Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Teeth Whitening with CB12 White Including Results

CB12 White

Hi guys, 

I don’t know if you know this about me but I hate my teeth. Well hate is a strong word but I dislike them sometimes. The problem isn't with anything other than the colour as they aren't as white as they used to be and for that reason, I dislike them. Obviously you will see the cheeky wee tooth on the left hand side is a little crooked, that's due to me falling on a rock at the beach when I was thirteen and then I chipped it on a champagne glass a few years ago. 

I could go ahead and blame everything else for the lack of whiteness but who am I kidding, it’s the copious amounts of red wine and coffee I consume that’s done most of the damage. I also smoked for a number of years so that’s yellowed them a bit. They aren’t over the top yellow (until you get up close and personal), most people compliment me on my teeth but I notice all the yellow parts, especially when I go right up to the mirror or take close up shots (see pics below) and it does my head in so I wanted to whiten them. 

Teeth Whitening

I know what you are thinking, why don't I just go to a dentist and have them professionally whitened? but I don't have that kind of money! It’s so expensive and even with my gorgeous dentist, Claire, offering me a discount, it’s still too much so I resort to these kinds of measures.

As you may or may not know, I came across Doll White UK Teeth Whitening Strips* last year and thought they were great. They made such a noticeable difference after just one use so I continued to use them and was wowed by them. I did eventually stop using the strips as I couldn't keep up with the price tag so I went on the hunt for something more affordable. That’s where CB12 kindly stepped in.


The name sounds very scientific doesn't it. I mean come on, CB12 White*(£15)! Or is that just me that thinks that? Anyway as you can guess from the name and the post title, this is a new teeth whitening product which promises to remove stains in less than two weeks, prevent future stains and keep your breath smelling fresh for up to 12 hours! I don't normally believe such statements but on this one, I shouted "Sign me up buddy". 


The solution itself is liquid based, very much like a mouthwash so no need for gum shields or strips. I don't really like things like that due to the fact that I slabber all over the place and it's not really attractive is it? This solution contains Fluoride which helps to strengthen enamel and is also alcohol free. On first use, I brushed my teeth as normal and then took 1/2 cap full of the liquid and swished around my mouth for a minute. It stung a little bit, as a normal mouth wash would but wasn’t uncomfortable at all. The soft peppermint taste was pleasant, it wasn’t overly minty. Once I was finished with it, I spat out (sorry, but couldn’t think of another word) and was surprised by the lack of aftertaste and burning. I usually hate that, but with this, there was no problem. I then used twice per day every day for the full twelve days as recommended.

I have to say, I was a little miffed that I didn’t see instant results like I did with the Doll White Strips but around Day 5 I began to notice the stains on my front teeth fading and that kept me going with it. After the twelve days was up, I was over the moon at the difference. As you can see from the before and after shots, there is a massive change. I took the before shot the day before I started and the after shot this morning before publishing this post. 

CB12 Before and After

I just have to say, both of these photos were taken in the same bedroom of my house. As its Glasgow, it was a little dull on both days but the lighting turned out to be ok. They were not altered and they are my teeth in both shots. Just in case anyone says I have used teeth whitening apps, I haven’t. The only work I done to these pictures were to crop them so it was purely my teeth and lips that were shown as nobody wants to see up my nostrils. Or do you? I then made a comparison picture and added some writing. 

Hopefully you can all see the results from using this teeth whitening solution and for that reason, I would highly recommend it. The only thing that I wouldn't agree with is the fact that you have fresh breath for up to 12 hours. I don't suffer from bad breath, obviously if I eat smelly food or drink coffee then I will but it’s nothing for me to worry about. This maybe worked for about an hour or so but definitely not 12 hours.

All in all, a fantastic product with visible results. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to give their teeth a little clean and to anyone who wants to prevent future staining. I have loved using it and I will be buying a few of these to keep the results coming.

