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Hi guys, 

Well its my little sisters birthday today and a bunch of us went out last night to a country and western bar. Not my first choice, actually I don't even think it would have been my 2nd or 3rd choice but do you know what, it was a fantastic night and my sister had the time of her life which is all that matters. The club was packed and I honestly thought it was going to be filled with the older generation but it was rammed with mostly under 40's which was a shock. They had real life shoot outs, obviously the audience were protected and they had an amazing band on who didn't stick to the norm, they ventured outside of that and hit us up with some real classics that even I knew ha-ha. I can only imagine the headaches today though but as I was the designated driver, I didn't have any alcohol and my head has thanked me today. Yay for me ha-ha. 

Anyway, enough about me. This is a follow up to yesterdays, Favourite Bloggers, post which featured some fantastic ladies but as I love a lot of the equally fantastic male bloggers/vloggers out there, I thought it was only fair to have a stand alone post for them.

I don’t understand the big deal with men talking about or wearing makeup as it should be genderless. Its art essentially. If you want to wear makeup or have a pamper session or just apply some skincare products to help out with problematic skin then who the hell says you can’t! I see a lot of hate on twitter especially for the younger age group including the very talented James who is so incredible when it comes to not only makeup but important issues. I find it very sad that in this day and age it’s still seen as something to snigger at or heckle abuse at. It’s not on really! It isn't just makeup that I follow these bloggers for, I trust their judgement when it comes to buying gifts for the amazing men in my life as they open your eyes to whats out there that woman might not necessarily know. Its the same for men, if you dont know what to buy those ladies in your life then head over to a few blogs or listen to those not so subtle hints shes been dropping ha-ha.

I love all of these male bloggers simply because they are uber talented and know their stuff. If I am looking for a beauty related present for Liam including aftershaves, grooming products etc. then I head over to most of these guys to find out what’s good. A lot of them I watch simply because I personally take makeup tips from as they always look flawless. Honestly, I could watch Marc & Jeffree for hours and hours and still never perfect my makeup like they do. They are truly talented. But without further ado, here are my top male bloggers/vloggers.

A fellow Scot and an incredible makeup artist. I know a lot of folk just say they are a MUA but Marc really is and he is so talented. I had the pleasure of watching him work live when I attended a LancĂ´me event at House of Fraser last year and his skills were on point! Such a gentleman and his skills are out of this world.

I have followed Jake since the beginning and he is honestly such a gorgeous man. He is the sweetest person ever and the work he has created is amazing. He is an advocate for #MakeupIsGenderless and is reaching the world with his voice which I find incredible. Keep an eye out for him as I’m sure he will be a household name one day.

People may find him a bit much but I love him! He is flat out honest, he works incredibly hard and he isn’t afraid of shouting his accomplishments from the rooftops. Plus, if you didn't already know, he is the creator of the best liquid lipsticks on the planet. Check them out here. However, they are always sold out so if you want to buy them, keep an eye on his IG or Twitter as he is great at keeping his followers updated.

I adore Tom’s honesty and detailed blogposts. He recently called out the male grooming industry after receiving an aftershave that was in the shape of a bullet. I loved every word of it as it was true. Obviously I don’t buy male products for myself other than the Nivea Post Shave Balm but this marketing ploy and the design of the packaging when there is so much suffering in the world due to guns, was a real eye opener. Also, if you love looking at excellent product photos, head over to his blog immediately! 

Cj is a new follow for me as I recently found him on a recent #30PlusBlogs chat and completely agreed with his views on certain topics. This then lead me to his blog which is amazing. He doesn't just talk beauty, he covers a wide range of topics that will appeal to everyone.

I have followed for Wayne on YouTube for years and he is still one of my favourites. I have started to view his videos first when I go to my subscriptions as he is funny, charismatic, honest and talented. Wayne, is a real makeup artist ha-ha, not a fake one who just says he is. He actually trained and has worked in the industry for a long time so when he gives you tips on how to perfect something, you better listen. 

I am sure you have read Peters guest post here on Beauty Talk with Lauren but I urge you to follow him on twitter as he guest posts on a lot of blogs and covers a wide range of topics. I trust his tips for dressing as he knows the upcoming trends and is always on point. A true fashion genius. 

Love, Love, Love this blog! It covers so many topics and has helped me out when I have been stuck for presents numerous times. I swear, Stephen is such an enabler. I find myself buying products he raves about and stashing them away until a celebration comes round and then I start dishing them out like candy. A perfect example of an interesting blog that covers a wide range of topics.

That’s all I got today guys, I hope you check them out as they are so talented it makes me want to cry. I find myself heading over to their blogs/channels more and more as I really trust what they have to say when it comes to certain products. Truly talented gentlemen.

If you want me to do a "Favourite Male Instagrammers" then let me know in the comments as I would be all over that like a fly on shit. I am seriously in awe at some of the guy’s talent on Instagram. They have really upped their game haven’t they? My IG feed is filled with the most incredible makeup looks I have ever seen and it’s mostly men now as they are just so talented. Clearly, they arent an everyday look for me or for most people ha-ha but if you want to try their looks out or just stare at their beautiful faces then I can arrange for you to see my favourites. 

Who are your favourites?

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