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Favourite Female Bloggers

Hi guys,

I am going to do a male blogger post in the future but today I wanted to focus on my favourite girls as I have been following these girls since the start and it would be unfair to cut anyone out as I would be lying and this post would be top 20 which nobody has time for I’m afraid. Hence the split post.

As you can imagine, I follow a lot of blogs, maybe through Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin or just good old Google bookmarks but I always go onto these blogs first as I know I will get honest reviews, some good chat and an all-round great experience. Each person here has something different but they are all equally great in my eyes. Part of being a blogger is showing love to other bloggers and helping people out. All it takes is a simple retweet on twitter, a like on facebook/Instagram or a comment on a blog to make a bloggers day so I thought I would go all out and tell you my favourites today.

I have been blogging for about the same time as Renata and have followed her since I found her way back in 2014. I have to say it’s been a pleasure watching her blog grow. Her content is always fantastic but it’s her fabulous photography that grabs my interest now. Her pictures are simply stunning. She is also the loveliest person and if you have any questions or queries she always answers you which I find refreshing as so many people don’t bother nowadays which is sad.

Another person I have been following since the start of my blogging life. Alina is the sweetest person ever who seems to know her stuff. She has great content that is both interesting and informative. Her photography is also on point. Not only does she run a blog I love but she also has a successful YouTube channel which is filled with some great makeup looks. Get over there immediately to copy her looks as they are fab.

How do you even start talking about this girl? She is the cutest scouser I have had the pleasure of speaking to. She is the co-creator of #TheGirlGang which in itself is an achievement. It brings all girls together and really feels like a home on twitter, especially when its movie night and you feel like you’re having a sleepover with your best pals, except it’s virtual. Jemma is the kind of person who always has something nice to say. She truly is a blogger all about other bloggers. Her blog is filled with gorgeous pastel colours and bright beautiful pictures but she isn’t afraid to talk about more serious issues that affect her which is a reason I have followed her for the past couple of years. If you want to read someone’s blog who makes you feel like her friend, then I suggest you follow Jemma.

I found Tillys YouTube channel a few months ago and I have been slowly working my way through her videos. Not only does she come across very friendly but she's also a bloody inspiration. Tilly started out doing Slimming World and has lost a staggering 5 stone by sticking to her plan. Don’t get me wrong, like all of us she has treats every now and again but I love how honest she is about it. If she has had a blow out, she will tell you, if she had a takeaway with her husband, she will tell you that too. She makes you feel normal for having a treat every now again. I truly love her personality and now that she is gonna be a mum, her videos on all things baby are worth watching too.

I mean come on! I have been talking about this woman since day one as she is a bloody skincare God. She knows everything and has the best advice for all skin types. She is very ballsy so expect a straight forward response from her.

I have to include Anna here, she was the reason I took the chance on blogging as she made it seem so magical. Three years later, I’m not so sure ha-ha. I’m joking, I still love it. Her content is so strong, her blog has the crispest design and her photography is out of this world. I also adore her YouTube videos but her blog is still where it’s at for me.

I love Jasmines blog, you don’t get to 44k on Bloglovin for no reason. Her reviews seem very genuine and her photos are gorgeous. Are we sensing a theme here? I do love a good photo ha-ha. Seriously though, I love almost every blog post Jasmine has created as they are all so informative. I don’t come away thinking, oh God should I try that, I come away thinking, I need that!

I don’t love her because she is a fellow Scot, well maybe a little ha-ha. No seriously, this girl knows what she is doing. Her Instagram was the first thing I found and then I had to follow (stalk) her on everything as she was just so fab. I love her style, photographs, writing and I also love the fact that she has a successful shop on Nouvelle Daily. It just goes to show you the impact bloggers have on others when they are able to make a business out of it.

Another Scottish punter ha-ha. This girl knows the script, she is a complete professional and her blog is just the stuff of dreams. I love every aspect of her blog, obviously the photos are the biggest selling point for me as they are always so creative and clear but she is very clear on her thoughts and lays everything out so well that you never have to go hunting to find out if she actually liked the product or not. I hate when you come away confused but Sunday Girl is straight to the point. Everyone should be following her.

What’s not to like about this girl. She is a fantastic blogger who speaks her mind. I love her honesty and the way she stands up to important issues. She is a joy to watch and read. Her straight talking, no nonsense taking attitude is top notch. Follow her on snapchat too, she is hilarious.

That’s my top 10. I think there is a running theme of great photography going on here but it is one of the things that keeps me coming back and one of the main reasons I read and love each and every one of these blogs. I know there are no men here but as I said at the start, I will do another post as I have a few male bloggers that I love too.
Who are your favourites?
Do you follow these girls?

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*Photo was taken from link provided in picture and was digitally altered by myself.


  1. I loved this post, not only did I find your blog but I found loads of other people's now!
    Charlotte //

    1. Ah thank you Charlotte. Im glad you enjoyed it and found some other people to follow :) xx

  2. So sweet of you to mention me in this list of fantastic bloggers! I really appreciate it! Thank you so much lovely xox

    1. Your welcome honey. Had to show your blog some love! xx

  3. Aww thanks so much lovely! This is so so so sweet! <3


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