Body Mist

Zoella Bath Fizz

Zoella Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Bath Latte

Zoella Sugar Dip

Zoella Beauty Sugar Dip

Zoella Bath Salts

Zoella Double Creme

Zoella Body Creme

Hi guys,

I bought the gorgeous Zoella range from Feel Unique on the day it was released as I was so excited to try it out. I already caught a glimpse of her video detailing the new range and as Zoella herself said it was her favourite, I knew I had to try it out. I was slightly disappointed in the first round of products as I felt the fragrance was pretty non-existent and I wasn’t too keen on the tutti fruitti range after giving it a quick sniff in Superdrug but there was something about Sweet Inspirations that made me wanna buy everything.

First off, the packaging is the cutest I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s clean, crisp, fresh, girly and better yet, pastel. Who doesn’t love a pastel packaged bath product! I didn’t order everything from the range as I only wanted certain things but I am happy with what I chose.

Bath Latte (£6)
Okay, I admit, I only bought this due to the milk bottle design. It could have been anything, but I knew I needed it. 
Once I popped that gold foil cap, I poured straight into my bath under some running water. The immediate hit of sweet almond, cacao & honey was too much to handle. It was simply stunning. 
I love that this can be used as a bubble bath and a shower gel, which is exactly how I used it. I poured a little bit in my bath which created the most beautiful bubbles. I then poured a little onto my sponge and lathered onto my skin. I loved the overall fragrance of the bath latte as well as how soft it left my skin feeling and I also loved that I could smell this product on my skin all through the night. A must have.

Le Fizz (£5)
Once opened, this looks like a large chocolate bar. If you have tried the original, which I didnt like at all, then you will notice it is much larger in size. I was pleased that this carried a deeper scent and didn’t disappear after a few minutes unlike the original product. The macaroon scent is gorgeous and the tabs dissolve quickly. Not much to say about this other than 4 – 6 blocks will give you an incredible bath experience.

I have to say, I was expecting some pretty amazing things with this body lotion due to it being a best seller but I couldn’t get on board with it. I felt it took too long to work into my skin, regardless of the amount used, and when I put it on at night, I awoke with the most horrific odour. I normally put on moisturisers at night as I like to have a bath at night-time and I have never experienced an odour like that. It smelt quite fusty. I wouldn’t buy this again.

I love the design of this little beauty, it so pretty. These are pretty self-explanatory, they are bath salts. I used a handful of these with a few blocks of Le Fizz and my bath was incredible. I didn’t notice much in the form of softer skin or anything but my bath was pretty relaxing and my bathroom filled with the beautiful scent almost immediately and lasted pretty well.

I love this, not to wear everyday as it’s a tad too sweet for my taste but I can’t deny that it’s gorgeous. This would be perfect for your little sister, cousin, niece etc. but sadly it’s not an everyday scent for me. The scent fades pretty quickly for the £8 price tag. Once I sprayed, I found that it completely disappeared after an hour or so. I know it’s not a perfume but if I wore this out, I would expect it to last longer than an hour.

All in all, a gorgeous range due to its impeccable scent. I would buy all of the bath products again as they are beautiful. Wouldn’t bother so much with the body mist and wouldn’t buy the body crème again as sadly, they weren’t for me. If like me, you didn’t like the original scent, please try this out as you will be pleasantly surprised. If you have loved all of the Zoella Beauty scents, then you will favour this one, trust me. 

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Brand Focus | Bravura London

Bravura London

Hi guys,

Now that the EU referendum is done and a lot of people are angry by the result, I decided to ease my mind and talk beauty. This is a lengthy blog post, grab a cuppa and enjoy. 

I decided to completely change my skincare routine and use one brand only to get a better indication as to whether certain products really work. I think I am going to start doing that from now on as you get a feel for the brand but you also have a lot more evidence to back up your claims, especially if you are sharing your views online. So, I decided to check out Bravura London as I had a seen a few posts on Instagram and read a few blog posts with regards to the acids and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I will give you a rundown of the products and then give you an idea of how I use them.