PS. Print can be bought via Dorkface Shop

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Summer Reads #2

Achilleion Palace
Achilleion Palace Top Floor Ceiling Artwork
Hi guys, 

As you know, and I’m sorry if I am going on about it ha-ha, but I came back from Corfu recently and you may also know that I am a keen reader so I wanted to share with you the books I read while I was there. I predicted what books I would read which you can find here but as per usual I geared away from it, only a little though. I am not a romantic novel kind of a girl, I stay within the crime/thriller/drama/autobiography section as I just enjoy these so much more than Katie fell in love with Stevie and they lived happily ever after kind of a book. I`m not slagging off anyone who reads these type of books but they aren’t for me unless it has something else going on. I also thought I would add in some more pictures of my holiday here too but if you would like to read my Life Update post, there are more over there too.

Achilleion Palace
Cherubs from Achilleion Palace
The first book I read was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. I am a huge GF fan and was keen to get right into this book as I had heard a lot of good things about it. Camille is the main character who is a journalist in Chicago. She is asked to go back home and get the scoop on two girls who have gone missing and are found dead. I gave this 3 stars on goodreads as I found it very predictable. After a few chapters, it was quite clear to see where the story was going which is something I hate when reading. I don’t like to know what’s going on a quarter of the way through. None of the characters were very likeable, the only one I thought was ok was Camille as it was horrible to see how her relationship with her mother was and the reasons behind it. 

Achilleion Palace
View from Achilleion Palace
The second book I read was Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. Chevy is becoming a firm favourite of mine now, I love her style of writing and the overall story she tells and this was no different. This is based around a girl called Annie who is kidnapped at her work and kept prisoner for almost a year. Reading what happened to her over the course of this period was harrowing but once she was found, it was equally as bad. I gave this 5 stars on goodreads as I could not put it down. I was hooked from the beginning.

Sidari Beach
Liam and his Mum Paragliding
I then moved onto an autobiography as I wanted to read something lighter and that came in the form of Rylan Clark Neal’s book. I gave this 3 stars as it was a bit bleugh. I absolutely adore Rylan and was looking forward to reading this, I mean, I didn’t hate it, but I expected more to be honest. I do love the fact that he wrote it himself and that really came across as I felt like he was reading it to me. I loved hearing about his upbringing and how he overcame certain obstacles but nothing substantial actually happened to him. I think I just expected it to delve a little bit further than it did but it didn’t.

Achilleion Palace
Art Work in Palace
After having a break from the normal crime/thriller books I delved straight back in with Those Girlsby Chevy Stevens. Like I said, she is becoming a firm favourite now and this book really hit the ground running from the first page. This is based on the lives of three sisters Dani, Courtney and Jess who have a pretty hard life. Their mother died when they were young and their dad is a violent drunk who works offshore. Something happens and they end up going on the run but what happens from that point is truly horrific. I really felt for the girls and willed them to have a better life after the events that took place. This starts off telling it from the youngest sister, Jess`s, point of view which happens in 1997. It then moves onto one of their daughter’s point of view 18 years later. The first part was amazing to read but the second part was a little slow in getting into the story, once it did, I was blown away! Well worth a read. Gave this 4 stars.

Corfu Clothes
Traditional Corfiat Dress 
I then decided to crack on with the Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter. I gave this 5 stars as it was a wild adventure I was taken on. This is the first book in the Robert Hunter series and I have to say, I will 100% be buying every other one as this one was such a good read. It reminded me of a great 90s thriller like The Bone Collector but with so much more. It is very graphic though, I wasn’t expecting that to be honest and I often winced at some of the descriptions given when it came to bodies being found in a certain way. This is well written and weaves in other stories so carefully so there is a lot going on. I figured out who the killer was about 3/4 of the way through but couldn’t for the life of me figure out why so when it was finally revealed, I really felt for them. Obviously, they are a sadistic serial killer so I wasn’t that sorry for them but it was such a great book. Highly recommend if you love a good thriller.

