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Beauty Trend | Draping

Draping Beauty Trend
Hi guys, 

It’s all about the latest makeup trends today. We had contouring, non-touring, strobing and now draping. Yes, I agree, it is a silly name. Draping is all about adding depth to your face by sculpting with colour rather than our normal bronzer shades. I don’t know about you but I instantly thought of 80s makeup where they have lashings of blusher heading all the way up to their temples. I adored this makeup look. In the 80s! But I wouldn’t dare try it nowadays. Especially not with the vibrant pinks and purples they were rocking back in the day. Thankfully, this trend is a mellowed out version of that extreme look and involves some pretty subtle blushers. 

Marc Jacobs has commanded us all to drop the contour and start draping and normally if someone as great as Marc tells me I need to do something, I tend to listen. Yes, I am easily persuaded and I always fall for the latest makeup trend. Way Bandy, celebrity makeup artist to Cher and Elizabeth Taylor, and author of Designing Your Face first introduced the world to this trend back in the 80s and now it has made a comeback. He stated that he wanted to bring out the natural drape of the face by using this technique also known as Colour Glow.

The way to do this is by simply using a deeper shade of blush and applying just below the cheekbones, think contouring but not as harsh. You then start blending two blusher shades together and placing on the higher parts of your cheekbones and blending horizontally toward the temple. Blending is key for this look and no bright colours for day time, unless that’s the look you are going for. I prefer it to look understated. Add a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks and you are good to go.

Draping can be amazing for a creative makeup looks, editorial pieces and for those of us who are brave enough to add brighter shades to our cheeks. If you are doing an editorial look, then apply the deeper shades of blusher to the jawline, hollows of the cheeks and side of the neck.

I used the Gwen Stefani Blush Palette by taking the shade OC to deepen my cheeks and then adding Hush over this to create a more highlighted version of draping. I liked it but didn’t love it. I am going to play around with this makeup look but at the moment, I prefer a contour, blusher and highlight combo or just a highlighted face so sadly, this is not my favourite makeup trend. 

Would you try Draping?
Is this just another trend that will quickly fade?

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  1. This looks like a great trend! I definitely notice when I use a deeper plummy/bronzey blush it does give me a very structured look to the face :) x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Yeah, I think if I play around with it then it may look better but I am still all about the contour haha xx


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