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Hi guys,

Well, its that time of the year again where we get the cake out, the candles out and we turn another year older. Yes, its my birthday and I have finally entered my 31st year. This is actually scarier than turning 30. I dont know why but it feels weird. I'm not going to do a whole, "What My Goals Are" speech cause lets face it, I wont stick to it. I do know that I am doing my Honours this year so I will have hopefully finished that by the time I reach 32. But as far as anything else goes, I'm pretty much open to suggestions. Enough of me rabbiting on eh?

You know by now that I am a Lush fiend and I have not found a company who can rival them. Until now. Pretty Suds is a family run business headed up by the lovely Chloe where all products are handmade. All products are vegetarian with most of them being vegan as well but please check ingredients list if this is something you are keen to know. I decided to buy quite a bit as I was running low on bath bombs and all of the ones on her website looked amazing. It was quite difficult to narrow it down as you can imagine as the home page is filled with loads of tempting delights. I eventually settled on Sunny Side Up & Juliet’s Kiss which are bath bombs, Starry Night & Water Malone which are bubble bars and some Wax Melts along with an Oil Burner. After receiving the package, I wish I bought more.

First things first, Sunny Side Up (£5), how freaking adorable is this packaging. When I first got the parcel I was shocked at the scent coming through the box. It was bursting with the most incredible fragrance. Liam actually took the parcel from the postman and starting tearing his way into it as it was so intoxicating. We both opened the egg carton as if it were diamonds inside, I’m not joking. We are both a little dramatic ha-ha. Anyway, the smell from each and every one is incredible. There are 6 mini colour bombs in total to give you a sense of what the company have to offer so its a great way to get to know Pretty Suds. These are a charity product so this month is celebrating the LGBT community and PS will be donating 50p from every box sold to the LGBT foundation. I have used 2 from this carton and they are not playing around. Even though they are quite small they pack a serious punch and leave your bathroom smelling incredible, even after the water disappears.

Water Malone, the watermelon bubble bar was the only reason I found out about Pretty Suds. I saw it on Instagram and instantly needed it. I was a little apprehensive about this one as I wasn’t sure it was going to give off a great aroma but I bought it anyway and was pleased to find out I was wrong. The scent is so incredible that it nearly brought tears to my eyes (I told you I was dramatic). No in all seriousness though, it was beautiful and created the most perfect bubbles. I loved how soft my skin felt once I had dried myself off and I also loved the fact that I could smell this on my skin the morning after which is very rare. Once I was in the shower, I wished I had a shower gel that smelled like this as it really is amazing. Sorry, I cant find a link to this on their website so I dont know if they have taken this off the market or what. 

Starry Night is the stand out for me. It is a serious contender for all-time favourite bath product and I mean it would beat even Lush`s best product (find my top 10 here). This has a very fruity scent which I wasn’t expecting at all. It gives off scents of sweet apple, pear, mandarin and raspberry. It is quite hefty too as it’s about 130g, so you could easily get about 4 baths out of this. Not too bad in my opinion. The bubbles this babe produces is intense, honestly, I crumbled in a little bit to see how it fared and my bath was gorgeous. As with the Water Malone bubble bar, I was left with silky soft skin which smelled like a dream. I had Liam saddled up beside me all night when I used this the first time as he just wanted to smell me ha-ha, I don’t know if that’s creepy or sweet. Sorry, I cant find a link to this one either. 

Juliets Kiss (£2.95) is simply stunning. If you are a girly girl who loves sweet floral scents, then this is the one for you. This boasts the gorgeous scents of jasmine, violet and peony and also has rose petals captured inside the bath bomb which just gives a whole new meaning to a romantic bath doesn't it. This does exactly what you can imagine, it leaves your skin feeling super soft, you feeling relaxed and lets you drift away to the romantic setting of your choice. If you and your partner like to bathe together, I would suggest using this one as it is very romantic. 

I haven't used my wax melts yet as I am using some Yankee Candle ones at the moment but as soon as I do, I will update you. I'm sure they will be great though as they smell incredible through the packaging. 

All in all, these products are amazing. I got everything I was expecting from a great bath product and more. The overall design of each product is brilliant and the aroma from each bath bomb from the packaging straight through the scent left on your skin afterwards is unlike anything I have tried before. I do suffer from sensitive skin as you may or may not know and I didn't have any issues with these products but you may have to carry out a skin test before using if you are scared of breaking out. The only issue I have now is, what ones will I choose next?? 

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  1. I've seen you post these in your instagram and I am dying to try them!xXx

  2. Oh wow these look gorgeous! Loving the Watermelon bath bomb :) x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Thanks for your comment :) These bath products are incredible xx


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