Corfu Town
Gorgeous Flowers
So, I got through five books in Corfu, I honestly thought it would be more but once I was outside and perched up on the private decking I found myself just staring at the water. Give me a vodka, a bit of 90s music and the sea and I am happy! 

What have you been reading recently?
Have you read any of these books?
What else would you recommend?

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Monday, 22 August 2016

Life Update

Sidari Beach - Beauty Talk With Lauren
Sidari Beach
Liam and John
Hi guys, 

I thought I would just check in with you all and give you a little run down. Its not going to be super exciting cause I am one boring bastard but I thought I would do it anyway ha-ha. I love Life Update posts, they are some of my favourites to read so here is mine.

Firstly, I just got back from Corfu on Saturday. I’m going to go in with this one guys. I’m sorry. On the first night, I was a silly cow wasnt I and fell down a flight of stairs! Sober as well! WHATS THAT ALL ABOUT? I only went and damaged the ligaments in my ankle so you can imagine how painful it was to even put pressure on never mind walk on it. I was pure looking forward to walking for miles each day, having fun in the sea with Liam and checking out some of the sights we left out last year but we had to stay on the private decking area within our apartment which did become somewhat boring. Im not whining, I know some people dont get to holiday every year and I am very lucky to have gone away, but when you have been an idiot & ruined your holiday from the very first day, your gonna have a bit of a moan arent you? Don’t get me wrong, looking out to the sea was beautiful and because it was private it was quiet plus it had stairs going straight into the sea but you want to get out n about on holiday don’t you? I was raging with myself for not looking where I was going that night, so the first few days I was a right moody bitch and ended up snapping a few times at Liam but bless him, he just let me rant and rave before filling up my wine glass more and more ha-ha. I’ve got a keeper ladies!

The complex itself was stunning. We stayed in the Galini Apartments in Messonghi, Corfu which was right on the beach with the sea right at your doorstep. The weather was intense, it never fell below 30 degrees so of course I had to drink as much alcohol as my body would allow to keep me hydrated ha-ha. Also this helped alleviate the pain. I would hang my head in shame at the amount of alcohol consumed, but I’m not ashamed ha-ha. I enjoyed every minute of it. I did also drink a lot of water but let’s not kid around, I was more interested in the wine and vodka!

Gallini Apartments
Private Decking Area
Sidari Beach

We met up with Liam's mum and her partner, while we were there which was lovely so we had a nosey around the gorgeous streets and had a lovely wee lunch in Corfu Town. Since I stayed at the complex most days, I read a few books, not as many as I wanted right enough. Once I was propped up on a sun lounger with an endless supply of vodka & wine I found myself just looking out to the sea for a couple of hours. It was so beautiful. Along with the vodka and Britney's greatest hits blasting in my ears, I have to say, it really calmed me down.  I will do a breakdown of what books I read while I was away on another blogpost.

Moving on, as you know, I joined Slimming World at the start of July and have been so pleased with the results. In my first four weeks I lost 7lbs which may not sound like a lot but I had a lot going on throughout July. I had my sisters birthday meal, my birthday meal, my aunties 50th birthday meal, my other aunties 60th drinking marathon and my mums birthday meal so I am surprised I lost anything to be honest. Its nice though, even though its only 7lbs, I can already feel the loss in my clothes and see it in my face which is excellent. SW has been amazing, really cant fault it at all. I have well and truly found my feet when it comes to the eating plan as it’s very generous and I don’t feel like I am losing out on anything. If I want an ice cream, chocolate bar or packet of crisps, then I have them and add them to my syn count for that day which never goes over 15. Obviously I will have put on due to my holiday but I can easily get back into it. UPDATE: I lost 1/2 lb which I am over the moon with considering I drank pretty much every day and had a lot of coffees & pastries as well as chips ha-ha. 

As for fitness, I bought a Fitbit Flex (£79.99) before I went on holiday as I wanted something to count my steps throughout the day and this had the best reviews. I am in awe at this little guy as it goes on like a watch and counts each step taken. It also connects to your phone via Bluetooth, keeps track of food & drinks as well as tracking your sleeping pattern. I would highly recommend you get one of these as it’s amazing to see how many steps you can take during the day.

