Why I Stopped Buying Beauty Boxes

Beauty Boxes

Hi guys, 

This is in no way a bitch or a moan, its simply my thoughts and opinions on this trend. As you know, there are a million beauty boxes out there now with Look Fantastic, Birch Box and Glossy Box being the most well-known. Since their launch we have seen countless monthly offerings including ones that aren’t necessarily beauty based such as The Melt Crowd (candle subscription service), Graze (snack box), Ink Drops (stationary), Pink Parcel (period box), Lip Monthly (lip products) and The Vegan Kind (vegan products). All very good actually!. There are also some pretty cool collaborations between the queen of skincare Caroline Hirons (£175) and Cult Beauty or Anna and Lily's (sold out) colab but I am still left bemused by beauty boxes.

I used to be an avid Glossy Box subscriber but I felt I was paying for something that was just thrown together with no thought put in whatsoever. Maybe that's changed now, but I had enough after a year. At first all of the products were deluxe samples of some fantastic brands but after a few months, it all went downhill and I felt it was cheap products in tiny sample form. I then moved onto Look Fantastic, again, everything was great, their monthly offerings were more than welcome and then it went downhill. I have only ordered Birch Box once, it was ok, nothing to rave about but it made me mad that these companies were receiving thousands of subscribers per month and then downgrading the products which isn't fair. 

The thing with beauty boxes is you have to be somewhat of a gambler as you never know what will be coming each month. Sometime's they give a sneak peak which is always fun. I used to like the not knowing aspect but I was left bemused some months. I understand there are dips and troughs, this is to be expected, but the bad outweighed the good in the end which led me to cancel all of my subscriptions. I now see the odd great one from LF, GB or BB so I buy it for that month only if they offer it, but I wouldn't subscribe to them anymore. I know not all subscriptions are the same and some are better than others, especially some of the ones mentioned above, but as for beauty boxes, I think I’m done.

I do love the idea of the collaboration boxes though, but if you ain't fast your last baby, as they sell out pretty quickly. Caroline's one is still in stock but if you dont have £175 then your pretty much screwed. I know these ones can be ridiculously expensive but when you look at the products you are receiving, it works out cheaper in the long run as most of them are deluxe samples or full sized products. Don't know if I would be rushing out to spend £175 bucks on this though, could think of many more things I would buy with that kind of money.

Where do you stand with the whole Beauty Box Monthly subscription service?
Is it a waste of money?
Do you like the products each month?
Do you prefer non beauty based boxes?

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  1. I subscribed to Birch Box last August. It was my first beauty box subscription and I was so excited! However, it was crap. Like you said, the boxes are hit or miss, but BB was more often a miss. I canceled after a few months and have moved onto Glossy Box. So far so good, but as soon as the contents get poor, or I get bored, I will be cancelling. You're right about it being a gamble, Lauren, and they should definitely continue to provide top quality products for there existing customers x

    1. I deleted all those comments for you but only just realised I removed the wrong one haha.

      Yeah, I totally agree. People talk them up too much and when you finally buy them, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

      I prefer the food type ones, especially Vegan Kind as there is always something there you haven't tried before and most often than not, the treats taste delicious!

      I am very into candle ones too as they have some gorgeous scents which can be melted into a unique scent if you combine them.

      There are some amazing ones out there, but as I say, the beauty ones are becoming a bit of a farce now xx

  2. I am subscribed to quite a few (guilty..) but just cancelled Glossybox last month and am not sure about Birchbox anymore too for pretty much the same reasons you mentioned. When. It starts feeling like a bill rather than a gift it's time to say g'bye. Though a box I don't think I'll ever get rid of is My Little Box. Fuckinf love that box.

    1. Exactly! When it starts to feel like a bill it has to go! I've never heard of My Little Box but if you recommend it, I will give it a go :) xx

  3. I've never really been interested in beauty boxes because of the reasons you said, I've never been thrilled with the products that are in them and they're all usually things I never would have bought myself anyway so it's a little pointless, you know?


    1. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. They have gone right down in my estimations now xx

  4. I've only ever subscribed to one box (a period one) which I enjoyed for a few months but to me they're all a luxury (I can't afford lol) and some aren't even worth it.

    1. 100% agree. They are a luxury item and if you cant afford them, then dont buy them, but they are great for a wee treat every month for people who might not buy themselves anything. I used to love knowing I had something coming and would look forward to seeing what goodies I was sent, but more often than not, they were rubbish! xx

  5. I used to be a subscriber of My Little Box but after two boxes with either missing products or broken products (and it was fragrance) I eventually cancelled my subscription. The concept was pretty good though but, just like you, I feel like these companies don't put half of the effort they should into their boxes. You fill in a profile when you start just so you can receive products that don't even suit your age, or skin color (I am talking of the color, not the tone). I know it's difficult to consider every customer when you have so many, but it's still fairly disappointing when you open your box and find out you can't use any of the items they sent you.

    I've never tried another box although I am pretty interested in non-beauty boxes too. The candle box you just introduced looks pretty cool!


    1. The profile thing really annoys me as you say, you fill it in and hope for products that will suit you but you get the same as someone who is the complete opposite of you!
      The non beauty boxes are amazing! I love that you have a great variety out there now xx


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