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Jeffree Star | Mannequin & Rose Matter

Jeffree Star - Beauty Talk With Lauren

Rose Matter & Mannequin

Rose Matter & Mannequin

Rose Matter & Mannequin Liquid Lips

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Jeffree Star Unicorn Blood Liquid Lipstick

Jeffree Star Rose Matters Liquid Lipstick

Jeffree Star Mannequin Liquid Lipstick

Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Swatches
Unicorn Blood, Mannequin, Rose Matters and Celebrity Skin
Hi guys,

I picked up a few more vegan friendly Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks ($18) a while ago when there were new releases and also a restock of some extremely popular shades. I bought Rose Matter and Mannequin as they were the new shades but I didn’t bother with any other ones as I already had them in my collection.

I know there has been a lot of heat on Twitter when it comes to Jeffree Star, and I thought long and hard about putting this post up but I came to the conclusion that I love these products and felt the need to share my views. 

As I said on my previous post, these are the best liquid lipsticks I have ever used as they don’t dry out my lips too badly compared to other brands, they are the most pigmented products I have ever used and the staying power is just incredible. I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone try them out at some point, especially if you are a liquid lipstick lover who likes a full on matte finish. How I wear them is by scrubbing my lips with a sugar scrub such as this or a homemade one, apply lip butter like this, line my lips with a similar colour and then apply this. It stays put pretty much all day and I have no problems with bleeding or smudging. If I leave the lip butter on, the lipstick doesn't last as long though so be wary of that if you try this technique.

Rose Matter is a soft neutral coral which is perfect for spring/summer season. I can’t say I 100% love this shade as I am not a big coral fan but if you are then you will love this. Like Unicorn Blood and Celebrity Skin, it is very watery and goes on opaque. One swipe from the doe foot applicator is plenty as it is super pigmented. It dries completely and lasts really well until you have something oily and then it starts to come off. This is a known fact about all of the lipsticks in Jeffree’s line, it’s something we have to deal with I’m afraid.

Mannequin is a cool toned nude which is darker than the shade I’m Nude but lighter than Celebrity Skin so if you didn’t like the look of those, this should be right up your street. I love this shade, sometimes Celebrity Skin feels a little darker and grungy and even though I am all about grungy lips sometimes I want to go for a softer lip especially if I go for a full on smokey eye.

This was the first time I purchased straight from Jeffree’s website as I bought from Beautylish previously. I wont be buying direct again as I was hit with a £12.92 custom charge from Royal Mail which seemed extreme for lipsticks that cost a few pounds more. I will also be keeping a close eye on Cocktail Cosmetics as they are the official company in the UK for JS. The only issue I have is the fact that all of the lipsticks are constantly sold out so you have to keep and eye on his twitter and instagram for updates, he is on the ball with this and lets you know instantly.

If you love your liquid lipsticks to go on easily, pigmented and comfortably then these are definitely for you. If you want something that dries quickly and lasts all day/night, these are for you. If you want something that won’t break the bank and is an all-round fabulous product, these are 100% for you!

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  1. These are gorgeous - I love the packaging and the shades! I especially love the red shade which I didn't expect to :) x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Thank you for your comment! I didnt expect to like them either but they are too good to pass up haha. The packaging is just gorgeous though xx


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