Corfu - Beauty Talk With Lauren

Arggghhh. The dreaded Uni! I start back on 8th September and I am so nervous guys. It’s not really a good nervous either. I'm just not looking forward to it and have been toying with the idea of just looking for a job and sacking off my honours year but I may be acting a little hasty there. I think it’s because I have built it up in my head over the course of 3rd year and the fact that I have to attend a new campus. But I don’t know. The only thing keeping me going is the fact that some of my favourite people will be coming with me apart from my favourite one! If you’re reading this Heather, I am devastated you won’t be there!! It’s all good though cause I know for a fine fact she will always be up for a liquid lunch which will turn into a night out. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I decided to leave my job and take the plunge with education as the time has flew by. I am so glad I done it though as I love the course and have been lucky when it came to the friends I have met. It’s kinda sad that it will all be over soon and I will need to find a full time job, but I am equally going to be glad that I don’t have to look at another exam again or write a report on something that seems ridiculous to me. Wish me luck!

As far as my little job went, it kinda didn’t if I’m honest. From the interview I never should have accepted the role. They said some things that had alarm bells going off with regards to time off for exams, holidays and the fact they didn’t want me to become accredited with an accounting association but I took it regardless and hated it from the minute I stepped into the office. I cried every day I came home from work, and I mean full on sobbing as it wasn't what I was used to at all. Poor Liam had to console me every time he saw me and constantly told me to quit if it made me that upset but I am not a quitter, especially when it comes to my work but it was too much and I ended up leaving after 6 months. Even the days leading up to me working were filled with anxiety which is not something I suffer from usually but when my Uni work started to suffer, I knew it was time to go. Even my lecturers noticed a difference in my work and attitude as it really got me down with one actually taking me aside and asking if I had broken up with Liam ha-ha because I looked terrible (Cheers Fiona!) I am not going to butcher this small firm at all, especially not online or on this blog, but I am glad I am away from it all to be honest as it wasn't my cup of tea which was such a shame.

Achilleion Palace
Achilleion Palace
Family wise, my gorgeous little niece, who is really my cousin by the way but she is 26 years younger than me and I refuse to call her my cousin. It all gets a bit weird when I say she is my uncles daughter which could also mean he is my brother but we aint hillbillies (no offence), we do not condone those type of relationships in my family! Anyway, that was some tangent to go off on, but I wanted to clear it up. She started school this year and I missed it *crying emoji* I cannot believe my little baby is going to be five years old in October and has started school! Where has the time gone? I feel as though she was just a chubby wee baby five minutes ago and now she is giving me makeup tips due to her love of YouTube ha-ha. Seriously, she sits at my makeup table pumping the foundation onto the back of her hand and tries to apply with my RT miracle sponge. SHE IS TOO CUTE!  I missed her first day at "college" as she calls it but I was sent some very cute pictures of her in her uniform and the cuteness oozing from her was unbearable! I actually can’t get over her sometimes, she is adorable and the light of my life. 

Lastly, I still haven't found a house for me and Liam to buy, I’m still not engaged and I’m still not preggers but do you know what, I’m enjoying life just the way it is and hopefully those things come with time. He better hurry up though as it’s been 8 years and I’m only getting older ha-ha. 

Anyway, I’ve got my first weigh in tonight with SW (shitting myself) but after that, I will be buying a nice bottle of red, have a relaxing bath and chilling out with a book tonight. I don’t know which one right enough so I will have a wee look and see what tickles my fancy but I hope all is going well with you guys. Leave me a comment below giving me a wee update or send me the link to your life update as I love reading these posts.