I knew I needed a cleanser, toner, acid treatment and moisturiser if I was going to do this properly as that’s the products I use the most but after checking out the website, I wanted everything. I calmed myself, remembered I had oily (sometimes dry) and sensitive skin and read through each product carefully to find out which ones would suit me best. I settled on The First Cleanse Oil (£14,50 for 150ml) to remove my makeup and as you`ve probably guessed, it’s an oil cleanser. This is a great first step in cleansing as it helps to cleanse without stripping away your natural oils. I like that it comes with a little pump, making it easy to screw on and leave by your sink for your convenience. I have to say, this is beautiful, one pump is all you need to massage into your skin which removes every trace of makeup. I don’t use waterproof mascara, but I find it hard to believe that this wouldn’t remove it as it removed numerous layers of mascara from my eyes with no problem at all. There is a certain scent to this. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it isn’t over the top. I use this once, remove with a damp face cloth and then use Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean (£8) as a second cleanse. I don’t use this in the morning but I don’t see any reasons stopping you from doing so.

Ginseng Toner

If you like the Pixi Glow Tonic (£18 for 250ml) then you will love the Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% (£12.40 for 150ml) as they both smell the same and the list of ingredients are almost identical. This toner is ideal for normal to dry and sensitive skins. I have had no problems with this at all and my skin is quite sensitive. I use this after cleansing but before applying acids as it helps to return the skins ph levels back to normal. I have found that my skin loves this toner. It hasn’t felt irritated at all and it helps to remove the last traces of makeup.

Purifying Calendula Toner 13% AHA toner (£12.40 for 150ml) is an exfoliating facial toner which combines the effective exfoliation properties of 10% Glycolic Acid and 3% Lactic Acid with hydrating aloe vera and healing calendula extract. It is an effective facial astringent recommended for normal and normal to oily skin. This helps fight bacteria which in turn helps with breakouts. I normally use this as a morning toner and have had no irritations at all.


I was a little apprehensive about the acid peels to be honest. I have used Alpha H Liquid Gold (£33.50 for 100ml) and obviously the Peter Thomas Roth 10% Glycolic Acid (£25) but something about these scared me, I think it was the term "acid peel". I decided on the 10% Lactic Acid (£9.59 for 30ml) which has the most beautiful rose scent to it. This is a mild AHA which is alcohol free. Apparently, Lactic Acid is the original chemical peel and can be traced back to ancient Egypt. It is an active ingredient in sour milk, remember that from Biology? Anyway, used as an acid peel it helps to dissolve the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together. It helps to increase cell turnover which in turn creates a smoother, more elastic and even toned complexion. This particular acid peel is supposed to help with acne, sun damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, blotchy pigmentation and fine wrinkles.  Although this helps with hyperpigmentation, it won’t help with chloasma, melisma or vitiligo according to Bravura.

I have loved this for my dry patches and acne prone areas so I only focus this on my chin and cheeks as they will get the most from this treatment. What I really bought this for was the fact that I have some scars on my chin from previous blemishes.  I use this after double cleansing and applying the Ginseng toner. After the toner has sank in, roughly 2 minutes or so, I then start applying by using the little dropper. I apply straight onto my skin before smoothing over with my fingers. I work one area at a time and make sure not to put near my eyes or mouth. There is a brush you can buy online to help with the application of the acids but to be honest, my hands are clean when I do this so I prefer that method. The first time I used it, I was a little apprehensive as I thought my skin was going to be red raw or blotchy but I never had any problems at all. There was a slight sting as it was working, but this was honestly fine.


The second acid peel I bought was the 2% Salicylic Acid (£9.59 for 30ml) which is a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) meaning it can penetrate deeper into the oil glands causing exfoliation.  We all know about Salicylic acid by now but for those who dont, it is a very effective ingredient for treating acne. It is stronger than other acids and is the key ingredients to restoring purity and clarity to the skin. It is perfect for blackheads, bumps under the skin (trapped oil), enlarged pores, congested skin, wrinkles, acne and oily skin. I have enjoyed using this, I have noticed the texture of my skin changing due to it helping with the trapped oil under my skin. I apply the same as I would the Lactic Acid but leave for 2 minutes rather than 5.

Cleanse Oil

The moisturising stage is my favourite. Once I have treated my skin, I like to infuse it with much needed hydration so after acid peels I use the Azulene Moisturiser (£9.90 for 50ml) which is a light moisturiser with healing properties. I find this works for me as its perfect for sensitive and oily skin. According to Bravura, it is ideal for problem skin, in particular non sensitive Rosacea. This beautiful blue tinted moisturiser is excellent for soothing my skin after an acid peel, I haven’t had any breakouts with it at all and I find it seeps into my skin very quickly. This is an absolute winner, it’s not rich, not greasy and is fragrance free. Please keep in mind, this is not suitable for very dry, cracked or flaky skin.

