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Zoella Beauty | Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Body Mist

Zoella Bath Fizz

Zoella Sweet Inspirations

Zoella Bath Latte

Zoella Sugar Dip

Zoella Beauty Sugar Dip

Zoella Bath Salts

Zoella Double Creme

Zoella Body Creme

Hi guys,

I bought the gorgeous Zoella range from Feel Unique on the day it was released as I was so excited to try it out. I already caught a glimpse of her video detailing the new range and as Zoella herself said it was her favourite, I knew I had to try it out. I was slightly disappointed in the first round of products as I felt the fragrance was pretty non-existent and I wasn’t too keen on the tutti fruitti range after giving it a quick sniff in Superdrug but there was something about Sweet Inspirations that made me wanna buy everything.

First off, the packaging is the cutest I have ever laid my eyes on. It’s clean, crisp, fresh, girly and better yet, pastel. Who doesn’t love a pastel packaged bath product! I didn’t order everything from the range as I only wanted certain things but I am happy with what I chose.

Bath Latte (£6)
Okay, I admit, I only bought this due to the milk bottle design. It could have been anything, but I knew I needed it. 
Once I popped that gold foil cap, I poured straight into my bath under some running water. The immediate hit of sweet almond, cacao & honey was too much to handle. It was simply stunning. 
I love that this can be used as a bubble bath and a shower gel, which is exactly how I used it. I poured a little bit in my bath which created the most beautiful bubbles. I then poured a little onto my sponge and lathered onto my skin. I loved the overall fragrance of the bath latte as well as how soft it left my skin feeling and I also loved that I could smell this product on my skin all through the night. A must have.

Le Fizz (£5)
Once opened, this looks like a large chocolate bar. If you have tried the original, which I didnt like at all, then you will notice it is much larger in size. I was pleased that this carried a deeper scent and didn’t disappear after a few minutes unlike the original product. The macaroon scent is gorgeous and the tabs dissolve quickly. Not much to say about this other than 4 – 6 blocks will give you an incredible bath experience.

I have to say, I was expecting some pretty amazing things with this body lotion due to it being a best seller but I couldn’t get on board with it. I felt it took too long to work into my skin, regardless of the amount used, and when I put it on at night, I awoke with the most horrific odour. I normally put on moisturisers at night as I like to have a bath at night-time and I have never experienced an odour like that. It smelt quite fusty. I wouldn’t buy this again.

I love the design of this little beauty, it so pretty. These are pretty self-explanatory, they are bath salts. I used a handful of these with a few blocks of Le Fizz and my bath was incredible. I didn’t notice much in the form of softer skin or anything but my bath was pretty relaxing and my bathroom filled with the beautiful scent almost immediately and lasted pretty well.

I love this, not to wear everyday as it’s a tad too sweet for my taste but I can’t deny that it’s gorgeous. This would be perfect for your little sister, cousin, niece etc. but sadly it’s not an everyday scent for me. The scent fades pretty quickly for the £8 price tag. Once I sprayed, I found that it completely disappeared after an hour or so. I know it’s not a perfume but if I wore this out, I would expect it to last longer than an hour.

All in all, a gorgeous range due to its impeccable scent. I would buy all of the bath products again as they are beautiful. Wouldn’t bother so much with the body mist and wouldn’t buy the body crème again as sadly, they weren’t for me. If like me, you didn’t like the original scent, please try this out as you will be pleasantly surprised. If you have loved all of the Zoella Beauty scents, then you will favour this one, trust me. 

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  1. Sadly we can't get this line here but the packaging is very cute indeed! I love taking baths but don't seem to have the time nowadays.

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    1. Thats a shame, you would think with her being so popular that she would be in almost every country.

      Well, having a baby does take up all your free time haha, how are you both getting on? xx


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