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hair Treatment For An Itchy Scalp

Hair Treatment

Lemon and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Itchy Scalp

Hi guys, 

I have had the worst case of itchy scalp recently. I don’t know if it’s a build-up of using cheaper shampoos but it’s been a major pain in the arse. As you know, I used to work in a hairdressers in my younger years so we got to try out the new Aveda merchandise when we got a shipment in so we could sell it onto our clients. I liked having the option of using more expensive products but I felt the cheaper varieties, especially conditoners, worked just as well. 

Ever since my hairdressing days, I have used a conditioner twice per week, left it on my damp hair overnight and rinsed out in the morning. It’s always breathed new life into my hair and made it feel fantastic. But now I feel as though there is a slight build up in my hair, I don’t know how right enough as I don’t use dry shampoo that often, I never put mousse in it unless it’s a night out and I hardly ever spray hairspray. The only thing I do is put some KMS Quick Drying Spray (£14) at the ends of my hair before blow drying. But as I say, it felt as though it needed a good scrub. 

If you have had an itchy scalp before then you share my pain. I wanted to find something that would help me out but wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg but the only products that seemed to be up to the job were the Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo (£6.75 to £21.50) and Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt (£39) but I was horrified at the price of these products and knew I would never buy them so I decided to make my own. I know what you’re thinking, I happily spend stupid money on makeup but I won’t spend it on haircare? Your damn right! 

I really wanted something to scrub at my scalp and calm the itching down (I swear I don’t have lice!) so I decided to emulate the sea salt scrub by adding 2 tablespoons of each of the following: pink salt, lemon juice, coconut shampoo and olive oil until it made a coarse paste. If your salt is on the rather large size, just smash it up using the back of a spoon or in a pestle and mortar until it has crumbled to a better size. I then starting rubbing onto my dry scalp by lightly massaging in, I done this for a good ten minutes and until all of the paste was used up. I tied my hair up and left this for a couple of minute while my shower began to warm up. I washed off under the hot shower and carried on with my normal hair care routine.

I can’t believe I am about to say it, but my head instantly felt better. There was no itching at all. My hair also felt as though I had put in a texturizing spray which was incredible as it styled better when I curled it with my straighteners and felt a little coarser without using any product. 

I would highly recommend using this scrub as it worked wonders for me. The itching subsided, my hair styled better and my hair actually felt nicer. Give it a go if you suffer from an itchy scalp or if you have a build-up in your hair as it will really help you out.

This is going to be my last post until after the 20th as I am away on holiday. I hope you have enjoyed and if you have any other hair treatments for me, leave me a comment below.

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Seven Tips To Help Fellow Bloggers

Tips To Help Fellow Bloggers

Hi guys, 

I thought I would finally give my helpful tips when it comes to blogging. As you may or may not know, I have been blogging for just over two years and I have loved every moment of it. I don’t get sent a lot of products nor do I get asked to do sponsored posts but that’s not what it is all about. Sure, I get sent the odd product to review and I will always give my honest opinion on it as I feel that’s an integral part of being a blogger but this post is just a few bits and pieces to help you on your way. There are also a few f bombs so if you don't like that, I apologise but I am Scottish and it's like second nature to me. Its only to emphasised how I feel.

1. Comment
When you receive a comment on a blog post, answer back! There are so many blogs that I have commented on and no-one has replied back which I find to be a bit rude if truth be told. I always answer people. I set aside a few hours every week and go through them and answer every single one. Even if it's to say thank you. I know, if you have a lot of comments, this may be difficult but if someone asks you a question, its common courtesy to answer them. 

The same can be said for comments on social media. I have come across numerous accounts on Instagram that have questions underneath their pictures, and I’m not talking millions, I’m talking one or two and the person hasn't had the decency to give them a response. Just tell them where the fuck you got your skirt Sonia! Again, I can understand if you have thousands of comments but most of these accounts don’t and they think they are fucking BeyoncĂ© and don’t have to answer. If you want people to like what you are doing and become a fan of your work, treat them right and give them a response to what shade of lipstick you are wearing in that selfie that got eleven likes! I have a lot of comments that say “Great Work, Wow, Fab Picture etc.” I don’t tend to answer these as I never know what to say to them but if someone asks me a question, I will always respond.