I also picked up the Collagen Moisturiser (£10.79 for 50ml) to use as a day cream. It feels very luxurious and is thicker than the Azulene moisturiser so only a small amount will suffice. This is crammed with all kinds of anti-aging ingredients including Ginseng Extract, Allantoin, Aloe Vera Gel, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Butter and Olive Butter all protect the skin from moisture loss and provide nourishment and essential fatty acids for skin health. I normally find that butter based moisturisers break me out, but I honestly haven’t noticed anything from using this.

Azulene Moisturiser

I am only human, so I do tend to still get the occasional hormonal breakout, but I have to admit that I haven’t had the usual large cysts on my jawline nor have I broke out every time I have had a period like I normally do, so maybe I am onto a winner with these products.  

AM Routine
7 Days Per Week
Purifying Calendula Toner 13% AHA toner
Collagen Moisturiser

PM Routine
Double Cleanse
Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% (leave for 2 minutes)
Lactic Acid (Leave for 5 minutes)
Azulene Moisturiser

Double Cleanse
Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% (leave for 2 minutes)
Azulene Moisturiser

Double Cleanse
Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% (leave for 2 minutes)
Salicylic Acid (Leave for 2 minutes)
Azulene Moisturiser

Double Cleanse
Revitalising Ginseng Toner with Glycolic Acid 5% (leave for 2 minutes)
Azulene Moisturiser

Lactic Acid

I follow this pattern every day but every time I have used any acid again, I have added another minute onto the total time on my skin. I have stuck at 10 minutes for Lactic Acid and 7 minutes for Salicylic Acid as I find this is as much as my skin needs and wants. I have honestly loved this new skincare routine, the products have worked amazingly. My skin looks gorgeous. I obviously have the odd breakout, but as I said previously, that’s mostly due to aunt flow being in town rather than a bad reaction.

I honestly love these products, I love the beautifully designed coloured glass the products come in and I love that they actually work. If you are thinking of buying anything from Bravura and don’t know where to start or are a bit scared of them, then go to the website and get some skincare advise for your skin type or contact the team directly, they will be able to help you out no problem. Obviously with the acid peels, you aren’t allowed to use certain ingredients afterwards but this is all listed on the leaflet which is sent out with delivery, but again, you can check online to find more information.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Period Rant & My "Blob" History


DISCLAIMER *this is not a political/feminist/anti-religious post. It is me ranting about something natural. It is supposed to be a chat about periods from my point of view. I am a girl from Glasgow who is only sharing my own opinions and thoughts. It’s not about the goings on in the world as I am not educated enough to comment on that. I understand that men carry the same taboos when it comes to certain issues such as premature ejaculation, impotence etc., but I 'm not a man and cannot comment on things that I have not experienced first-hand so I am only commenting on things that have personally affected me.

Hi guys

"Aunt Flow", Riding the cotton pony”, “Carrie at prom”, "Little Miss Strawberry", "On The Blob", “Surfing the crimson wave”, "Painters and Decorators are in" and "Parting The Red Sea". I don’t care what you call it but we all get the jist, you’re on your period. None of those offend me in the slightest, I personally call mine Aunt Flow as it’s the most fitting. 

This isn’t a biology lesson on periods, I just thought I would discuss some things with you and then give you a history of Lauren so to speak. If you are experiencing your period for the first time and think there is something wrong with you due to whatever reason, I can assure you, you’re ok, we have all gone through it and most likely still are. When I say something wrong, I mean with bloating, gassiness, clumsiness or being unbelievably hot at night (I will go into more of my symptoms later) but if you are worried about other issues then I would speak to an older relative or a doctor to find out a little more about it. I’m in no way a medical professional so I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong but if you feel like it shouldn’t be happening, then speak to someone about it and get a little advice.

One thing that annoys me though, is when people make faces as soon as periods are brought up. I was talking to Liam the other day and said that I couldn't do something due to my periods and his faced winced for a second. I was a bit shocked as I have talked about my periods for nearly eight years with Liam and I have never noticed that kind of reaction before. He was shocked too to be fair. I did somewhat understand it as he grew up with two brothers and his parents so he never heard about such things growing up but it really made me think, why do people still make a face when you say "Periods"? I get that some people are disgusted by it and the mere thought of it is off putting but we have to get past that! It’s as natural as peeing. I grew up in a house filled with girls and constantly had my mum and all her friends including aunties and cousins talking about this stuff so I don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of it but I understand not everyone feels like that.  

