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Top 10 Lush Bath Products

Lush Products

Hi guys,

I thought I would give you a rundown of my favourite bath time products from Lush. This is only going to involve bath bombs, bubble bars etc. so don’t be expecting any shampoos, conditioners etc. I will put together another Lush post later in the year of other Lush favourites. A few may surprise you and I may be missing a lot of “cult favourites” but we all have our favourite scents don’t we. Here we go.

Lush Frozen, Dragons Egg, Fizzbanger, Rose Jam and Blackberry

1) Frozen (£3.95)
I love this bath bomb. It is infused with grapefruit, neroli and rose oil and leaves your bath filled with silver glitter. I normally hate bath bombs like this as the glitter goes everywhere but this bath bomb is too pretty to fret about the small stuff. This is a great addition to a morning bath when you want to wake yourself up as the grapefruit oil is very uplifting and refreshing. I personally use this at night time as I wouldn’t want to go out with glitter all over me, and boy does this leave glitter on you ha-ha. My bathtub, bathroom, clothes, towel, hair (which I didn’t submerge), pyjamas and toothbrush were covered. I actually don’t know how I managed it ha-ha.

2) Dragons Egg (£3.50)
I don’t know if you know this but Bergamot is my favourite scent ever! I have numerous perfumes, bath products, candles and oils with this heavy scent so it’s no wonder that this made it into my top ten. As well as bergamot, it also has lemon oil and jasmine and as an added extra, some popping candy.

3) Blackberry (£3.35)
Another Bergamot favourite but this also has frankincense too which makes for a very relaxing bath. Both of these oils are used in aromatherapy to help release nervous tension and can be used for depression and anxiety. If I feel a bit stressed, I pop this into my bath and let it soak away my troubles. There is also a little surprise once the bomb fizzes out but I won’t ruin it for anyone who hasn’t used this before.

4) Fizzbanger (£3.50)
This is my number one bath bomb from Lush. I love that it looks so simple with its beautiful yellow glow yet once submerged in the water it’s a different kettle of fish all together. It really reminds me of Christmas, I think it’s because of the apple and cinnamon scent that wafts out of it but it also has Ylang Ylang and popping candy to give it a little edge.

5) Rose Jam (£3.75)
This is my favourite bubble bar/bubbleroon that Lush has to offer. The scent is so strong that a tiny crumble from this bad boy will leave a lingering scent in your bathroom for days. It gives off the most beautiful pink tone in the water and leaves your skin so soft afterwards. I love the double dose of rose that it has to offer too so you can only imagine how pungent it is.

Lush Melting Marshmallow, Dreamtime, Blue Skies, Tipsy and Yuzu

Holy Moly, this is so beautiful. For such a small amount of product, this really packs a punch in the old fragrance department. I just pop this into a freshly run bath and leave to dissolve. The name suits this bath oil as it is super sweet, almost like candy floss. It contains Almond oil, extra virgin coconut oil and marshmallow powder which help to sooth and hydrate your body.

7) Dreamtime (£2)
If you want a product to relax you and send you off to the deepest of sleeps, then this bath oil is for you. This contains Chamomile, Lavender and Shea Butter which will help to sooth, moisturise and calm you before you hit the sack for some much needed z`s.

I adore this bubble bar and I can normally get about 4 baths from it. I don’t like to use a lot so bubble bars last me ages, but trust me, you don’t need a lot when it comes to this one. It contains patchouli which is used as a relaxant as well as frankincense and cinnamon leaf oil which help to calm.

9) Tisty Tosty (£3.50)
This bath bomb has a special place in my heart as it was one of the first products I ever tried. It’s quite small but boy does it pack a punch. Apparently it’s based on a medieval love potion, I’m yet to try that theory out as I just love popping it in my bath, allowing the real rosebuds to disperse in the water and for my bathroom to become a floral scented dream. It contains Rose oil which is supposed to sooth broken hearts, I mean how sweet is that? Again, not tested that out but hey, every little helps when it comes to a broken heart so why not. It also contains Jasmine and Lemon. An all-time favourite.

10) Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream (from £4.95)
I love this shower cream, it’s pretty thick, so you don’t need a lot of it, but oh does it smell good. Again, it contains Bergamot oil which we all know by now is very uplifting and also good at easing tension. The cream also contains Tonka and Cocoa absolute which help to make this gel smell like, in my opinion, chocolate oranges. As well as all that, it has uplifting grapefruit oil and cocoa butter.

That’s all of my favourite bath time products from Lush. What are yours?

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