2. Get Involved
It is very important to get involved in the blogging community. Everyone I have come across in the big blogosphere have been great. I find everyone helps each other out, they give tips and they generally just make you feel better if you are feeling a little down about blogging or life. There are multiple chat nights on twitter where you can talk to fellow bloggers who share the same interests as you. There are also some very interesting questions that get asked so just get yourself in there and answer as many as you can, like as many responses as you can and get involved! Just go onto the hashtags and find the best ones for you. If you are unsure, send a tweet out and use the hashtags ##bbloggers #bloggers #lbloggers #fbloggers and someone will tell you the days and times these take place. It also allows you to find new blogs that you may never have read before. 

3. Blogger Love
As I said, it is imperative that you get involved in the blogging community. We really are a lovely bunch! One thing I would recommend is to like posts that you have read. Retweet the ones you love and ask questions or give advice wherever you can. Do you know how happy it makes me when someone retweets or likes a post that I have put good time and effort into! Just imagine brightening up someone’s day, because trust me, it will. 

 4. Declining or Accepting Opportunities
Once you start out, you will start receiving emails from all different companies trying to gain exposure through your blog. I have a blogger email post which you can find here which highlights some of these issues. If you choose to do any of these things, that is absolutely fine but you don’t have to. If someone asks you to do a sponsored post or review, you can say no if the product won’t fit with your blog, just be polite when you decline the opportunity as there is nothing worse than a cheeky response when someone wants to work with you. Georgina from She Might Be Loved has a fantastic blog post all about Sponsored Posts so check that out. 

When it comes to reviewing products, companies may send you a certain item from their range and ask for a post on this. That's great if it fits with the theme of your blog. If they ask you to review a product and then tweet out several times, have more than one post and continue promoting the item, then I would suggest asking for payment as this takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to be a ridiculous amount of money, just something to tide you over if you are taking time out of your day. 

Some companies will ask you to promote something or put a post together talking about something they want to highlight. You won’t get anything in return for this unless you ask for payment as they are not promoting a particular product, it may be the fact they want you to come up with a post and link back to them. If they hit you with the whole "We don’t have that in the budget" then you can decline. They often tell you they will link your post on their website and you will gain exposure through them, but sometimes this isn’t enough! If you really want to work with them, then it’s your choice to say yes. I had a company ask me for three posts, several links to all different products and websites but I wasn't getting anything in return, not even a product to test and I’m sure you can agree, one post takes time to prepare never mind three. I politely declined. 

Review whatever products you want as long as it will fit in with your blog. I personally blog about beauty but I like to throw in the odd recipe, book review, restaurant review or lifestyle post as I feel they are relevant to me and hopefully my readers like them.

5. Promote Your Work
Use hashtags on social media. I use #bbloggers #beauty and #bloggers the most as I am a beauty blogger but if you are a fashion blogger you may wish to use #fbloggers. If you are a lifestyle blogger then use #lblogger. I always include some retweet accounts on my tweets such as Daily Blogger UK, Female Blogger RT and Blogger Bees but there are loads out there to choose from.

6. Link Back
If you are rounding up your favourite products, lipsticks for instance but you have a review on some of these products, link back to the original post so people can see why you love it so much and then you only have to give a snippet of why its great in your favourites post. Most people will want to hear the pros and cons of this product before they buy.

7. The last one is a simple one. Take time out if you need it. I know we all want to keep on a schedule but if you are busy with work/school/university or running a house then you may not have time to stick to it. Don’t stress yourself out. If you take a couple of days away from your blog you may come up with several ideas when you are busy with other things, write them down and get to work on them when you can.

I hope you have found this post to be helpful. It isn't a post to help you write posts or how to deal with certain things but its things I think are very important. Let me know if you do any of these things and if not, try and incorporate them into your blogging routine and see how you get on. 