For anyone who is young and hasn’t experienced periods yet then this is the part of the menstrual cycle when a woman bleeds from her vagina. In most women this happens every 28 days or so but could be different for each woman. The average age for this to begin is eleven but can happen anywhere between 8 & 14. Were you as shocked as me to find out it can happen as young as eight years old? I was utterly shocked, it just sounds so young. My niece is only 3 years away from that age and I would struggle with that one, I’m not gonna lie. I was a late bloomer and didn’t get a full on period until I was about 14, I definitely didn’t get boobs until I was about 15 cause I remember being slagged rotten in school and the boys constantly hitting my tiny pancakes, so it must have been around the 14 mark. Thank God my body held off for as long as it did because it was a nightmare after that. 

I used to have the worst pains, I mean full on pains from my boobs to my stomach and back to the tops of my thighs and right down to my knees. The headaches alone were unbelievable and I would often get an upset stomach to go along with, what was already a horrible experience, my period. Some months I would collapse in work with the pain and have to be left alone in the staff room or a changing room or toilet. I would just lay on the floor with loads of painkillers but nothing ever took the pain away. Nowadays doctors are likening the pain to a heart attack! Its unbelievable to think that and not that i've experienced heart attacks but I agree, the pain can sometimes be so extreme that you are doubled over. 

I remember my legs gave way once when I worked in my old hairdressers as I got a sudden surge of pain from my knees right up to the tops of my thighs and I just went down! As my boss brought her dogs in every day they had little beds by the reception desk and I just remember rolling over and cuddling one of the dogs in her bed just sobbing. My boss who found me was very sympathetic and told me to just lie down and take some of the edge off ha-ha. God thinking about that now, I am slightly embarrassed, not about the period pain but what must I have looked like! A bloody grown ass woman, sobbing and hugging a dog in its bed in amongst our clients hanging coats. I am allergic to dogs too so you can only imagine the ramifications of that one ha-ha. It was horrific. 


PMS is a killer. I’m not gonna lie. I used to be a nightmare and because I lived with my mum and both sisters it was even worse, you can only imagine the arguments we used to get into every month because all but one would be on her period. We would scream at each other, then stand in separate rooms crying and then come back and apologise. It was a vicious cycle that has been known to go on up to three or four times a day. We would honestly just fly off the handle at the slightest thing and then make up. Nutters, the lot of us! When I moved in with Liam, I knew I had to speak to my doctor (about as much help as a chocolate teapot!) about it as I couldn’t be acting like that with him, he would think I was the devil woman who could go through sixteen different emotions in a day and then be totally normal again.  He has since found out, I am a nightmare regardless of my periods ha-ha. My doctor recommended the pill which was ok but I put on a load of weight with it so I went back and got the contraceptive implant. I had done a ton of research on it and was pleased with the results so opted for that.

I've been on the contraceptive implant for the last six years, something I have loved as it made life so much easier and relieved most of the pain I went through each month. I could honestly say I’ve had a total of eight periods in six years since using the implant. I know that may not sound healthy but I feel perfectly fine. Recently, I decided to give my body a break and get it removed. They say that you should only get it three times in a row before removing but I decided to take it out now. It’s only now I am feeling it and I actually forgot what I went through each and every month until I took it out such as discharge, bloating, feeling gassy, ALL the emotions, low energy, nervousness, diarrhoea, clumsiness, nausea, cramps, feeling irritable, body odour, more potent than usual vagina, loss of memory, backache, itchy vagina, regular toilet breaks, feeling horny all the time, cravings aka chocolate needs, trouble sleeping, being too hot, sore boobs, sore thighs, aching muscles, trouble concentrating and wicked headaches. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. 

So that's all I wanted to talk about. It was a spur of the moment post which took me ages to publish as I just wasn't sure about it. If you have any questions at all, just leave me a comment and I can try and help you out, but like I said, if its something serious and you don't know if its normal or not, then talk to an older relative or your doctor. The doctor may not be the best person as they normally fob you off unless you are lucky to have one who actually cares and wants to help, but if you have someone you trust and respect, then I would ask them. It cant hurt can it?

Did you make a face when you read the title?
Do you believe we should be able to talk freely about periods?
Is this a natural thing to discuss?
Do you feel as though there is too much talk and we should not mention it again?

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