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Holiday Reads

Holiday Reads - Beauty Talk With Lauren

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Hi guys,

As you know, I am an avid reader and last year really took the biscuit when it came to the number of books I read of holiday. You can find that post here where I discussed what I read while I was in Corfu but the total number was ten. I couldn't quite believe it but when you don’t have a TV and your lying by a pool all day, there isn't much else you can do other than read and drink cocktails ha-ha. Obviously we went out, done excursions and seen some of the sites but that holiday was all about relaxing and that’s exactly what we done.

This year, we are going back to Corfu, different place though, and we plan to do pretty much the same thing. As we done most of the touristy things last year, we are going to relax by the sea and pretty much read all day. May sound boring to you but it sounds divine to me. As always I am taking my kindle, I got a new Paperwhite (£110) for my birthday and have already loaded it up with over 100 books. I also ordered books in their physical form, I don’t know, I’m still a little old school and love the feel and smell of a book so I take two or three in my hand luggage. Without further ado, here are the books which I want to read on holiday.

I love Rylan. I know a lot of people gave him stick when he first popped on our screens in 2012 but I’ve always loved his attitude and quick wit. He has taken the presenting world by storm, and rightly so. I feel as though he is on every channel now but fair play to him, he could have taken the endorsement route, and by that I mean putting his name to many shitty products, but he decided to work hard and build up his reputation. I am dying to read this as I love autobiography. I also like the fact he wrote it himself, no ghost writers like most people out there nowadays.

Come on now, you all know by now that crime is my favourite genre. Chris Carter used to work as a criminal psychologist for several years, during which he interviewed and worked on over one hundred cases involving serial killers, murderers and serious offenders so you know he will be good at capturing how they think. This book is all about a sadistic serial who has been arrested for his crimes but two years later an another body is found which is very similar to his work. It may be a copycat or they police may have sent the wrong person to his execution. I have to say, this is right up my street.

Something about this book really makes me wanna read it, so I’m doing it. It’s not a book I would normally reach for as it’s all about teenage angst, something I stay away from. I can’t stand the Twilight or Divergent type books as they are very predictable. Give me a break!

I am intrigued by cults so this book is right up my street. This is very like the infamous Charlie Manson and his girls who committed the horrific murder of Sharon Tate and six others. I have read a few pages but I am going to leave this for the plane I think.

This book is all about three sisters who live with a mean tempered father. One night when a fight gets out of hand, they decide to run away from home and end up in an even worse nightmare when their truck breaks down. It then jumps eighteen years into the future where one of the sisters and a niece go missing. I love the sound of this. I think it will be very much like a chapter in the past and then a chapter in the future. I love these type of books. They are full of suspense and they build up to an excellent ending. I recently finished That Night by Chevy which was pretty much the same style of writing and it was great.

I have read all of Gillian’s books and I have to say, she is slowly becoming one of my favourite authors. This one is all about two girls who go missing and reporter Camille is dragged into it. This is to be made into a TV show with Amy Adams in the lead so I want to read it before it airs on TV.

I am one morbid soul aren’t I? I’ve just realised that most of these books are all about girls going missing but what can I say, I love the types of books! I’m not one for romantic beach novels, they just don’t float my boat. I don’t really care about Mandy pining over Steven for 17 years and then getting together with him at the end! No offence if you do, it’s just not for me. Anyway, this is all about another serial killer who kills young girls. No surprise there. I promise I am not a secret serial killer nor do I have any tendencies to kidnap anyone, I just really like crime, I did study Forensic Science remember.

These are the books I have either downloaded or bought and I am so excited to read them. I will give you an update on them when I return from holiday mid August. I will end up reading more or changing my mind after reading the first few chapters and hating the book but I shall let you know. 

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