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Slendertoxtea | Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slendertoxtea Slender Slim & Slendertox Coffee

Slender Slim Coffee

Slendertox Coffee

Hi guys,

I’m sure you are aware of all the detox teas and coffees out there at the moment. They have been making their rounds on social media by Towie stars, Geordie Shore stars and even the Kardashians so it’s no wonder they have become quite popular. After all if Kim and Kylie are using them, then they must work right? I am not shaming people for buying these types of products due to this reason, I am a sucker for buying something that my favourites celebs are endorsing but I don’t really believe it will work, I just want to try it. 

Being a beauty blogger, I tend to "buy to try" so I can give my honest review. As you may or may not know, I tried the Slendertoxtea a while ago and I didn’t really like it. Sure, I lost weight, but I didn’t like the experience. I felt as though my body was rejecting the tea and I felt like I was punishing myself. However, I found out they released coffee blends and I decided why the hell not! I am a weird specimen, I have this incessant need to try things out, and I am a curious cat after all.

Now, I don't want it to seem like I am promoting detox programs or shaming woman into trying these items. I am simply trying them out to give you an idea of what they are like. I don't necessarily buy to lose weight, I buy to see how the ingredients affect me and to give my honest review on such a hyped up product. If you don't want to try it, that's fine and if you do then make sure you read other honest reviews to find out if these types of products are for you. Don't buy because you want to look like a model or celebrity as it doesn't quite work like that and certainly don't buy if you feel like it is going to help you lose loads of weight, only a healthy diet and regular exercise will help with that.

Both of these coffees promise to aid weightloss, increase your energy levels, detoxify the liver and to cleanse the colon. Yes, cleanse your colon, so you will be making regular trips to the toilet i'm afraid. It is advised that you start these on a weekend to get your body used to it before heading back to work on the Monday morning.

Slender Slim Coffee (£13.99) - Now called Slim Coffee Creamy Latte Flavour
Ingredients: Creamer, Soluble Coffee, Grain of Barley and Rye, Fibre, Inulin, Green Coffee Beans and L-Carnitine. This has 22 calories per 1 teaspoon serving.

This product contains dairy and is made up of non-roasted coffee beans, known as green coffee. This particular coffee contains the highest levels of Chlorogenic Acid, yeah me neither.  Apparently it speeds up your metabolism and helps to lose unwanted fat. It also inhibits the uptake of glucose in the intestines & regulates the metabolism which results in weight loss. 

I added 2 tsps. with hot, not boiled, water into a cup and added 1/2 tsp of sugar/sweetener as I found the coffee to be a little sweet. I didn’t add milk as I like it black. This is a very enjoyable drink, I had no problems with taste whatsoever. This isn’t a high end coffee so its not strong but there is a definite coffee taste to it. During the ten days, I had no side effects. I was slightly gassy on day one and then nothing for the duration of the detox. Very enjoyable, no issues and no results ha-ha. I have to say, I didn't notice any difference with this drink at all. It didn't reduce bloating, I didn't lose weight and I didn't have any extra energy. Sadly this wasn't for me.

Slendertox Coffee (£13.99) - Now called Detox Coffee Mocha Flavour 
Ingredients: Same as above. This also has 22 calories per 1 teaspoon serving.

This is pretty much the same coffee as it contains the same ingredients according to pack details. I found this to be a little more creamier but I needed more sweetener than the Slim version. I prepared this in the exact same way, just with freshly boiled water that had been left to cool every so slightly. It was nice, but again, I didn't notice any increased energy, nor a reduction of bloating or weight. 

For me, both of these products were not worth the price tag. I would rather buy normal coffee that tasted like a strong coffee (that's my preference) but if you prefer a smoother, weaker coffee then these might be for you. As I said, I didn't notice any weight loss with these. I have joined Slimming World and only been losing 2lbs per week but this is down to eating better not this coffee. Last week I maintained (kept the same weight) and I drank the coffee all through the week so if it worked, I would have lost something.

Would you try a detox coffee?
Have you noticed a difference if you have used them?

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